Alakir [10 man]

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Alakir [10 man]

Postby Tebin » Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:43 pm

Just...what? We've tried this fight a few times, and made little progress. What seems to screw us most is the painful RNG in p1. If one spot gets whacked many times by lightning, it's hard to keep everyone up. That couple with crappy situations (multi lightning + knockback + cyclones) seem to mess us up. Recently we'd been trying to have people stacked in 3 piles, which would mean healers don't need to move around, but this doesn't seem to be how other people do it?

How do other people handle the healing of this phase? If you've only got 3 healers can they be in range of everyone? what about if/when someone gets hit by cyclone (esp if it's a healer)?

Also, am I right in thinking that the adds in p2 need to be tanked away from everyone else to avoid the extra damage from their aoe?
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Re: Alakir [10 man]

Postby Belloc » Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:58 pm

Are you talking about heroic or normal?

If normal, note the texture on the ground. Set up 5 groups of 2 in the most obvious spots on the ground (the pattern repeats -- place your groups in the center of the more intricate parts of the pattern). Space your healers out (1 middle and one on each side of the middle). Now you will never get more than 2 people hit by lightning at once. If that is too much to heal through, you'll need to start asking your healers what they're doing wrong.

If someone gets hit by the Squall Line (tornadoes), you already know what the problem is. No one should EVER get hit by them. If it happens anyway, either life grip them out, or... heal them and hope for the best.

As far as phase 2, it helps to tank them a bit away from the melee (and definitely away from the ranged), but it's not entirely necessary. Do whatever feels safest.
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Re: Alakir [10 man]

Postby Hrobertgar » Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:53 am

Yes, the 4 abilities in ph1 was painfull RNG, but there are ways to adjust and control them.

The wind knockback sometimes doesn't until the tank returns to melee range after dodging the tornado wall (boss is channeling lightning on tank). However, if the boss completes the channeled cast prior to the tank entering melee range he will pick someone else to channel on, and basically kill them (This is in effect for ph2 as well).

We tried to spread out a bit in ph1, as lightning only takes up an area 1 sector wide on the floor pattern. With 4 in a zone, 2 consecutive chain lightnings was basically death, so spreading out more and using smaller groups is key. Evreyone should be in range of at elast 1 healer, but it is very unlikely that every healer will be in range of everyone. Just get thru the phase. The tornadoes alternate sides, so once one comes from the left, the next will come from the right. We actually had an enhance shammy off by himself calling tornadoes from the right side, and sometimes healing himself. We had our other melee dps calling tornadoes from the left side, in range of 1 healer only. People MUST avoid tornadoes, or they get carried into other peoples sectors, and then all get chain lightninged.

If you are using 1 tank, 3 heals, 6 dps and you have strong dps, then this phase should go reasonably quickly. Our first few pulls we actually used heroism in this pahse to get to ph2 sooner. After dodging the tornadoes in ph2 for a while we became skilled enough that ph1 was less risky, and we decided we needed hero later on, so we just dps'd him down and dodged tornadoes, its still fairly quick once you have it down, although still somewhat risky from RNG.

Ph2 is all about add management (see the achievement for Going South). We would hold adds till the 3rd one spawns then kill the first add, and kill another add shortly before the stack drops of the boss. After we got to about 6 stacks, we were almost always out of the reserve add, and needed to kill the new spawn fairly quickly to maintain the stack. At about 8-9 stacks with really good execution we could enter ph3 with hero still available. As the raid gets more stacks of debuff, healing requirements quickly escalate and drain mana, so anyone who can contribute AOE heals should do so. Also, I believe Divine Shield does reset your stacks, but then it would not be available for ph3.

For ph3 we found it much easier for everyone to goto the top, and healer focus on keeping dps alive, while considering the tank as a secondary heal target (ph3 is a pure dps race). The lightning levels seem to despawn every 2 or 3 casts, so you can start at the top, blow hero go down a couple levels for lightnings, and then sprint back to the top to finish him. It is really key to try to keep people from spreading out too much and causing lightning havoc, it doesn't take too long if you can keep your top dps alive in this phase.

Note, that a final ph2 add may spawn as you transition to ph3. This will remain near the bottom and slowly go upwards and aggro your healers. If you go down this will happen sooner, and its a big distraction. The boss achievement is to kill this add when he is near 1M-2M health and then burn the boss before the debuff expires. But I am not planning on worrying about that achievement till I out-gear this more.
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