[10] Heroic Magmaw

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[10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby mosa » Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:10 pm

Just wondering if anyone is doing 10 man Hard mode Magmaw and wouldn't mind sharing their strategy, their raid makeup and how they do the fight.

We put a couple attempts into it last night. Things that went wrong were having a warrior tank and in theory kill the parasites... seemed to have agro issues, I think we'll probably move to a DK strat. Raid dmg.... should we be running 4 healers for this? all 3 of my healers were over 10 K HPS and still were having issues...
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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby Ilz » Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:08 am

Raid Damage is really high but you need to 3 heal it. CDs such as PW:Barrier or AM are very useful but still doable without a Paladin healer.

I have some questions about this fight for those who have killed it consistently... How do you deal with melee landing in fire when they hop off the head? They pretty much die in 2 seconds.

What kind of CDs are your tanks using when they get mangled + spew and such? I've seen Magmaw hit my MT for as much as 100k sometimes.

Is is worth holding an extra construct for extra DPS during the spike phase? We had a 2% wipe before so we're close but any suggestions or advice on what has worked would be really helpful!

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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby kristoferpally » Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:09 pm

Have not killed him yet but from what I hear the simple strat is as follows.

1 Tank on magmaw as normal, other tank on big adds next to magmaw but not in cleave or splash range of other tank.

All except 1 dps on big add when one is up and on magmaw when he is impaled. The 1 dps is solo killing worms and then big adds and magmaw when he is impaled.

On the head phase when he is close to 30% pop hero and dps like crazy till he dead.

Tips -watch timers and alternate AM, Barrier, and shield wall for the aoe I believe is called lava spew.
-Tank use a cd right before he takes you in his mouth because thats a auto 100k hit when he does it.
- No point tank switching after mangle, you either have the boss with the debuff or you have big adds with it, dont worry for have the debuff duration magmaw is impaled, the rest 4pc bonus can cover one, the other time it happens rotaing other cd's will cover the next mangle.
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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby Arianne » Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:14 pm

If you don't have anyone standing where the melee land, then no fire will be put there. (ie: don't stand in the wrong spot and don't move to the spot early when you're going to jump on.)

In 25s a tank will die if they have 3 constructs with no CDs running and get a bad set of firey slash. I imagine in 10s this would be at 2 constructs, though a bit of leeway here. We always have everyone on the construct until the head comes down and then everyone on the head (with the construct in cleave range of the head). Generally one construct spawns in the head phase, so you want to go into the head phase with either 0 or 1 construct on your tank.
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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby Metherlance » Thu Mar 03, 2011 1:51 pm

Bubble / HoP works while you are inside Magmaw's mouth, nulling the damage for their duration. Since HoP lasts 10 seconds it's better to use it.

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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby Saltycracker » Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:33 am

Heroic Magmaw is pretty much all about how much DPS you can push through keeping the adds controlled, and still giving your raid enough time to put some hurt on the head during the exposed phase. It also helps to abuse using a combat rogue keeping the constructs close to the head and attacking the boss with Blade Flurry active during the exposed.

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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby Gab » Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:43 am

We have put some attempts in on Magmaw, and made it into p2 once. After that it seemed like we kept having issues with a Lava Spew during the Mangle portion of the fight right before the exposed head phase in addition to a few other issues that we need to improve on.

My question is if the melee that are assigned to chain the head down are chaining the head properly than should we be getting the extra Lava Spew during the Mangle or can this be avoided every time by proper execution? I haven't looked at the logs yet, but are there combat log entries related to the chaining?

EDIT: Additionally, what is the best way to handle maggots? We are currently using a Surv Hunter and a Boomkin to dps them down. The other 3 dps are on constructs, and everyone is switching to the exposed head when it comes up. We got to the 4th exposed head phase at about 40% and decided to just hero and see the burn phase. This seems really low to me, since a lot of people are saying they stop DPS at 31% before the 3rd exposed head phase. Our dps for other fights is much higher than the required minimum. For example on Maloriak we usually kill all of the swills plus 3 abborations with 15-20 seconds to spare before the next red/blue vial phase begin. And have to stop well before the final green phase. So maybe we should be kiting the maggots?
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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby Shadowguyver » Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:34 pm

No, if you get a lava spew as Magmaw is being chained, then the chainers are chaining too slow. There should be no spew as Magmaw is being chained.

You want to spam click Magmaw as his head is coming down, then spam 1 while targeting the spike as you're hoping on his back.
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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby Vort » Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:28 pm

When we killed Magmaw 10H, we had 2-3 DPS on the Skeletons and the rest were on the Worms. Our elemental shaman would mainly focus on the Skeletons whilst assisting in bursting down low Worms when needed.We had a Frost DK and Fury Warrior full time on adds and the rest of the ranged DPS focused on killing worms.

Our raid composition was.

Holy Priest
Disc Priest
Prot Paly
Holy Paly
Prot Warrior
Fury Warrior
Demo Warlock
Survival Hunter
Frost Death Knight
Elemental Shaman

We got him to about 34% which wasn't optimal, but we dropped him and I picked up adds and just tanked them on top of our MT so I could smack Magmaw for additional DPS. We got him to about 14% before he raised up and started going angry face at which point we blew all our raid cd's to try and survive the spew and shadow bolt volleys. The last 5% was the longest 5% I've ever seen tbh.
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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby 99sitr » Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:32 pm

I wanted to reply to this since we downed him the other night. All in all I would say the fight was easier than H Chimaeron and H Halfus. We put about 12 attempts total on him before we got him down, 8 one night and then the rest the night we downed him.

We originally used 2 healers and did fine but we would always have the occasional DPS get hit in the head and immobilized and die. We switched to 3 healers and killed him, oddly enough our 3rd healer died fairly early on, I think 2.5 minutes into the fight.

We had myself (Prot Paladin) MT Magmaw, Blood DK OT the constructs in cleave range of Magmaw's body/head, and a hunter kited/killed the parasites with a little help from the ranged. I made up a flow chart to answer a few DPS questions for the raid on this encounter.

Our DK was letting the DPS know the HP% on the Construct when the head was getting ready to come down, that way they would know whether to burn it or leave it up, although most of the time it just got burned down rather expediently.

We killed him with a decent amount of time left on the berserk. IIRC the berserk is at 10 minutes and our kill was 7:51. We waited to push the phase until the head was coming down to buy extra time before the barrage started hitting people.

Here is our log Heroic Magmaw 10 man.

As a paladin it was nice to tank Magmaw with the debuff as block helped immensely with the extra incoming damage. As far as CD usage went I saved DP for every mangle. I would hit it with about .2 seconds left on the timer for it and it would cover most of the mangle damage. I also had our priest PW:S me, and I made sure I was going up with 3 HP for WoG, and stayed on top of my self healing. When back down tanking I would cycle between using AD, then the next phase Gank, then my dodge trinket. I was using DG for the AOE fire damage to help mitigate it a little better. I used SoI after the first 30 seconds of the fight.

Raid comp.

Prot Pally
Blood DK

Holy Pally
Holy Priest
Resto Druid

Fire Mage
Assi Rogue
Ret Pally
Surv Hunter
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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby PsiVen » Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:10 am

This fight has been severely nerfed as of 3/15, with the number of worldwide 10H kills jumping from about 240 to 560 during the week. I would say that it's now on par with Halfus, possibly easier. We finally got around to attempting/killing this fight last night after a rival guild realized this and beat us to the punch (hnnngh).

I see just about everyone talking about having a Magmaw tank and a Construct tank who never swap for the debuff, but I see no compelling reason why you shouldn't tank swap now that Construct HP is low enough that you will only briefly have two up at once. They hit for nothing compared to Magmaw, and only 40% of their damage output is physical (50% with melted armor). The vulnerable phase gives you all the time in the world to go pick up the next construct that spawns before the add tank has to taunt the boss, and positioning hardly matters unless you have a very melee-heavy group.
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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby Técaro » Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:05 am

I wouldn't say it's easier than post-nerf Halfus, but it's still a joke for a heroic boss. We never swapped tanks, mostly cause it wasn't needed and I could order DPS around more easily that way. Either'll work I imagine.
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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby Gab » Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:01 am

Thank you for all the helpful information, snagged us what should be a server a 2nd kill last night. Just want to say that I love the MTadin community.

We ended up kiting maggots using a frost DK, and had ranged and Melee DPS prioritizing constructs. After the constructs would die Melee would be on Magmaw and ranged would help the DK a little, although the DK managed the maggots mostly by himself. The burn phase was a bit sloppy, we got him to 33 percent right before the 4th exposed head phase. We then impaled him, popped hero and burned to about 15 percent. CDs are huge here so I suggest planning to have DG, and AM, and maybe a Tranq or two off of CD. Lost most of the raid but finished him right after the next (5th) exposed head started.
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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby timoseewho » Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:31 am

Hello, question for those utilizing the parasite kiting strategy. Is the kiter the only one at ranged with everyone else in melee? Also, is the kiter full time on kiting even during exposed phases and through the burn phase (ie. parasites are never completely rid of)? And do the parasites still spawn from Pillar of Flame even though the previous parasites haven't been killed? Thanks!
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Re: [10] Heroic Magmaw

Postby Gab » Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:19 pm

timoseewho wrote:Hello, question for those utilizing the parasite kiting strategy. Is the kiter the only one at ranged with everyone else in melee? Also, is the kiter full time on kiting even during exposed phases and through the burn phase (ie. parasites are never completely rid of)? And do the parasites still spawn from Pillar of Flame even though the previous parasites haven't been killed? Thanks!

We had heals and ranged dps at range as well as our DK kiter. Two melee DPS and the construct tank were in melee close enough to cleave Magmaw with the constructs. The ranged dps and heals would move from far left to far right after construct spawns.

The kiter was full time kiting he did manage to kill all of the worms during exposed head a few times, and was able to put a little damage on the exposed head at times. He did continue kiting through the burn phase as Flame Pillars and adds will continue to spawn during this phase.

The maggots will still spawn even if the previous maggots have not yet been killed, although most of them should be below half health or lower by the time the next set spawn.
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