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Postby Comma » Sun Dec 02, 2007 10:09 pm

We are pretty much using strat 2, however something might be different.

I as paly tank engage first and go forward once the caster is down, OT do elites that spawn behind the raid.
I mark all the casters, have ppl helping me when Im too busy.
Its the casters who do the most dmg I believe, kill caster, move up, kill caster, move up is basically how we do it.
Then engage tempest and AE all the melees down.

If you find out you still take too much dmg, have your OT taunt some away from you, and/or have dps focus fire some down.
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Postby Alexios » Wed Dec 12, 2007 3:44 am

Hi Guys, my first post :)

This is just a tip, I dont condone it - and obviously you dont have to do it.

You can actually bug the trash by having everyone move up to the Lookout, and leave a Rogue behind - when the first 2 Warriors spawn, just have your Rogue vanish, the spawns will spawn for a milisecond, then and then disappear - and voila - you only have the already spawned trash on the hill to deal with.

Obviously like I said, I dont condone this - we only found it out by accident but havent used it since it feels a bit too easy, but it might be helpful for the lesser geared Guilds who are struggling.


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Postby gwayne » Fri Dec 14, 2007 9:23 am

We do this with me and another tank. They pull a pair of elites, dps nukes down the caster and then the melee elite. Once they are dead the other tank pulls the next pair.

I consecrate where they are tanking to pick up the eagles and taunt the warriors coming from behind. I use my spell damage gear (410+damage) and just let everything stick to me. While the next pair of elites on the slope is being pulled the aoers simply clean up my trash and then move onto the next target.

No real rush, just a steady progression up the hill with aoe when needed. I find turning my back on the eagles is a good tactic since then I actually take some damage and don't run out of mana immediately :P
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Postby easttuth » Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:43 pm

If you want to clear the Eagle Gauntlet 100% first attempt and have a good chance at the 20 minute timed event (doing Eagle as the first boss) as a Kara and Gruul clearing guild, here's a strat that has been consistently pro for us.

Feral Druid in Bear form assigned to Front MT, Prot War assigned to rear guard, Prot Paladin assigned to Front AE tanking.

1) MC the lookout.
2) Tank the first Prot, Kill the Wind.
3) Tank the second Prot, Kill the Wind.
4) DPS both Prots down and kill them ASAP after the MC falls.
5) Tank the third Prot, first two rear guards, and first set of birds. Kill the Third Wind.
6) Tank the fourth Prot, and second set of birds. Kill the fourth Wind.
7) Tank the fifth Prot (3 total Prots on the Feral Tank), second two rear guards (4 total guards on the Prot War), AE down the Birds while Killing the fifth Wind.
8.) Pull the Tempest, gather everything up and AE it all down while killing the Tempest.

Depending on your efficiency, your final battle will include 4 to 6 rear guard, 0 to 6 birds, 3 Prots, and the Tempest.
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Postby utena » Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:31 pm

Um, who does ZA with 3 tanks...?
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Postby Arcand » Fri Dec 14, 2007 4:19 pm

The tempo I've been going with is pull two trolls, wait for a wave of birds, establish control of that bird wave and then move up to grab two more trolls.

Our bear stands at the back and polices up the trolls from there. I think he just growls them or swipes them once or something, because he then runs them up into my Consecration and lets them switch onto me, then lopes back down the hill to get the next pair.

I can't remember ever getting birds while on the "miniboss" troll, so I would guess that aggroing him is enough to turn off the eagles.

And yes, bring mana potions...or set a faster pace than I do, I guess.
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Postby Marimmar » Wed Dec 19, 2007 7:46 am

We move slowly up the ramp, doing the elite pairs one by one, I am up front marking the Wind guys for immediate focus fire and laying down consecrate to get aggro from the birds, our OT goes for the adds from behind, once the rear adds are down, we move up to the next pair.

We don't rush anymore since we had elites respawn in the middle of our raid while pulling more than one pair of elites. I usually a get a few seconds to drink at the left turn of the ramp. The miniboss is only pulled when I get signaled that everything behind me is under control.

I'm quite happy with our feral OT since he can decently dps when theres no need for a second tank. Three tanks is just crazy.
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