Elementium Deathplate or Chestplate of the Steadfast?

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Elementium Deathplate or Chestplate of the Steadfast?

Postby boneyjellyfish » Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:36 am

I'm at a point where I've gathered the best equipment I can get from heroic 5-man instances and have started doing pug trash runs for the hope of some gear dropping. So far, I've had no luck at all, so I'm looking at whether or not the Elementium Deathplate would be a suitable upgrade over my justice points chest. I've noticed that the gear guides haven't been updated to accomodate for the new socket, although I have no idea if it even adds anything. I'd probably put a +40 mastery gem into it (I usually whip out the Leaden Dispair for magic-intensive fights that need more stamina) and I would reforge the crit into either dodge or parry, so I've put that into consideration. What I'm looking at is the following comparison:

128 armor
49 str = 12.25 parry rating
28 stam
6 mastery rating
137 crit (after reforging)

91 dodge rating (if reforging to dodge)

What gives me the best net benefit? If we subtract the parry from the dodge, that's a loss of 79 avoidance rating. On the other hand, I would gain armor, stamina, strength (which would create stronger SoI ticks and WoG heals) and slightly more crit. There's also a very slight increase in the amount of mastery rating after gemming.

If it helps out any, here's my armory:
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/w ... ord/eilar/
(At the time that I made this post, I had logged out in my retribution spec. My avoidance is generally 11/12/60 D/P/B)

And if anyone has any other ideas on how to improve my gear outside of raiding, I'm certainly open to suggestions. Just keep in mind I don't have the 20-30k gold needed to purchase the BOE epics off the AH.
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Re: Elementium Deathplate or Chestplate of the Steadfast?

Postby Digren » Sat Feb 26, 2011 8:56 am

Elementium Deathplate is a downgrade to what you have, especially as you focus on heroics and trash raids only. You need the combat table coverage over the stamina because that's better for content you overgear (like anything you consider on farm).

Instead of spending time on trash raids, spend time in the auction house. Go read the thread in the general forum. You'll earn a trash epic significantly faster that way. Seriously.
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