CS/HotR not generating HoPo when missed, parried or dodged

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Re: CS/HotR not generating HoPo when missed, parried or dodged

Postby Koatanga » Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:21 pm

I have a slightly different take on this for two reasons:

1: My guild is not yet pushing heroic content, so tactics and execution currently have greater impact than gear, to some extent.

2: I am a raid leader who is calling events, cooldowns, etc., altering strats, guiding people, and in general using a lot of my limited brain-time on things not related to my own play.

So with that understanding:

On day 1 of this change I spent some time on target dummies. Within 60 uses of CS, I had 3 consecutive instances where CS missed, parried, or dodged. That is an event that requires a change to rotation, since the WoG or SotR that would normally be cast at 3 HP now doesn't have any HP with which to cast.

The thought of having to pay attention to my tanking rotation while herding cats sent a bit of a chill up my spine, so I opted to change my gearing to have more hit and expertise.

Last week was our most successful raiding week to date. Healers had no issues keeping me up.

What I take from that is adding some hit/expertise at the expense of a bit of avoidance is not a lifechanging deal if Reason 1 above applies to you.

I know this forum is largely focussed on progression gearing and such, but I felt it useful to point out for the more casual folks that you can minimise the impact of the change without it being a particularly big deal.

For me, the ability to focus on events while performing an auto-pilot rotation is a very nice thing. Certainly while the content is new (to us) and a lot of things need to be called out and adapted for, it benefits me more to have my head more focussed on raid leading than on rotation. When I need to transition to more finely-tuned content, I'll re-gear. By that time, encounter events will be more familiar and I can focus more on my rotation.
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Re: CS/HotR not generating HoPo when missed, parried or dodged

Postby Dem » Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:50 am

It's worth noting that you can tune your stats quite considerably using consumables.
Rather than using the rather mediocre flask, you can use elixir of the master/prismatic (spell resist) elixir for instance.

When you need more hit/exp you can replace the mastery with the appropriate elixir and/or food.

It's really no more expensive than flasking even if you're constantly wiping, except you can't use the fish feast and will have to sort out your own range of food.
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Re: CS/HotR not generating HoPo when missed, parried or dodged

Postby Sparan » Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:21 am

Okay... So say what you will about the irritating progression ramifications of the HoPo generation changes, and I'm very likely to agree with you and hiss through gritted teeth. However, the CS changes make farming with cap hit/exp kind of a blast! I just had my first crack at composing a *fairly* conservative threat/dps set (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/sparan/advanced NOTE: For some reason my armory isn't updating with my License to Slay or a couple of the minor tweaks I made before raid last night, but it's close-ish to what I had), and I must say I was pretty please with the results. Once I get a better methodology (i.e. tighten up my rotation and work out glyphs by boss) I'll start a thread on that subject specifically, but in the meantime it probably stands to be said that while the missed HoPo gen is pretty crappy, at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel!
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