Popping Meh cooldowns!

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Popping Meh cooldowns!

Postby masterpoobaa » Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:52 pm

I have a semi technical question about what O-S#1T buttons to press while tanking when
"smelly fecal matter hits the rotating circular air movement device"

Cool downs available to me are:
A. GoAK - 50% for 12 sec.
B. DP - 20% for 10 sec.
C. AD - 20% for 10 sec
D. Figurine - Earthen Guardian: Dodge rating by 1425 for 20sec.
E. Leaden Dispair - Auto proc of +2580 armor for 10 sec if my health goes below 35%

Can I pop them all at the same time?
(Do I get 50+20+20= 90% damage reduction or is it non stacking?)

Is it Better off popping them 1 at a time?
(If they don't stack)

Mathematically, my Trinket works best with what?
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Re: Popping Meh cooldowns!

Postby lythac » Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:41 pm

CDs stack multiplicatively. So 50% + 20% +20% means you take 32% damage (0.5*0.8*0.8). So for total damage reduction over the course of a fight they are equal. But then you have to decide about using them as Cds to prevent death or as a way of reducing your healing required and save on healer mana. Least as a raider doing normal modes that is your choice.

There is also another CD that can be used, Divine Plea (with cancel aura macro). At low health a 3 point WoG can be worth more than a 20% CD, but does require a GCD to use so not all that great. Great of you are aware of telegraphed damage spikes, but then again hold out on your WoG if you are way ahead on threat and can afford an empty GCD and waste a Holy power proccing CS.

Whilst it does not affect the damage you take Divine Guardian is also an excellent smelly fecal + fan CD depedngin on the situation. Less healing required on the raid or saving a healer's life are both great for your survival.

I tend to use DP on CD for most fights and if not at 100%.

For Halfus I tend to blow GoAK after the drakes become active drakes, then cycle through DP and AD. NO particular reason, but GoAK helps with the jolt of increased damage (and when hots are not up) and then the other two 20% CDs help lower and smooth the damage intake.

For the dragons I didn't really pay much attention.

For Elemental Monstority I again just used DP and GoAK on CD during the first two phases to keep healer mana up. Make sure you have all CDs up for last phase and use them when the raid damage increases and you get more bang for your buck.

Magmaw - either just before you get bitten or when he becomes active again. When being omnomnomed you can HoL yourself (if you have the 3* healing buff), FoL and Judge for mana as well.

Ominitron - there is a combo, Fire and something else which I save my CDs for. Also good time for DG.

Maloriak - I just use them when off CD to reduce healing required as we 2 heal. I make sure I have them all ready for the last phase. There is the odd chance that I get hit by the Flame Jets and thrown in the air. Then I panic and hit as many as I have up.

Atramedes - If you dodge the sound decently enough you take barely any damage. So again, on CD for DP. The other two you might want to save in case your healers get killed late on in the fight.

Chimaeron - save CDs for feud. Your life isn't in too much danger and are probably not needed, but no other time to use them.

T4W - When you go onto the Earth platform (?) after an ultimate the boss deals increased damage, Cds then. Again not dangerous but you might as well.

That is roughly when I use my CDs, not the most optimal. Cds aren't needed to save your life for 9/12 on normal with appropriate level gear. Mainly used to save healer mana.

Sorry if you are past 9/12, if so you can carry on doing what you were doing.

Edit - Also LoH. Can be pretty useful in Cata.
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Re: Popping Meh cooldowns!

Postby masterpoobaa » Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:58 pm

LOL no, I havn't even started heroics yet.
Still got a green and a few low blues to get rid of first (and my partner needs to hit 85).
11-12% dodge & parry, 36% block.
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Re: Popping Meh cooldowns!

Postby xstrykr » Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:21 pm

Personally I would *never* use more than two cooldowns at the same time. Reasoning being that if you need another cooldown while all the others are on cooldown, then you've screwed yourself. Since all of our CDs are 3min or less, we have a fair bit of flexibility in when we want to use them, provided they're available.

Even then, I rarely like to combine two DR% cooldowns also. The rare time that I would is when I know there's a fair bit of AoE damage coming out, so I'll pop Divine Guardian+Divine Protection (which are always macro'd together) and pop GAnK to maximize the mitigation to myself and the raid.
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Re: Popping Meh cooldowns!

Postby econ21 » Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:55 am

In the context of 5 mans, if you think you are going to die, I would pop them all. A tank death is normally a wipe; can even be a disband in a PuG. The CDs are so low, there is not really a downside. Suppose you blow them all unnecessarily - you can just take things more slow, use more CC, ask the healer for more healing etc until they are back up.

Note that the CD on divine protection (1 minute) is so low, that you could probably use it early on almost every trash pull - rather like the warrior's shield block. I tend to use it as a precaution even when there is not much danger - just in case, the mobs get lucky or the healer gets distracted.

I tend to pair up GoAK and AD for periods of heavy damage where death is a real possibility - for example, midway in a boss fight. GoAK is very powerful, while the cheat death property of AD only comes in to play if you really are on the ropes. They can buy your healer a lot of time and GoAK is also a very visible signal that he needs to do big heals.

For a trinket with a "on use" avoidance ability, I tend to reserve it as a panic button. I pop the GoAK and AD first; plus the trinket if I am really desperate. As avoidance rather than mitigation, it is less reliable - I just use it when every little helps.

Only LoH has a significant CD. I glyph it for 7 mins and usually that means I can employ it every boss fight in a 5 man if I want. It is the most powerful CD in the context of 5 mans - a geared tank can be very hard to kill in a 5 man; having to do it twice will buy you a lot of time. I use it when it is certain I will die otherwise - for example, towards the end of a boss fight when the healer and (most) dps are down, and I am below 40% health. The only time I have regrets over LoH is when I have waited too long and died before pressing it. Combine it with mending, SoI and WoG, and you can sometimes impress the group by avenging their deaths and downing a boss solo - something that never gets old.

In a raiding context, all the above is largely irrelevant and spreading out CDs is more important.
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