Totems of Terror - Gearing Enhancement Shamans for Heroics

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Totems of Terror - Gearing Enhancement Shamans for Heroics

Postby thatguy » Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:13 pm

I've become enamored with my shammy as of late. I went through the process of gearing my enhancement shaman for heroics to meet that 329 number.

I found it to be relatively easy and I felt that other people might be doing the same. Hopefully this helps a little. Please let me know if you have any disagreements/additions. Thanks for reading.

Preface: While some of you may have justice points laying around, this guide assumes that you are starting from scratch. This guide relies on quests (both world and dungeon), worthwhile AH purchases, reputation rewards, and craftables. I will not supply PvP gear options. I readily admit that some PvP options are more viable than what I will supply below; however, I am trying to limit the amount of gold being spent on what most likely will be an alt.


Dragonmaw/Wildhammer - Revered Horde Alliance

While the secondary stats on it are sub optimal (lacking much needed hit, expertise or mastery), it has a meta, yellow socket with a fantastic socket bonus. This may take a few days to grind out to revered since the quests leave you at Honored but it's a nice starter piece. (ilvl 346)

Twilight Highlands Quest - Alliance Horde

About 5 or 6 quests into Twilight Highlands, you're rewarded with a 318 helm. Not horrible. Not great. Highest guaranteed ilevel helm outside of the above. (ilvl 318)


Guardians of Mt. Hyjal - Revered -

Cheap, easy to get, has mastery and ilvl 346.

JC Options

If you decided to level through Vash instead of Hyjal and WANT MY HEROICS NAO, here are two necks that can help out (ilvl 346). These won't be cheap though. Spending two hours in Hyjal should get you to revered.

Twilight Highlands Quest -

Try to save the Lifebinder? Check. Slay mean purple dragons? Check. Get up close and personal with Deathwing? Check. Get rewarded with a ilvl 333 neck? Check. If you skipped Hyjal, this is a decent option as a placeholder until you get one of the above.


The Earthen Ring - Revered -

Good cape. Easy to get. Cheap. This should be your first choice all things considered ilvl 346

LW'ing Options - 346 ilvl 333 ilvl

You don't like those pesky shamans from the Earthen Ring? Okay, here's are some nice capes for you that will cost you 10x as much.

There is a 325 cape from an Uldum quest but honestly, just get the ER cape. If you didn't quest in Deepholme, Vashjir or Twilight Highlands, I don't know what to say to you.


Uldum Quest Line -

Highest ilvl chest (325) that is a guaranteed reward/drop. Insert "you should buy the PvP Bloodied Dragonscale Chest to boost your ilvl" argument. Duly noted.


Grim Batol Normal Dungeon Quest -

It's a dungeon. You can grind some rep, hope for some other drops but it's a fun dungeon. Decent wrists (ilvl 333) that will probably last you a long time due to the lack of wrists out there.


Twilight Highlands Quest -

Deep into the Twilight Highlands questing but worth it. 333 ilvl hands when the next closest competitor is a 318 from another TH quest.

Halls of Origination Questline -

You must really like questing in Uldum. Seriously. 333 ilvl hands so it ends up being worth it.


Ramkahen Rep Reward - Honored -

Incredibly easy to get and it has a much needed gem slot (ilvl 333). Not much else to discuss here except that you should get it. 45 minutes of questing should get you to honored.

Epic LW'er Belt -

I know I said that I would try to limit the amount of gold spent but this is my one exception. The mats are generally cheap. There are only 2 other 359 ilvl belts in the game. One is a random drop from ToT4W and one from Cho'gall. If this is a semi serious alt or new main, this belt is well worth the cost.


Twilight Highlands Quest - Alliance Horde

Another TH quest line that rewards us with a 333 ilvl item. It's easy, it's guaranteed. Let's move on.


Guardians of Mt. Hyjal - Exalted -

These are perfectly itemized for a shaman. Some hit, some mastery, yellow socket with agility bonus. Questing through the entire Mt. Hyjal leaves you a couple thousand rep into Revered assuming you have some guild bonuses. These are the boots you should aim for. You probably won't be able to get them right off the bat but keep chipping away at Mt. Hyjal rep.

Lost City of Tol'vir Normal Dungeon Quest -

Easy quest. Easy dungeon on normal. Grind out some rep and enjoy your new 333 ilvl boots.


Earthen Ring - Exalted -

Enh shamans receiving some love from their fellow shaman bretheren. Loads of agility. Loads of mastery. Subpar haste but something you can reforge into hit/expertise if needed. Did I mention it was an epic? Yes, it's an epic.

Therazane - Revered -

You quested all of Therazane, right? Right?! Then you should be revered so it makes this a no brainer. Hit and mastery. Couldn't ask for anything more than that. 346 ilvl.

JC Options:

Expensive. Good stats. But expensive. If you're swimming in gold, give them a try.

While waiting for your exaltation with Earthen Ring or saving up gold, the following should tide you over: (318 ilvl)


The bane of everyone's existence. There aren't a lot of choices but let's see what we can do.

Uldum Questline -

Agility with a mastery proc? Nomnomnom. 325 ilvl so we aren't giving away too many points. This is a great trinket for starting out.

AH option

Rare. Relatively pricey and only 325 ilvl. A good amount of raw agility and a decent proc.

Twilight Highlands Quest -

Mastery bonus and a good amount of it. I'm not crazy about the on use effect since I like procs but we can't be picky here. ilvl 318.

Crafting Professions:

I'm not going to link each trinket for crafting profession. Chances are you already know about it. If your an alchemist, you get a fabulous agility trinket with mastery come 4.06. JC, congrats on your 346 trinket. Engineering has one they can use to bump up their gear score too.

Tol Barad Trinkets

Yes, there is a nice 359 trinket that is a mastery increase with an agility use. I am not listing it because by the time you become exalted with your respective faction, you'll be well into heroics with some possible replacements already for what I've listed above.


I'm well aware there are some raid trash BoE epics that would suit a shaman quite well. If you have 10-20k of gold sitting around and feel like pimping your shaman, go for it. I won't tell you how to spend your money. I'm also avoiding the Blacksmithing Maces. The mats for these are flat out ridiculous and will end up costing you 6000g for a 346 ilvl weapon.

Crucible of Carnage (Twilight Highlands) -

A nice axe that matches our JP off hand purchase (once you get into heroics). Decent stats and it doesn't cost you a dime. If you've already done this quest then:

BoE Jewelcrafting Weapon -

What better way to kill things than with your very own bejeweled brass knuckles? These things are cheap. 200g. If you see them for more, just buy one of each rare gem and take them to your JC friend to make them. Good stats. Red socket with a good socket bonus. 333 ilvl. You can equip these in your MH and OH.

Tol Bard has a 346 MH weapon that can be purchased at Revered and for 85 commendation badges. Chances are, if you're doing TB dailies, you're saving up for the trinkets first. By the time you have enough of these commendation badges saved up, you've either won some drops, have enough JP for purchases and the ilvl constraint is no longer holding you back from queuing in LFD.

Outside of these, the weapons drop off really quickly.


GG Blizz. Not a single 333 or 325 Relic in sight. It's either 346 or 318.

Scribes to the rescue!

Inscription Craftable BoE -

They aren't cheap and they aren't expensive. Somewhere in the range of 2,000g. I think it's worth it. Having leveled up to 85, you're usually sitting on 10,000g of disposable income. Knowing that you don't have to spend precious JP points on a stat stick is worth it in my opinion.

If you're cheap:

Twilight Highlands Quest -

A 318 ilvl stat stick. Nothing to shake a stick at. . . (I couldn't resist). Not horrible, not great, it's just there.

Soooooo. . . .

We add everything up and using the lowest possible item in each of the gear slots, we come up with an average ilvl rating of 329.875. Congrats. You passed the ilevel test.

As a lovely parting gift, we'd like you to enjoy these 45 minute queues as a dpser. Don't forget to stop by our lovely gift shop too.

Mental Note: Never, ever do that again on an iphone.
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Re: Totems of Terror - Gearing Enhancement Shamans for Heroics

Postby KysenMurrin » Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:37 pm

Good list, too bad it came after I spent a night doing a load of wowhead ilevel searches to come to the same conclusions, hehe.

I know the sticking point when I was trying to get 329 was the gloves. I spent a whole evening questing through TH just to get the Coulton's Crushers (on one of the very last quests in the zone, and requiring you to complete almost every questline before that) to finally hit that magic number.

I'm still wearing most of the items on your list - and I'm still on a 318 helm and bracers right now. All of my toons seem to struggle with good bracers (my tank has the Exalted rep option - on one of the hardest factions to grind. My Mage got lucky when I won a well-itemised BoE epic in BoT).
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Re: Totems of Terror - Gearing Enhancement Shamans for Heroics

Postby beornus » Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:47 pm

Nice, may need to post this on my guild site, there is some QQ in our Shaman thread.
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Re: Totems of Terror - Gearing Enhancement Shamans for Heroics

Postby thatguy » Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:55 pm

KysenMurrin wrote:Good list, too bad it came after I spent a night doing a load of wowhead ilevel searches to come to the same conclusions, hehe.

Sorry I couldn't get it sooner. I was able to skirt the issue due to some rep reward healing pieces which inflated my gear score. You could always throw this out the window with that argument and say "just buy healing gear you newb" but I wanted it to be a dps centric way of gearing your enhancement shamans.

Hopefully this helps others out there.
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Re: Totems of Terror - Gearing Enhancement Shamans for Heroics

Postby thatguy » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:00 pm

beornus wrote:Nice, may need to post this on my guild site, there is some QQ in our Shaman thread.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

/slinks off to go kick some kids off his lawn.
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