(US) A - The Phoenix - Kul Tiras - Central LF Shammy/DK

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(US) A - The Phoenix - Kul Tiras - Central LF Shammy/DK

Postby beornus » Mon Jan 31, 2011 1:03 pm

The Phoenix is a level 14 Guild on Kul Tiras/US, a Central Timezone server. Currently has 4 raid teams, a 25 and 3 10s that have tapped all of the guildies interested in raiding regularly. I am recruiting for the 10s I am on, aka Amoragen's team. We are looking for good players, but preferably a Shammy with Enh/Heals and a DK with either DPS and Blood Tank specs.

We currently raid on T/Th/Sunday from 730-1100 pm server. Issue is we are an older team, many of our members are in their 40s and have varying commitments so to bring some depth to the team, we need some good, mature players. So while we have a good team (we have CoW, Mag, ODS down, Halfus and Mal under 20% and should have one or both down this week), real life is beginning to cut into our ability to raid consistently and so if you have a good toon who is dissatisfied with their raiding, an alt, or sitting on a bench talk to us. Intent is to insure all raiders on the team get at least 2 night of raiding of the 3, if it works out we may add a 4th night to increase the opportunities and progression. If for whatever reason you can only raid Tuesdays that works too, that is our night of most need now.

If interested I recommand you roll a level 1 on KT and look for Amoragen, Griphon, Tregare, Verene or myself, McBeo, so we can talk.
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Re: (US) A - The Phoenix - Kul Tiras - Central LF Shammy/DK

Postby thatguy » Mon Jan 31, 2011 2:35 pm

I can vouch for good people in beo's group. No nerd rage and people know what they are doing. KT is a good realm with a med/high population and active AH.

While this was an obvious attempt at trolling me since I have both of what you need, alas, I cannot fit your play times (or any play times for that matter).

Beo gets my seal of approval.
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