A-Windrunner <Untitled> 6/12 25's - LF Healer+Rogue - Fri/Sa

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A-Windrunner <Untitled> 6/12 25's - LF Healer+Rogue - Fri/Sa

Postby Unrully » Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:51 pm

Untitled is recruiting for Cataclysm! We're looking for a couple more people to fill out our raid roster for t11 raiding. We're a core content 25-man guild. Currently have downed 6/12 bosses, Conclave, Magmaw, Omnotron, Maloriak, Halfus and Double Dragon.

Having a raiding background is very preferred, though not necessarily required.

At the moment we need:
1x Healer - Anything that isn't a Paladin.
1x Rogue

Anything else is low priority recruitment at this time. Obviously, anyone who can make the times and consider themselves exceptional players can feel free to apply or contact me in-game.

We value personality (aka: Maturity) above all else in our recruits. If all you can do is brag about yourself, or pad the meters, then don't expect any better treatment then a swift (g)kick in the @$$.

Current Progression
Throne of the Four Winds
Conclave of Winds - 1/14/11

Bastion of Twilight
Halfus - 1/22/11
Valiona/Theralion - 1/29/11

Blackwing Descent
Magmaw - 1/15/11
Omnotron - 2/5/11
Maloriak - 2/5/11

Feel free to toss me a tell in-game, or any of my officers, if you have any questions, or app on the website! Our raid times are Friday & Saturday @ 6pm Pacific (server time). For loot we run EPGP.


GM - Ebrithil/Narda/Jierda/Skolir
Head Officer - Kamirek/Aldalor/Killergorila
Officer - Ayre/Sugarbush/Raighn
Officer - Moridinn/Moraines/Damandred
Officer - Talodie/Doturbooty
Offcier - Gelu/Vanhealn/Arsonistica/Swalowursoul/Gelo
Officer - Gitanya/Gitfire/Gitieup
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