<Change Machine>12/12 LF Tank... Starting HMs

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<Change Machine>12/12 LF Tank... Starting HMs

Postby Faye » Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:35 am

Recruiting (Main Raid Positions Need filled asap!!):::
Pref. Classes atm:::
Resto Druid (1)
Tank (1)
Holy Paladin (1)
Enh. Shaman (1)
Any exceptional player is always welcome[/ul]

<Change Machine> Horde | Vashj PVP PST Server --- 25 man raiding

About Us:::
<Change Machine> was started over a year ago and going strong--We were <Inevitable> on the Velen PVE server then server transferred in March 2010 to Vash.

While we focus primarily on 25 mans for all progression we will sometimes go in on offnights to learn or do extra raiding in the 10 man version continuing progression in the same lock out.

Vashj is a PVP server. Low/Medium Population. Horde outnumbers Alliance.

Wrath Highlights..::
Server first kills on 2 both servers we were on and were no. 1 guild since naxx
'the undying' and 'the immortal' Pre Ulduar
*Herald of the Titans* ** Celestial Defender** **Deaths Demise**
25+ Mims Heads
*Dedicated Insanity*
*Insanity** *Grand Crusader**
*Server First Bane of the Fallen King*
** Server First**Light of Dawn
Heroic Halion

:::Current Progression 12/12 :::
Starting Heroic Modes!
Lots of realm server first FoS and most were lvl'ed to 85 in 1-3 days
VoA 2.0........... 1/1 *Server firsts 10 and 25*
Throne of Four Winds ....2/2 *Server firsts 10 and 25*
Bastion of Twilight.... 4/4 (5) *Server firsts 10 and 25*
Blackwing Descent....6/6 *Server firsts 10 and 25*

We do live steams of all our raids off our website.

What We Expect of our Members::
We expect members to be responsible to learn their class and be prepared for every raid before start (all gear enchanted and gemmed w/highest quality, any special consumable besides what we provide, repair money); reading and watching videos on every fight we have planned for that week.

**We provide all flasks, pots, consumables, enchanting materials, gems, item enhancements***

We Prefer all members are 18 or older. We tend to be very crude/obscene/foul at times, and can offend the light hearted. So if you are easily offended by horrible humor and bad language please don't apply then we are not for you.

Loot System *o em ge purples!*::
We do loot by a loot council system where attendance/performance/attitude come into play. Tanks and healers usually come before dps.

We do have a bunch of raiders that copy toons over and work actively in learning new content before release to be prepared/familiar with the encounters.
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Re: <Change Machine>12/12 LF Tank... Starting HMs

Postby Oldhammer » Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:10 am

I am interested in this guild. My work schedule has been a bit off lately and has caused me t be unable to raid. I am in the Eastern Time Zone and work until 9:30pm some nights. So that may end up being a problem. However it is no always like that. I will go ahead and link my armory and hopefully we can talk a bit and maybe get something figured out. I am specced right now for threat generation for 5 mans but the minute I start on raid content I will be specced to optimise WOG. I also have a Wotlk Chant on my legs which can be easily corrected. I am 27 years old and have raid experience. So without further ado I will link my armory. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/l ... tes/simple
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Re: <Change Machine>12/12 LF Tank... Starting HMs

Postby anafielle » Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:33 pm

Possibly interested...
Anafielle, 90 Retribution Paladin in <Something Wicked> :: Armory :: Twitter

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"Hold on, hold on, let me make sure I've got this straight. You're telling me that a critical part of our strategy for this fight will be to have the ret paladins go stand in the fire? Yeah, we can handle that." -- DSWarden
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