12/12 1/12 Heroic 25man Seeks Prot Paladin for 3day, EST Sch

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12/12 1/12 Heroic 25man Seeks Prot Paladin for 3day, EST Sch

Postby zxi » Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:25 am

Server: US PvE – Shandris – Phoenix, AZ Datacenter
Schedule: Tues-Thurs 8:00p to 12:00a Eastern
Website: Epitome - Horde - US Shandris - Epitome - Home

-----------------------------Current Progression:-------------------------------

***This is a 25man Raiding guild and will remain this way***

1/12 Heroic
12/12 Normal

Atramedes US 163
Cho'gall US 97
Chimaeron US 278
Magmaw US 92
Valiona and Theralion US 53
Halfus Wyrmbreaker US 71
Omnotron Defense System US 179
Maliorak US 87
12/12 Heroic ICC - US #167 Light of Dawn
Heroic Hailion - US #97 25 man
5/5 Heroic TotGC
14/14 Ulduar
All previous HM content cleared, including Yogg0 and Tribute to Insanity.


(1) Elemental Shaman (Must have amazing awareness)
(2) Warlock (Exceptional DPS and mechanic avoidance)
(1) Mage (High DPS and survivability)
(1) Warrior (Must have tanking offspec, with the ability to understand melee mechanics)
(1) Rogue (High output)

Guild Specifics

  • If you highly enjoy an alt, we do too. Our alts are as geared as our mains, many being past mains. In addition, we run all current content (including 25man Hard Modes) once avaialable on our alts as well.***
  • We pride ourselves on our forums, and the accompanying participation. Recently, we switched to our new forums in an endeavor to pursue a community development project. As such, we are looking for journalists and writers who are interested in participating in our project.
  • Critical thinking skills and demonstrative abilities in producing working encounter strategies are highly looked upon here. We spend a lot of time on our boards fleshing out encounters before heading into them in order to make use of our precious 10 hour raid schedule. Both of these being said, high forum participation from all members is both expected and encouraged.
  • All members in <Epitome> are expected to be intelligent, thoughtful, and understanding of our roster's time commitment, and bring a wealth of knowledge and tolerance to our team. Poor attitudes, spiteful comments, and negativity are never welcome. You should possess extensive progression background, fluid performance, and amazing self evaluation skills. We do not tolerate bigotry, racism, or general personifications of the word "asshole" within our boards/raids. Our raiders are treated equally, respectfully.
  • We do not operate with a loot council- instead opting to implement EPGP in an effort to keep the loot process transparent, streamlined, and efficient. However we do pay attention to class BIS, and ensure loot never goes where it will be "useless". "DKP" docking is considered our premier form of punishment here. If you are underperforming you will be notified, sat, and have your DKP adjusted accordingly. This promotes a quick learning, highly competitive atomsphere within which we raid.
  • Our initiate process lasts 2-3 weeks, depending on player performance. It is nothing out of the ordinary for a player to make it off trial status after 2 weeks through exceptional dedication and play. However, it is also common to be removed (or granted an extension) for failure to perform at the expected level.
  • We do not tolerate poor play. If you are a hybrid class who is unable to offspec adequately, interrupt, or perform cluth mechanic duties during an encounter this is not an ideal home for you.
  • We do not recruit for the bench. All of our players are assured to see 98% encounter time every week. We have a rich history of maintaining US ranking while operating with a slim roster. Currently, we are sitting at 28 raiding members. With this, high attendance for the three days we raid are highly expected.
  • Most of our members have been raiding together for quite some time. That being said, friendships and friendly competition are highly common. This is a home where you will log on and always be confronted with skilled, knowledgable, and approachable players at all times of the day.

We currently have recruitment open for exceptional ranged DPS for Cataclysm hard modes. We are looking for strong applicants who are motivated to push for world rankings with the upcoming hard modes. This branches across all raiding ranged roles. We have a rich, server first history on Shandris providing a stable- long term oriented roster of adults. We provide all consumables, enchants, gems and repairs to our raiders (including initiates) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We do not raid on holidays and allow ease of absences through our cutting edge attendance system. Loot, being the last thing on our minds, is delegated through EPGP with officer input on critical items.

What should you bring to <Epitome>?

  • A solid raiding background with experience in heroic and challenging content.
  • A great reputation.
  • Appropriate gear for current content.
  • Knowledge of your class and those sorrounding you.
  • The ability to learn and coach those around you when needed.
  • Commitment to progression and a team atmosphere.
Thank you for taking the time to read our recruitment board. If you're interested in a stable, long term home- filled with the possibility of fast paced progression and top tier raiding at half the time, (With honest and trustworthy leadership) please submit an application today. You can find more information on our guild's policies, loot system, private application process, and more at the following links;

Epitome - Horde - US Shandris - Epitome - Home
Epitome - Horde - US Shandris

For more information or a private meet and greet, please message Zxi, Murder, Taste, Bluebell, or Toorup in game. Enjoy your week!
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