[A-EU] The Snakeeyes

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[A-EU] The Snakeeyes

Postby cappytoi » Tue Jan 25, 2011 5:31 pm

The Snakeeyes Recruitment For Cata

The Snakeeyes from Azjol-Nerub EU, being constantly on the top guilds of server since vanilla wow, hated and loved as no other guild on the server, is now recruiting in order to forge the new Cataclysm raiding team.

Open Trial Spots:




Shadow Priest

We are currently considering all ranged dps applications in search of players that will strengthen our raid team.


1. Use of ventrilo, at least being able to understand and comprehend the Scot and Russian raid leaders trying to speak english.

2. Able to raid 20:00-00:00 GT, raid days vary according to content from 2-5.

3. Non-emo attitude, criticism tolerance.

4. Skill and knowledge of your class, playwise and gearwise.

5. Positive and persistant attitude during progress raids with the ability to correct your own mistakes.

6. Sense of humor.

7. Will be active after Cataclysm release.

8. Orange dyed hair (optional but will give extra credit).

What can we offer?

1. Proper raid experience.

2. A social environment that extends beyond warcraft, we have always been a community, past and present members.

3. The possibility to enjoy the game in all its aspects.

For more info contact the recruit officer Neisseria or any of the other officers.

The ancient application form we cba to change can be found at http://www.snakeeyes.nu

Current Cataclysm Progress 25 Man, 12/12 NM, 1/13 HC

Illegal disclaimer: SnakeEyes are not responsible for any abuse occurred during the application process and trial period by their members.
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