Valiona and Theralion [10]

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Re: Valiona and Theralion [10]

Postby Epimer » Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:29 am

Astronomic wrote:Finally killed them last night after about 3 weeks. Turns out it was the healing, we had to bring in someone's alt (resto druid) because one of our healers was sick. He did about 11.5k HPS which was more than the 2 shammies combined.

Then, again because of healz, we go over to BWD and 2 shot omnitron for out 1st kill.

Are shaman just weak on healz? Cuz when I see ppl talking about how much healz their groups are doing, shammies seem to be on the low end. Also paragon, who utilizes raid stacking, went with only holy priest/pallies in alot of their kills.

Here's a list of 200 resto shaman who are topping 10k HPS on Valiona and Theralion 10N. Your shammies need to pull their fingers out, in short.

That said, the top lists of all the 10 man normal mode fights on WoL are dominated by Holy Paladins, Holy Priests and Resto Druids. I believe Chain Heal is getting a buff in 4.06, so Resto Shaman are probably tuned a little low, but 5k HPS is woefully low for any class.
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