In Theory: Heroic Halfus

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In Theory: Heroic Halfus

Postby 2Cute2BeStr8 » Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:55 pm

4 Tanking Heroic Halfus

For Reference Purpose only and not telling people how to play. Assume 4 tanks are : Cyan( Prot Pali), Xenomorph(Druid), Esex( Prot Paladin), Raxin(Feral Druid):Also you can have hunter pets intervene you to eat a malevolent strike.

Going by the logs for a worst case scenario situation you can average out an unblocked attack of the least geared tank. On average it was found that the drakes did about 60,000 damage whereas Halfus was only doing about 34,000 damage on average. Not including unavoidable damage from scorching breath, and avoidable damage of the fireball barrage.
All Drakes : Have an Attack Speed of approximately 1.7-1.8, after being modified by AS reduction (i.e. Judgment of the Just, Infected Wounds)

Halfus: Has an Swing Timer of about 1 second, because of the nether scion buff on him, however freeing the nether scion does gives Halfus a reduced chance to hit. Also there is a time when he stops attacking to cast his Shadow Nova which gives some reprieve ( providing it gets interrupted)

The theory behind this post/goal is that due to the increased damage that the drakes do it is better to get high stacks of Mortal Strike debuff while tanking Halfus than to have 4-5 stacks and tanking drakes.

While I'm not math savy enough to come up with some hard numbers ( I will later with some help from some good spreadsheets), it is probably save to assume that up until 7 Stacks of the Mortal Strike debuff the Halfus tank will be needing 35% less heals than the drake tanks.

Whelps- do about 9k per hit, and we'll completely leave them out of the argument because they are a moot point, the probability of them causing enough spike damage to kill a tank is slim.

Malevolent Strikes: Only applied after a melee hit, and it does a random roll to decide if it puts the debuff on you.

The theory behind this is that you never want a tank to have the malevolent strike debuff while tanking drakes because they are already needing increased healing so why put even more strain on your healers. Basically healing a drake tank is = to healing Halfus tank with 7 stacks of malevolent strikes.
Here is what I propose the tanks do.

Cyan start out on halfus: As soon as you have 7 stacks ( maybe even at 6 go through your Divine Protection & AD) During this time Esex does a raid wall. Priest should be using barriers during these beginning phases to reduce damage even further. As soon as your 20 percent CD's, where off do a Guardian of Ancient Kings. So even though you are getting more stacks you still require less healing.
As soon as Guardian of the Ancient kings wears off, Esex taunts, you taunt Time warden off of Esex, Bubble ( cancelaura macro) and healers enjoy healing a tank with no MS on the drakes

Esex- Cycle through the same CD's as Cyan did ( you'd also be getting raid wall from cyan during scorching breath). I'm assuming you'd be at approximately 15 stacks as your guaridan of the ancient kings fell off which is why Raxan would be ready to taunt off of you before you took a full damage hit. As soon as Raxan Taunts off of you, you'd taunt Nether Scion, bubble ( cancelaura) and again enjoy a drake tank taking full healing compared to even a detrimental 20 percent reduced.

Raxan- Cycle through your CD's at about 5 stacks just like the other person did. Right as your CD's are wearing off. Xenomorph would taunt off of you wether is emerald whelps/ storm rider were dead or not and could just pop CD's as soon as he taunted.
Ideally the storm rider would be dead at this point. If not he would be more than fine with CD's popped, at this point Raxxin would get a Hand of Protection removing his debuffs. Actually assuming storm rider is dead, as this would be a long time into the fight. At least 1 minute 30 seconds into it storm rider would more than likely be dead especially with lust.
At this point Raxan would have his stacks off of him and he would be tanking slate dragon. Malevolent strikes would apply slower and Halfus damage would decrease significantly at this point.

Xenomorph- Assuming the storm rider was dead he could effectively use his CD's to get about 15 stacks as well. I'd suggest saving Pain Supp for the druids as their CD's grant some damage reduction and their big ones just grant life. At 15 stacks ( for just example purposes because it could be a little lower # of stacks) Cyan would taunt Halfus, use a 20 percent CD or a raid wall from Esex. Xeno would get HoP and then he'd taunt the time warden off of Cyan.
Still leaving all drake tanks with no Mortal Strike debuff at all. At this point forbearance would also be running off the two protection paladins, meaning they could HoP themselves again to get stacks off, as it is safe to tank Halfus and 1 drake with a couple stacks of Mortal Strike debuff.

From there pending on enrage timer, at least 2 drakes should be dead before 50 percent. If time allows kill a third if it is low before 50 percent, leave slate up more than likely to meet enrage. Tanks spam damage reduction CD's if you are on the drakes that are alive. Ideally slate would be the only one left up at 50 percent.
It seems like a lot of information and very specific, I'm only posting this as an example to help out healers and only used tanks that were there in the logs in order to give an example of the "ideal" way to deal with the mortal strike effect. The same theory would apply if you were 6 tanking the fight.

You do not want to be tanking a drake with malevolent strike debuff on you if at all possible because you are already taking 2x amount of damage.
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Re: In Theory: Heroic Halfus

Postby Rhiannon » Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:41 am

We just had two tanks on Halfus switching, one tank take first killed drake, and then whelps, while another tank took two drakes. We had two drakes + whelps dead by the time Halfus was 50%, so only one drake on each tank from that point on during furious roar.
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Re: In Theory: Heroic Halfus

Postby inthedrops » Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:27 am

2Cute2BeStr8 wrote:You do not want to be tanking a drake with malevolent strike debuff on you if at all possible because you are already taking 2x amount of damage.

I agree, but bolded the important part. The problem is that it's easier said than done until later in the fight. Definetely would help to have the person with the most stacks on Halfus during furious roar simply because he's not attacking, and the drakes are.
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Re: In Theory: Heroic Halfus

Postby Tekkel » Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:46 am

We used 5 tanks and basicly set everything minus 1 drake free. Aoe whelps and focus down 1 drake. Release the last drake after the first drake is out. The only tank that takes a real beating is the one taking the whelps plus a drake untill the whelps die. After that the only thing that can really kill you is failed interrupts but damage on tanks during roar. IE cooldown rotations.
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Re: In Theory: Heroic Halfus

Postby Boèndal » Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:42 am

I think some of your numbers are wrong. On heroic mode Malevolent Strike deals 8% less healing per stack. So having 15 even using cds is not healable. I accidantly had sometimes 9-10 in progress tries where we set up our taunt rotation and it was most often a wipe.

We used 4 Tanks where the Halfus Tank (me) had one drake in addition. First Tank switches where between me and one Feral Tank (taunting Halfus)using own cds & Bubble/Bop to clear debuff stacks. At the point where both of us had debuffs the third tank (feral) taunted Halfus for 2-3 debuffs until one of us was "free". From then on one drake is down, another nearly and there are only the whelps left to dps - so 2 drakes and halfus to tank - with our strat always 2 free tanks to taunt and use/get cds during furious roar etc.
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Re: In Theory: Heroic Halfus

Postby mosa » Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:15 am

What are the extra mechanics to the Heroic Halfus fight?
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Re: In Theory: Heroic Halfus

Postby inthedrops » Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:02 am

mosa wrote:What are the extra mechanics to the Heroic Halfus fight?

The mechanic change is that all 4 drakes are are active.

We have a Druid, Paladin (me), Warrior, DK tank combo.

On the pull 3 drakes are released in addition to the whelps:

Paladin: Halfus
Druid: Storm
Warrior: Timewarden
DK: Nether

We have a DPS open the whelps cage, we all collapse near the Time Warden drake, we blow hero and single target the Timewarden as quickly as possible. I bubble off the first set of stacks at around 6 or 7 or whenever it "feels" like I'm taking too much to be healed through. From there however, the druid and I swap when I first get about 4 or 5 stacks, once they clear I taunt back and vice versa.

It's very helpful to setup macros to target Halfus and the other drake you might need to taunt.

Once Timewarden is dead, the Warrior runs over and opens up the Slate drake. DPS then switches over to Storm but they stop DPS on Storm at about 9% and switch to Halfus until Halfus is dead. Storm will die from DoT's and tanking from 9% to 0.

Nether and Slate are not DPS'd, they are off tanked for the entire fight. Same with the Whelps.

Note that I might be confusing Slate with Nether.
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