0/31/10, does this work at all?

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Re: 0/31/10, does this work at all?

Postby theckhd » Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:48 am

Aurzon wrote:One of the things on my list NOT to drop, however, is Hallowed Ground. Hallowed Ground makes for a perfect "Oh S---!" button (no idea if I can curse on here or not, so opted safe vs sorry). See, plans aren't always executed perfectly. Sometimes, the extra pack of mobs gets pulled (Corridor between Slabhide and Ozruk in Stonecore, anyone?), and you need that extra oomph to hold on to everything. Also, seeing as mobs have different run times or simply run in AT different times (much like the packs during the High Priestess Azil encounter in Stonecore), that makes having a 10 second AOE DOT much more valuable than an instant AOE. So, in essence, I guess you would call Hallowed Ground situational, but I'm one of those tanks that likes to be prepared for anything to go wrong, and much more often than not, it pays off for me.

I'm not sure I see your logic here. Hallowed Ground doesn't give you a 10-second AoE DoT. You already have a 10-second AoE DoT.

The extra "oomph" that Hallowed Ground gives it is fairly small, and should never be required to "hold everything." HotR AoE alone is more than enough to overcome healing aggro, and almost always enough to overcome AoE DPS aggro. The mana reduction makes it easier to cast if you're being sloppy with mana, but if you were practicing proper mana management that isn't a problem without HG. Remember that large packs give you more mana regeneration via Sanctuary.

For mobs appearing or running in at different times, an instant AoE on a 15-second cooldown is generally going to be more helpful than a 10-second stationary AoE on a 30- or 36-second cooldown. You're rarely going to get more than one pack of mobs to path through Consecration on the Azil encounter, because their staggered spawn times and locations make it difficult given the movement required in that encounter. Not to mention you should be using the void zones to vacuum up the mobs anyway, so you rarely have to pick up any of them.

In short, Hallowed Ground is certainly a personal preference, but I don't think any of those arguments hold water for it making you "more prepared for things to go wrong."
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Re: 0/31/10, does this work at all?

Postby Aurzon » Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:13 pm

Bah, I forgot entirely that Sanctuary still provides mana returns. I might have to try a build without Hallowed Ground after all, though to be honest, I use Consecrate fairly regularly, and can't really see much else in my build I'd rather have, except maybe Divine Guardian. Even then, that's only one point, so I'd probably still run with 1/2 HG. Old habits die hard, I guess. :P
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