I have come to a revelation about reckoning

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Re: I have come to a revelation about reckoning

Postby beornus » Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:04 pm

Njall wrote:So, based on the title, Reckoning has come to a reckoning.


I reckon so.

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Re: I have come to a revelation about reckoning

Postby theckhd » Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:36 pm

stulexington wrote:
stulexington wrote:
Lets take the enemy swing of 2.5 seconds and lets take the optimal situation of player getting an attack just after the first proc. There are events at 8 seconds, 10.5 seconds, 13 seconds and 15.5 seconds: single proc, extra proc after 2.5 seconds, extra proc after 5 seconds and extra proc after 7.5 seconds, and lets take weapon dps at 100 and track total damage from reckoning at each time point (2.67 is actually 8/3, and would of course require haste rating):

Quoting that statement doesn't make it any more ambiguous, nor does it correct the numerical errors in your table that I pointed out before.

For example, "There are events at 8 seconds ..."

What events specifically, and why are they relevant? From your wording, it seems like you mean Reckoning procs. But that doesn't explain why the boss hasn't been proccing Reckoning during the first 8 seconds. Nor does it explain why these "extra" procs are relevant - you seem to assume that they aren't procs since you mention that Reckoning expires after 6 seconds for a 2.0 weapon, but then you go on to talk about the proc at +7.5 seconds refreshing Reckoning. What about the opportunities to refresh at +2.5 and +5?

If I make some assumptions about what you're trying to say, I think I see what you're inferring from your table: in the two "extreme" cases you've considered, Reckoning can be refreshed at three distinct points (+2.5, +5, and +7.5), and there are no weapon swings that fall in-between the first Reckoning expiring and the refresh at +7.5. From that, you're concluding that there shouldn't be any weapon-speed dependence above 2.0.

However, that's wrong, for reasons tlitp outlined already. You're looking at two edge cases, but ignoring the other 99% of the problem. The refresh isn't guaranteed to happen at +7.5. For example, let's say you get 2 Reckoning procs 10 seconds apart, with the first one happening just before a weapon swing. With the 2.0-speed weapon, you get double swings at 0.0, 2.0, 4.0, and 6.0, after which the proc ends. Your swing at 8.0 is a single-swing, unaffected by Reckoning, which procs again for the 10.0 swing. A 2.5-speed weapon, on the other hand, would get double swings at 0.0, 2.5, 5.0, 7.5, and 10.0 (with the second Reckoning proc), and thus see a bigger DPS increase than the 2.0 speed weapon.

Or, if we put it in a table:
Code: Select all
Weapon Swings as a function of time for two weapon speeds, each 1 DPS:
t       2.0   2.5
0.0      2     2
2.0      4     2
2.5      4     4
4.0      6     4
5.0      6     6
6.0      8     6   - Reckoning drops for 2.0 here
7.5      8     8
8.0      9     8
10.0    11    10

Total Damage
2.0: 22
2.5: 25

This example should be enough to demonstrate that looking at any one realization doesn't give you the entire picture. What really ends up mattering is Reckoning's uptime, which is quantifiably increased for slower weapons in exactly the fashion tlitp explained earlier.
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