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Glyph of the Long Word

Warning: Theorycraft inside.

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Glyph of the Long Word

Postby Draslin » Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:52 am

Just wondering if any modeling has been done around Glyph of the Long Word. In my current progression spec (7/31/3), I use WoG whenever sacred duty is not procced. With only 1 point in duty, it's not up very often and I imagine I could keep pretty solid uptime on the hot. Threat is fine or has been on our attempts/kills (magmaw and omnotron down, halfus up due to getting bad drake luck and not having a shaman for nova interrupts).

Wondering if Theck or any of the other mathemagicians have done any modeling around using this glyph. I know that the bubble aspect of WoG is diminished by using the glyph, but not sure if the hot is worth it.


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Re: Glyph of the Long Word

Postby Koatanga » Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:41 pm

If you are talented for the bubble effect of WoG then you are always getting the maximum benefit from the spell, either in the form of direct healing or absorbtion.

In any potential-death scenario, it is better to have all the healing you can possibly get as soon as you can get it. The bubble eliminates overhealing, so the only time you do not benefit from WoG is if you are at 100% and not hit for the duration of the bubble. That does not happen in potential-death scenarios, and doesn't matter anyway since the HoT component when glyphed lasts as long as the bubble. You wouldn't benefit from the WoG either way.

It only seems relevant when casting WoG on others, which is fine from an OT perspective, I guess.
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Re: Glyph of the Long Word

Postby Zonzede » Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:50 pm

Unless I'm missing something Word of Glory heals for the exact same amount with or without the glyph. Overhealing would be the only thing I could imagine would be improved with use of this glyph. Since we have a talent which makes our overheals useful, I wouldn't imagine there is any reason we should be using it.
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Re: Glyph of the Long Word

Postby fuzzygeek » Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:21 pm

HoT ticks from the glyph can crit, so the glyph can increase the healing of WoG a bit.

However, I suspect the GbtL absorption shield is created from the cast of WoG and ignores the HoT component entirely, but I haven't tested this.

If it is the case, this does bad things do the GbtL bubble.
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Re: Glyph of the Long Word

Postby tlitp » Sun Jan 02, 2011 4:43 pm

I'd like to see a few data points :
  • AP1/SP1, 0/2 GbtL, Long Word (keep SoI/WoG not glyphed)
  • AP2/SP2, 0/2 GbtL, Long Word (keep SoI/WoG not glyphed)
  • AP1/SP1, 2/2 GbtL, Long Word (keep SoI/WoG not glyphed)
  • AP2/SP2, 2/2 GbtL, Long Word (keep SoI/WoG not glyphed)
  • AP1/SP1, 2/2 GbtL, Long Word/WoG (keep SoI not glyphed)
  • AP1/SP1, 2/2 GbtL, Long Word/WoG/SoI

In order to change the AP/SP, equip a SP weapon or replace a STA/mast trinket with a STR/INT one (avoid procs). For each point : cast one WoG, then report total AP/total SP/WoG output. Thanks.
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Re: Glyph of the Long Word

Postby Thark » Mon Jan 03, 2011 10:34 am

I played around with this a few weeks ago, and under very limited testing I did notice that the combat log was saying that you only gain Guarded by the Light for overhealing off of the initial cast, and not any subsequent ticks. However, I did not test this in combat to confirm.
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