A Standard for Sacred Duty/ Divine Plea/ Word of Glory?

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A Standard for Sacred Duty/ Divine Plea/ Word of Glory?

Postby 2Cute2BeStr8 » Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:21 am

I set up my UI with power auras and all kinds of fun stuff so I could better see my sacred duty procs and got to thinking of when in an encounter I should be using Divine Plea, when I should Shield of the Righteous, use my Word of Glory, and what to do with eternal glory procs.

Obviously everything is situational and is up to the individual tank to decide what is best to do like obviously if you are going to die/ your healers are completely out of mana and such spam word of glory like its your job.

However, what I was wondering was if there were any thoughts on a standard of when to use different abilities.

I sat there on a target dummy for a fair amount of time practicing and this is what I came up with and wanted to get some other opinions. Here are some thoughts I came up with.

1. Unless you are in immediate danger of dieing, use your sacred duty proc on a shield slam if you have it up. (Kind of a no brainer)
a. I find that this is the best time to pop wings.
b. I also find that this is the best time to pop divine plea, I have a cancel aura divine plea bound to this same hotkey, I judge and if I get a sacred duty proc I shield slam. If not I use a word of glory.
c. From this point I get back into normal rotation. CS> I AS ( judgment will be on CD), CS> Judgment >CS), then whatever based on my proc.

2. If you don't have a sacred duty proc, use word of glory. ( again if you aren't behind on threat)
a. If you get an eternal glory proc, judge, and then if you dont get sacred duty just word of glory again.

My thought process:
If you have a comfortable lead on threat. This helps your healers out, and healing does contribute to your threat. And instead of just spamming word of glory to help your healers out when you have a comfortable lead on threat, you also help your damage dealers out by always using your shield when it will crit.

Also using your word of glory as much as I had said above, will keep you topped off enough to where you will hopefully not have to word of glory when you have a sacred duty proc.

I also want to get in the habit of doing this because it will make me use my Divine plea more effectively in an encounter, which I'm sure many people need work on. I also try to blow things like my holy radiance/DG during sacred duty procs ( because thats generally when I'll try to have my wings poppped). If you have to use word of glory during a sacred duty proc the only way you will get to use the sacred duty proc is if you get eternal glory.

These are just some thoughts, and by no means a standard, just wanted to get other peoples opinions on these thoughts ( that may be no brainers to others) but I feel will really help me to be more useful in my raid.
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Re: A Standard for Sacred Duty/ Divine Plea/ Word of Glory?

Postby DJSticky » Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:04 pm

There's nothing wrong with thinking things out. However my line of thinking has led me to this. Keep in mind I'm talking about raid bosses. After the first 2 or 3 shield slams I switch to seal of insight and use 100% word of glory, mostly on myself however I will use it on any other person in range who is in danger of dying.

I use divine plea if I REALLY wish I could word of glory myself but have no HoPo.

In fact the only fight that I do not use 100% Seal of Insight and WoG on is the crazy vial caldren guy who drops the tanking mace in BWD. And I still pretty much use WoG all the time, just I use SoT to pick up the adds.

In short, all Word of Glory all the time. Live it up before the nerf which is sure to come!
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