Moonkin, and resto help

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Moonkin, and resto help

Postby ZeroKewl » Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:32 pm

My new main the druid is currently seeking advice on stat priorities. I think I have an okay knowledge of spellcasters, but I could use some serious refining. Most sites are blocked at work, so hoping to get some information posted up here. My current dps is pretty good on heroic bosses (6-9K depending on movement). I want to start healing to speed up my heroic Q time, so a rotation/what to keep up would also be useful. Also would like to gauge stats wise when I could be rdy to heal heroics, after practicing in some regulars to get it down.

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Re: Moonkin, and resto help

Postby Aanar » Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:55 am

You probably want to reforge your gear for spi>mastery>haste>crit (easy enough to reforge back for dps if you have a raid). The more pieces you have with spirit on them before reforging, the better off you'll be. You probably don't want to replace your dps meta gem, so hopefully you saved another hat that you can stick the +int +2% mana pool meta into. You should have 70k+ mana for heroics.

There isn't a rotation for healing. I haven't healed enough with my druid after 4.0 to really give you any advice on which spells to use. Just take 10 minutes when you get home to google for some tips. I know there are breakpoints on haste where various hots gain an extra tick. I think mastery is better than haste for druids, but could be wrong on that.

I highly recommend making a spreadsheet of all your heals with their mana cost and how much they actually heal for in your resto spec and gear and calculate the Hp/Mp and Hp/sec for each of them. This will help you get a handle on which spells to use when mana is tight (almost always) and which to use when burst happens you need to get people up (relatively) fast.

Like you say, just practice on a normal or two until you're comfortable with all your healing tools and then take a crack at a heroic. Make sure to bring a few stacks of water, buff food, and some spirit flasks (The wotlk +90 spirit ones are pretty cheap on my server).

A tip: put your recount page on "damage taken", it tells you pretty quickly who (dps/healer) is screwing up on avoidable damage. If you notice a dps that is way up there and you're wiping due to oom, just make them your lowest priority to heal. You're more likely to succeed just letting them die than letting them drain your mana.
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