Last boss of Black rock caverns - On heroic

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Last boss of Black rock caverns - On heroic

Postby claisa » Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:20 am

Easiest strat we found for this in a party containing a rogue.

Crippling poison, fan of kniveshe kites adds up and down the big corridor away from everyone. Everyone else DPS boss. Your range and healer don;t stand in the thunderclap.

When boss switches place with an add. then take add to the rogue, and taunt boss back and continue what you where doing.

The adds agro on the last person to generate threat to them. So the DPS who is kiting will need to be on the look out for healing agro pinching the adds, and need someway of slowing them.

Reason for doing this the adds apply a mortal strike debuff on the person who has agro.
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Re: Last boss of Black rock caverns - On heroic

Postby Belloc » Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:23 am

Pretty much any group composition can find a way to handle this fight.

If you have a shaman, an earthbind totem makes kiting easy. Warlocks can respec to affliction and use Curse of Exhaustion (you're not going to be DPSing anyway, so if you have an affliction spec with that talent, use it), all warlocks can make use of their portals and soul shards for increased effect, rogues can fan their crippling poison, warriors can piercing howl (if talented?), mages can use their slows, hunters can use traps... etc.

Pretty simple fight :P
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Re: Last boss of Black rock caverns - On heroic

Postby Sober » Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:43 pm

Ran this a couple times with a mage guildie, she just went frost and kited them, and you can basically stand there and hold the boss down. He knocks you down once or twice, but the only real moving you have to do is when he swaps places.
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Re: Last boss of Black rock caverns - On heroic

Postby Jedah » Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:21 am

Don't forget frost death knights can spec chillblains and make any kiting job in the game retardedly trivial, as it's ranged AOE with an extremely short effective cooldown (rune regeneration time). Just make sure you go unholy presence for the run speed and 10% faster rune regen.
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Re: Last boss of Black rock caverns - On heroic

Postby kurtizzle » Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:21 am

Went for the achieve on this boss last night.

Marked each add with a differen't color, had our hunter take one, mage take another and the DK take the last one.

First attempt went really well, I told the healer (he was random, so was the DK, others were guild members)to stand near me to avoide the adds.

That was mistake number 1, he was eating thunderclaps and I thought he was out of range, but he blindly did as he was told. My bad, but some people need to learn how to adapt a plan on the fly.

So on the first attempt the healer D/C'd I died when the boss was at 17%, solo'd him from 50% but I wasn't in my WoG duel spec.

Attempt two, healer stayed out of thunder, mage and hunter never got any stacks what so ever, but the DK somehow died. He obviously didn't quite understand what kiting means. However, the mage and hunter told me about the aggro swaping, they was able to exchange the adds and kept a well placed frost trap inbetween them. Next time I'll just try it with 2 DPS on adds and heal/tank/DPS kill group over by the magma on the right!

Anyone like to add any info?
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