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Tanking weapon Dps and Speed

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Tanking weapon Dps and Speed

Postby Quacky » Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:29 pm

Hello Maintankadin,

I am returning to wow after a long needed break and I'm hoping someone can catch me up to speed on tanking weapon dps and speed needed for best threat. I do see some wow 3.x posts on this but nothing wow 4.x as of yet. So my question is pretty simple, how important is weapon dps and speed for our tanking rotations in terms of how they compare with tanking threat stats such as exp/hit/stam/strength?

From Theck's thread, I am estimating exp/hit/stam/strength to be 24/16/13.5/12 normalized to 1/.666/.562/.5.
Would anyone know how much dps and speed would compare in this context if we convert them? I apologize if it will not matter in the end (for example: every weapon with higher dps would have higher stats). Since I do not know much of game yet upon returning, I am gathering information to provide context.

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Re: Tanking weapon Dps and Speed

Postby theckhd » Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:26 am

The weapon comparison in my thread should answer all of the questions you have. In general, a higher ilvl weapon will make a bigger difference than any part of the weapon's stat distribution. A slower weapon is also better, as 0.2 speed is roughly equivalent to 13 ilvls as far as DPS is concerned.

So 13 ilvls = 0.2 speed > hit/exp/sta/str/agi
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