[10man] 4 winds

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[10man] 4 winds

Postby Rokh » Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:42 am

So after lol 1 shotting that stupid pvp boss, my guild took a shot at 10man 4 winds with some success.

The strat we tried was this.

Nature boss
-tank healer starts here, just mills around

Ice boss
-Entire raid except 1 dps here

wind or wtf ever he is
-we just stuck 1 shadow priest here

After the pull, everyone Dps's their boss like normal.. as soon as the nature boss casts "nurture" we had everyone on the nature platform, and everyone on the frost platform switch. This would clear all the frost debuffs, and allow the entire raid to kill the adds quick on the nature platform.

After downing the adds, we do a 2nd full switch of the nature and frost platforms.. this is just a millisecond before the massive AoE, allowing the frost platform to live.

as soon as the AoE finishes, we do ANOTHER full switch lol... at that point the core of the raid is on nature, we lust and burn him down...

at this time, frost and air are both at around 20%.

we have our melee finish off frost, and the ranged run over to air.

That is the strat we are currently practing. we have come very close to a kill with this.. but i was just wondering if anyone is doing something different or maybe easier.
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby DJSticky » Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:11 pm

We pulled our first night of raiding last night. I feel pretty confidant that we will kill them tonight. Here is the strat we were using.
I'm going to copy paste an abilities list from our guild forums so this makes more sense.

Throne of the Four Winds - Conclave of Wind

3 djinns - 1 platform..err wrong game (3 platforms). Raid members can jump between platforms (west to north, north to east)
Must have someone engaged with all 3 djinn at all times
Must be killed within 1 minute of each other
All 3 have an "unleash" phase which they cast simultaneously when they reach 90 (?100) energy (about every 2 min)

Nezir/Frost/North Platform

* Wind Chill—Deals 4750 to 5250 Frost damage to all enemies within 100 yards and increases all Frost damage taken by 10% for 30 sec. Stacks.
* Permafrost—Channels a blast of Frost at Nezir's current target, dealing 9500 to 10500 Frost damage per second in a cone towards that target for 3 sec.
* Ice Patch—Deals 7125 to 7875 Frost damage per second to all enemies within 20 yards, slowing their movement speed by 10% . This effect stacks. Lasts 3 sec.
* Sleet Storm—Cast at full energy, Deals 28500 to 31500 Frost damage per second to all targets within 100 yards. This damage is divided among all targets. Lasts 15 sec.
* 500% slow if no one is engaged

Appears to be tank and spank, moving out of the ice abilities. There is a stacking debuff on everyone on the platform which appears to be designed to force position swithcing. Seems like a good time to switch is during the Sleet Storm but wasn't mentioned in any videos I saw so I'm not sure if something prevents movement during this time. In any case the frost djinn's unleash ability is a split blizzard so all available dps need to be back on this platform to split the damage

Anshal/Life/West Platform

* Soothing Winds—Summons an area of calm winds (Green circle) on a random friendly target. This area heals all allies for 20000 per second. Any enemies within the area are silenced an pacified while they remain inside the area. This effect lasts for 30 sec.
* Nurture—Summons a Ravenous Creeper nearby every second for 5 sec. Ravenous Creepers have Toxic Spores.
* Toxic Spores—Spores errupt from the caster every second for 5 seconds, afflicting all enemies within 8 yards with a deadly toxin. This toxin deals 500 Nature damage per second for 5 sec and can stack up 25 times.
* Zephyr—Cast at full energy, heals all allies within 100 yards for 25000 health per second. In addition, these targets will also gain 15% increased damage for 15 sec. This effect stacks.
* 100% healing debuff if no one engaged

Drops a self healing circle on the ground that looks a lot like efflorescence - needs to be moved out of this. Also very important that the boss is kept away from the middle or else it will cause the boss to heal for a lot during the unleash phase. Summons flower adds that can be tanked and cause a stacking debuff so this platform needs to be dps heavy during that phase. Unleash ability heals allies and also buffs the boss for 15 seconds (tank cd time).

Rohash/Wind/East Platform

* Slicing Gale—Cast instead of melee-ing. Fierce winds slice through a random enemy target, dealing 11875 to 13125 Nature damage, increasing Nature damage they receive by 5% for 30 sec. This effect stacks.
* Wind Blast—Spins slowly around the platform, blasting the area in front of the caster every second. Any enemies caught within this area are dealt 9500 to 10500 Nature damage and knocked back 200 yards. Lasts 10 sec.
* Tornado—Summons 3 tornados nearby. These tornados move around the area randomly, dealing 38000 to 42000 Nature damage to any enemies that get within 10 yards of them, knocking them back.
* Hurricane—Cast at full energy, Creates a huge vortex of wind, catching all nearby enemies and launching them into the air. Anyone caught by the vortex will take 2500 Nature damage per second for 15 sec. At the end of this effect, affected targets will be dropped out of the air, resulting in additional falling damage.
* Raidwide silence if no one engaged

Appears to be the easiest to manage. Does not require a melee tank, and may be sufficient to keep a solo healer on the platform or a self healing ranged class. There is a stacking damage debuff however that may require some type of switch.

Overall Strategy
Regular Phase

* West - 1 tank, 1 healer, most of the dps
* North - 1 tank, 1 healer
* East - 1 healer, ?1 dps

Unleash Phase

* West - 1 tank, 1 healer
* North - 1 tank, 1 healer, most of the dps
* East - 1 healer
* Tanks probably need to switch here and a the east platform probably needs to switch as well

edit: found one source that said you could not switch platforms during the unleash phase. Also said that a single healer and tank could swap simultaneously without causing them to drop out of combat.

Grid Auras

* Wind Chill
* Toxic Spores
* Slicing Gale

Afflict Lock tank and 1 healer on Wind platform.

Myself on Frost platform with 3 healers.

Warrior on Life with 3 healers.

We all start out on the Frost platform and do as much damage as possible without BL/TW until the first set of adds is about to pop on the life platform. At that point all the melee goes to Life and ranged goes to Wind.

The Life platform is simply kill adds, make sure they don't sit in the green circles that the boss drops then DPS boss. The challenge there is when adds spawn in a circle and you have to go get them out.

Hopefully some one can shed some light on what goes on for the Wind platform, some sort of warlock shenanigans. I know they move around the platform to avoid a wind blast a la Lurker. Also I know if they screw up we all get silenced and sad.

Frost platform is pretty boring for me. I start normal Wings AS etc etc. I do two rotations of ShoTR with Seal of Truth up. At that point it's a few seconds to dps switching away and I have a good threat lead anyway. I switch to Seal of Insight and just CS/Judge Wog for my finisher 100% of the time. I am WoG spec and glyphed WoG, SoI, DS. He does drop ice patches which you should move from but that is not a huge issue. The difficult part here is managing your CDs and healers for the growing stacks of Wind Chill. Each stack of Wind Chill you take increases your frost damage taken by 10% (stacking of course. It can be cleared by bubble and there is some talk about properly timing AMS to let it fall off (did not try the AMS method).

My plan last night that worked very well was this. Just eat the permafrost up to 80%-100% +Frost dmg and WoG only to top myself off prior to him casting Permafrost or after the first tick hits(Permafrost—Channels a blast of Frost at Nezir's current target, dealing 9500 to 10500 Frost damage per second in a cone towards that target for 3 sec.). I let the healers top me off otherwise and just use WoG to counteract the burst from the Permafrost. Once you get up to 70%-100% +Frost this is hitting for 50-60k a tick.

So, an over all look real quick. As you are damaging the bosses they are powering up, when they reach 100% power they do an ability that we call the "unleash". I don't know what it does on the other platforms but there is some reason why you don't want to be there. On the Frost platform the unleash is: Sleet Storm—Cast at full energy, Deals 28500 to 31500 Frost damage per second to all targets within 100 yards. This damage is divided among all targets. Lasts 15 sec.

Every one comes back from the other platforms except the tanks and healers. All DPS then DPSs the Frost boss during the Unleash. This will repeat several times. I just build HoPo during the first Unleash because he will cast Permafrost directly after finishing his unleash at by the first Unleash you will have 70-80% + frost.

Ok back to me, now after the second unleash your +frost damage taken is getting scary. My healers are very good at keeping me up however if I feel a bit iffy (not topped all the way off) going into a permafrost I will use DS. If I have not had to use DS and I am at 150%+Frost I will just bubble it off and go again. After that it is pretty much a game of using your WoG at the right time, DS at the right time (it will come around several times if you have to use it early, and some times I use it early simply because I know it will be up when I'm reaching crazy stacks of Windchill). I have been trying to save my GoAK until after I have used my bubble and I am back at 140+Frost damage however some times you get RNGed and get a frost patch under you, not topped all the way 100+ stacks and you just have to use it. I've found that AD is absolutly useless for this because there are multiple ticks and while you survive the first one they come so fast that you will most likely die anyway. I still hit it out of habit and who knows it might help me out but it's not OP for this like glyphed DS is. Also the new Health Stones are very nice if you let two ticks go off and then use it, same for LoH let a tick or two go off and then use it.

That's all I can think off offhand, I am sure that I am missing a few parts of the strat here but if you are tanking Frost it should give you some insight into what I've been doing. We hit enrage multiple times last night and had all mobs below 10% just as many times so I believe the strat will work for us.

Feel free to share what works for you and what does not work for you. All criticism will be ignored. (jk)
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby DJSticky » Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:19 am

Update and slight strat change.

He was slain tonight for a server first. We made some very slight changes in DPS cycling and dropped a healer.

The DPS movement went as follows:

All DPS starts out on my platform (Frost). When adds are near spawning on Life the Melee transitions over to Life. Shortly after the ranged transitions to Wind. We also had a boomkin go feral to help with rounding up the adds and off tanking them to help keeping them out of the healing circles .

I follow my normal cycle except I bubble my stacks and start using my CDs much earlier. I use DS at about 80%, GoAK the next permafrost about halfway through (so it is still running for the next), and bubble the stacks off at 100 or 110.

Just before the 3rd unleash the feral comes from life to frost and taunts Frost off me, I jump to life, whack the boss and WoG people. I come back to frost as soon as my stacks are gone. For this round the warrior picks up the adds himself as I cannot be bothered with such menial tasks and prefer to jump and flash heal people. (Just kidding I want to get back to frost asap and leave before the adds spawn).

By the 4th unleash it is burn time and ALL dps goes to life to kill it first (this way it cannot heal). Then they come to frost and go from frost to kill wind last.

All in all this worked very well for us and we finished him 10-20 seconds before the enrage with I think one or two DPS dead at some point. It's worth noting that I keep a soul stone on me because if I do end up dying due to the druid getting caught up or something strange happening, it is not hard at all to soul stone up, taunt immediately and then rebuff. In fact before we had the druid go feral my healers and I were using my death as part of the strat. We never lost any one to boss melee due to me dying. However with the 3rd tank it was a non issue.

As you know I tank frost however it seems that life does some sort of angry things that require cool down use by either the tank or a healer. Not sure what it is but I'll ask the warrior tomorrow and update.

The loot he dropped was very strange to me. It was 359 but all stats like crit and dodge were not "Equip:" stats they were white just like the int and str. He did drop a tank belt but sadly it was almost exactly the same as the crafted epic one I use except it had a red socket and a bit more str.
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby Belloc » Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:38 am

I believe they drop randomly generated epics. Or, at least, some of it is randomly generated.
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby Boèndal » Tue Dec 14, 2010 2:13 am

The life djinn receives a dmg increasing buff after every ultimate for about 15 seconds and you have to use cooldowns. Thats also the reason to kill the adds asap because otherwise they would also heal up and get that dmg buff if they live during the ultimate. Those adds are cc'able and i believe you have to kite them because of http://www.wowhead.com/spell=93121 and let the ranged dps kill them.

Our 10m kill setup included 3 ranged dps & 2 melee. Melees were alternating between air & frost for the ultimate and ranged between frost & life to kill the adds. Both tanks switched just before every ultimate to clear stacks of http://www.wowhead.com/spell=84645 . After Air & Frost were around 3% all dps went to the life plattform and started dps'ing adds & boss (i beliefe dotlock & sp did it before and was just enough to reduce him for about 3-5% every ultimate rotation). The next ultimate only one holy pala and i were on the frost plattform and bubbled to avoid the massive ultimate dmg just on 2 persons^^ dps were nuking life one with heroism up - i switched to air to help our holy priest to finish him off :o
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby pfunkmort » Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:07 am

our 25 raid went in there sort of blind but we were able to get it.

we ended up with 7 healers.

We started with 3 rogues, a dk, ret and disc/resto drood on wind. bear tank and three healers on frost, all others and ranged (2 healers) on nature. The basic idea was that at the pull, nature could be dpsed to about 60%, and the adds killed (we used three tanks) after being kited out of the healing void by our adds tank (melee CAN attack them, but not during the x second long eruption they do - as they'll get lolowned - so usually they'd stay on the boss until then). Once the adds are down, the adds tank and healers swap with the frost set, to reset the debuff obtained on frost. all dps follow over to frost, along with all but the resto druid/2 rogues from wind. The froster lash is then eaten by the raid and the dps go back to nature to deal with the adds again. wind set go back to wind. once the adds are dead, the first frost tank and healers went back to swap with the adds tank and his healers (thus ending at their original starting positions). then dps go frost. rinse repeat. our dps was such that after two-three adds phases nature was at ~10% and with lust frost was burned down to that as well. wind, left mostly alone, was able to whittle down on its own, and after it died, dps finished off the other two.

I had a disc priest coming to nature for me every other zephyr phase, so I could alternate goak and ps, with a sac from a pally healer for the second half of each enrage, thus eating the damage from nature.

I think basically the dps requirement for this fight will become increasingly trivialized with gear, and even a 25 man raid in only heroic 5 man gear should be able to nuke the adds with a lot of leeway of where people go, or what classes are available, etc.

big points though are -

adds have to die at nature, melee can't really spend too much time dpsing them
nothing can stay in the healing circle of suck (it acts as a pacify as well...and come to think of it, I was getting silenced once nature finished casting his
zephyr - so I was popping my goak about 2 seconds before the cast ended)
after the enrage - nature starts hitting for 100k without a cd (for about 15 seconds)
saberlash has to be eaten during the enrage at frost by most of the raid, and the people there need to sub out to reset their debuff (they can't just sit at the platform the
whole fight
wind has a number of knockdown attacks, and no real aggro table
they have to die at similar times
everything mentioned in previous posts

edit - about the random enchant...we got two tanking plate belts. both with the str/stam of the crafted one and a socket, then one belt had 160dodge/160 parry. and one had 160 dodge/160 mastery. I think it's only quasi-random. bye bye str/spirit
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby mosa » Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:23 am

For those of you that are swapping tanks between nature and frost, do you just have both people swap at the exact same time and deal with the fact that no one is on them for the time it takes to cross the distance?
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby Rokh » Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:29 am

yep, you dont get more than 1 second of the debuffs if the swap is timed right....
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby 2Cute2BeStr8 » Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:06 am

Rokh wrote:The strat we tried was this.

wind or wtf ever he is
-we just stuck 1 shadow priest here

I was wondering how viable it was for your shadowpriest to be by himself over there? I mean we did it on 10 man with a destro lock and a resto druid over there ( resto druid did some dps)

However, if the shadowpriest could do it by himself it would totally either free up a healer spot or give us another dps spot.

I mean we killed it pretty easy, but it would make it even easier if we could just stick one person on wind . Only problem I see with one person on wind, is if that person sucks it up you wipe no matter what.
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby Astronomic » Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:09 pm

make ur destro lock go afflcition to heal themself if you wanna free up a healer
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby DJSticky » Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:34 pm

Also my bad I didn't realize this was for 10man. My info was on 25 however I'm sure some of it translates.
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby Sala » Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:14 pm

10man 11 dec (world 170)

we had problems with the wind boss(first solo afli lock then a shaman- no succes) and ended up putting 2 dps and an offspec resto druid on it. dps would swap to frost when he was about to reach 80 energy(soak/share frost aoe), after that they jumped back to wind.

Frost: me and a holy paladin stayed on this platfarm until boss died. we had rest dps on him until nature called for help on adds. they would then jump to that plat farm and smash the adds and jump back,(clearing debuff aswell)

Nature: not sure wasnt there but seemed rather easy, the tank walked around the edge of the platfarm so the healings rings on the ground never would apear in the middle for hes "ultimate".

when frost was on 55%(wind should have little more) we called all our dps(from frost) to nature and popped hero and burned as much as posible. when frost reached 80 energy we called all back to share Frost AoE. when nature died- dps, tank and healer from nature jumped to frost which were burned to 10%(55-10% in the swaps to soak Aoe)
we then killed last 10% and jumped to wind which should be around dead at that time.

I and the other Paladin Bubblecleared our debuff at 180% increased frost dmg.
we also tried to never position ourself near the center of the frost platfarm, becouse we did not want any of the "frost field" to be there and by that having some dps beeing unable to dps him during hes "ultimate"

Sala - (hate explaining myself in written words, much better when explained verbal:)
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby Aramadin » Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:09 pm

Surely you guys are talking about Divine Protection with he magic reduction glyph, right?
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby Arianne » Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:27 pm

No. Divine Shield removes the stacks of the frost debuff (or did last time I did it).
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby Chicken » Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:44 pm

Belloc wrote:I believe they drop randomly generated epics. Or, at least, some of it is randomly generated.
They do yes. The sockets on the items are fixed, but anything else is randomly generated. The epics can spawn with any of the new suffixes Cataclysm added as appropriate to the item (That is, cloth can't spawn with strength or agi based ones, plate can't spawn with the agi based ones, leather and mail can't spawn with the strength based ones); they'll all follow the +stam, +primary stat, +rating, +rating design (Which is counting spirit as a rating, though spirit will only ever spawn on items with intellect, much like expertise will never spawn on items with intellect).
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