Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Braundo » Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:48 am

I've always just used the number pad for target markers and such things. There may be a more efficient way, but it's not like I need the number pad digits for anything else.
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Palisade » Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:47 am

Braundo wrote:I've always just used the number pad for target markers and such things. There may be a more efficient way, but it's not like I need the number pad digits for anything else.

That's a good idea!

/stolen! :lol:
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Aranbenjo » Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:22 am

i use a general set up for all my toons.
main abilities bound to 1-5 and q-t (i dont use keybind for movement, only directional arrow if needed).
1 and q are main abilities (CS, HotR) 1-5 are single target rotation or procs. q-t aoe rotation or proc.
CC and taunt are in F1-F4.
backspace and ALT,SHIFT, CTRL combination are reserved for self protection.

trinkets and activables are on SHIFT+(F5-F8)

the rest is dispersed on the keyboard (logitech g11)
Mouse is used for moving backward and forward and rotation and strafing.
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby ck5uperman » Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:55 pm

I am reworking my keybindings and was testing out using the ALT key. I noticed that I was alt-tabbing out of game way to often. To summarize;

WARNING: The use of the ALT key may lead to unexplained deaths, wipes and/or lost aggro.
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Ryyu » Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:27 am

1 Judge
2 Crusader strike
3 Avengers shield
4 Hammer of the Rightous
5 Empty (for cata)
F Consecrate
G Freedom
C Salv
X Protection
V Mount
CTRL 1 Hammer of wrath
CTRL 3 Divine Protection
CTRL 4 Hand of reckoning
CTRL 5 you know... i cant remember...
Shift 1 Word of Glory
Shift 2 Divine plea
Shift 3 Lay on hands
Shift 4 Healing hands soon.
Mouse wheel up Holy wrath
Mouse wheel down Shield of the righteous
CTRL Mouse wheel up cleanse
CTRL Mouse wheel down Cata move
Shift Mouse wheel up Flash Of Light
Shift Mouse wheel down Holy light
Middle mouse Argent defendor
Mouse 3 Trinkets
Mouse 4 Hammer of justice
f2 war stomp
f3 Seal 1
f4 Seal 2
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Torakka » Fri Dec 03, 2010 12:34 pm

I want to have the most used skills bound to buttons which are easy to reach and similar skills preferably either bound to nearby buttons or same button with different modifiers. As Cata increased the amount of those often used skills, I decided to bind movement to ESDF in order to increase the amount of buttons available nearby. I also wanted to have as much "clean" screen-space as possible, thus binding almost every skill and hiding most action bars.


e -- forward
d -- backwards
s -- strafe left
f -- strafe right
mouse4 -- autorun
1 -- mount macro

Offensive abilities:

w -- Crusader Strike
q -- Hammer of the Righteousness
r -- Shield of Righteousness
g -- Avenger's Shield
mouse5 -- Judgement
shift + g -- Consecration
a -- Holy Wrath
t -- Hammer of Wrath
shift + mouse5 -- Exorcism
shift + w -- Hammer of Justice
3 -- Righteous Defence
4 -- Hand of Reckoning

Defensive cooldowns:

h -- Divine Protection
shift + h -- Ardent Defender
v -- Word of Glory
shift + v -- Lay on Hands
z -- Guardian of Ancient Kings (when it is available)
5 -- macro that uses both trinkets
x -- human racial
< -- Health Stone (that button is between 'z' and 'shift' in Finnish keyboard)
c -- Divine Shield
b -- Hand of Protection

Miscellaneous cooldowns:

shift + q -- Divine Plea
shift + r -- Inquisition (when available)
j -- Hand of Freedom
shift + j -- Hand of Sacrifice
shift + b -- Hand of Salvation
shift + z -- Divine Guardian
shift + a -- Avenging Wrath
mouse3 -- Turn Evil (pressing scroll, that is)

Seals & heals:

shift + 2 -- Seal of Righteousness
shift + 3 -- Seal of Truth
shift + 4 -- Seal of Insight
shift + 5 -- Seal of Justice
y -- Holy Light
shift + y -- Divine Light
n -- Holy Radiance (when available)
shift + n -- Flash of Light
2 -- Cleanse ... /ezarioth/ -retired, maybe this time for real...
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby mclem » Mon Dec 06, 2010 4:06 am

I'm toying with the idea of switching from WASD to ESDF to give me a few more keys to work with. Something I was thinking about - do we actually need Cleanse any more? It's been mentioned that all of the "YOU MUST REMOVE THIS OR DIE" debuffs are going to be magic, hence the healers all being given access to that, but that does make me wonder if there's any significant debuffs which *aren't* magic and so having the tank able to quickly cleanse them would make things a lot easier.
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