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[A] Muradin | <ShadowRaven>| Cata recruitment

Postby Minibell » Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:46 am

Guild: <ShadowRaven>
Website: http://www.shadowraven.org/
Faction: Alliance
Progression: 11/12 Hardmodes in ICC 25
Raiding Times:
4-Night M/W/Th - 8:30pm ST - midnight ST, Sunday: 7:30 ST - 11pm ST
2-Night F/Sat – 8:30pm ST – midnight ST

Current Openings:
4-Night: All classes
2-Night: All classes

<ShadowRaven> is now recruiting for both our weekday and weekend 25-man raid teams going into Cataclysm. We are a progression oriented guild with a large friends and family contingent running two distinct raid groups and setting up PVP and battleground teams. First and foremost, this is a progression guild. We have a strong friends and family group and often have 30+ people online on non-raiding nights. It’s really the best of both worlds: A top ranked raiding guild, that is built on the foundation of our social interaction and friendships. It's that type of foundation makes raiding more focused and more enjoyable for everyone involved. We recruit active, social players who are around for more than just their raid nights.

Historically, <ShadowRaven> has been an active Alliance guild since Muradin first opened, and ended both BC and Wrath of the Lich King as the top Alliance side guild in terms of progression, with every intent on continuing this trend. Our experience as serious end-game raiders with focus on progression offers us the unique ability to apply the lessons learned over the past 5 years to a larger group of core raiders, but not lose sight of the friendly guild nature. While most other guilds will be looking to shift from a 25-man raiding core to either 2x ten man groups, or a 25-man plus 10-man group, we are looking to expand and bring the end-game experience to a larger group of committed Muradin raiders, while still maintaining the social guild environment we are known for.

All guild rules and regulations will be applied across both groups, including those that deal with raiding expectations, loot distribution and behavior.

What we are looking for:
i. Energetic, fun, friendly people that enjoy both the social and team oriented aspects of the game, we're looking for good
fits for the guild, more than just solid raiders
ii. People that spend time both in-game and out-of-game to maximize their class' potential
iii. Mature, focused, consistent and prepared individuals that come to raids with their own resources
iv. Individuals committed to level quickly after Cataclysm is released. <ShadowRaven> was raiding OS/Naxx25 the following
week after the WotLK release
v. What we are NOT looking for are loot whores, drama queens, tunnelers, and guild hoppers.

Just Some of the Benefits of Raiding with ShadowRaven:
i. raiding in one of the top guilds on the server
ii. consistently seeing end game content regardless of expansion
iii. raiding in an environment that pushes the boundaries of your own abilities, and helps you become better as an
individual and team player
iv. being in the oldest and most stable guild on Muradin
v. raiders receive a monetary supplement of all guild sales based on attendance (which means, you get Paid to Raid!)

If you want to be a part of this dynamic and friendly environment, visit http://www.ShadowRaven.org
Read the “Welcome WoW players! PLEASE READ.” post
Read all of the posts in the Recruitment forum
Contact Nucken/Siccario or Idis/Minibell during non-raid times, or send PMs to either Nuckenfutz or Minibell on the forums
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