South/North Korean incident.

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Re: South/North Korean incident.

Postby Fridmarr » Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:33 pm

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Re: South/North Korean incident.

Postby Arnock » Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:02 pm

I lol'd
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Re: South/North Korean incident.

Postby Dantriges » Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:53 pm

Fivelives wrote: But on the "what if?" front - who says China wouldn't be willing to hit the "stocks fall, everybody dies" button and reset the global economy if things look dire for them?

Thy need the rest as much as the rest needs China. They wouldn´t get auch a big number of investments, resources, know how and companies going into China as last time. Which means they can´t just rebuild so fast like they built up their economy the first time. I don´t think many companies would go there, they screwed over a lot of foreign investors, stealing technology and other knowhow, showing them the door after they are done. There were quite a few companies who regretted jumping onto the Chia craze, and they won´t do it a second time, investing money, personnel and what else there, especially after China destroyed the world economy. And their power is economic. They would lose all these lovingly crafted relationships to secure resources they need.

The chinese government loves having money as much as every one else. They more or less know that everyone loses big time if the world economy goes down and it´s not sure that China will float on top in the ensiuing chaos.
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Re: South/North Korean incident.

Postby Dorvan » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:33 am

Fivelives wrote:Kinda like Korea vs Korea, eh? And China's hijacking of internet traffic and attempts to force Google to release private information. But on the "what if?" front - who says China wouldn't be willing to hit the "stocks fall, everybody dies" button and reset the global economy if things look dire for them?

It's much better to be one of the top two economies in a vibrant global economy than the unquestioned leader in one that's been set back several decades. Economics is not a zero sum game...China isn't stupid.

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Re: South/North Korean incident.

Postby Fetzie » Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:44 am

story regarding NK, china, SK and the US in the wake of these wikileaks. definitely an interesting read.
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Re: South/North Korean incident.

Postby valura » Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:55 am

Regarding the honoration of the US/SK treaty, and the deployment of a US Carrier Group to the area, is there any more information available about the militarized pressure being put on NK?

There was indeed talk about a Carrier Group, which will obviously be compromised from vessels belonging to the 7th Fleet, but I am curious to see which Taskforce(s) was sent to the area.

Also the (re-)deployment of B-2 and F-117 stealth bombers to bases as Diego Garcia and Guam, could shed a light on US determination to get involved.

As for the offensive prowess it is confirmed the George Washington (VCN-73) steamed up to SK, with an estimated CSG (Carrier Strike Group) compromised of 2 Cruisers, 2 Warships, 2 Destroyers/Frigates, and an unknown number of support vessels (LHD, LPD, Subs, NECC and other support vessels).

The combined tactical striking power displayed by 1 CSG is thus far unmatched by any conventional army, since both armament, range and speed (in times of battle readiness) of a CSG is superior.

When calculating the addition of B-2 and/or F-117 within striking distance (if supported by an Air Refueling Squadron as usual) the striking capabilies are multiplied by an unknown, but significant factor.

Based on the premise that the Chinese government knows exactly where US naval forces are at any given time (and the numbers), as well as possible deployment of Stealth Fighers/Bombers, one could easily surmise that they have to talk to save face, but it is very clear that NK is considered to be the proverbial gangrenous limb, which should be cut of, with the wound cauterized. They for obvious reasons cannot condemn or disavow NK in public, as such a thing would contradict everything they "supposedly stand for... After all, it is clear that China is no longer a communist country an sich, but has evolved into a state-conctrolled/organised capitalism. The rigid ways of NK might give some older Chinese statesmen the feel that Communism as they knew it will exist forever (even if it be in the reservation that NK is these days), although reality in China itself contradicts it.

IMO the Chinese will keep it mellow, and will in time let NK roast in the fire, after they used every possible peaceful solution (lots and lots of talking), cause at this point NK is a relic from the past which costs the Chinese Government a lot of money, and support, since none Chinese people give a rat's ass about NK...
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