Race choice for tankadin in Cata

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Re: Race choice for tankadin in Cata

Postby allikat » Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:17 pm

Meh, it's all much of a muchness really.
Human's racial CD can be effectively (and very easily) replaced by using a PvP +hit or +stam trinket with the ability built in.
The Dwarven and Draino racial CD's are less easy to replace with a trinket or proc, with the dwarven racial easiest pre-cata, the 4 piece set bonus on tank plate does near enough the same thing.

The +expertise with sword/axe from human+dwarf are nice, and enough to reduce need for expertise gems, but limit your choices of weapons. And when that really nice tank weapon drops that isn't in your racial bonus, what do you do then? Drop a stam gem for exp/stam to make up the difference?
The Draino racial has to be the best of the bunch, +1% hit full time, major bonus for a tank, with no limit on which weapon you use to get it.

TL;DR, from a stats perspective, it's Draenei, but from lore/rp/fun/not looking like a renegade smurf or Na'vi, it has to be human or dwarf.

Edit: It seems I've accidentally renamed the Draenei after a well known drain cleaning product in most of this post... can you tell I don't like them much?
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