searching formulas and stuff

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searching formulas and stuff

Postby elword » Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:23 am

Hello guys

im new here and i hope im in the right board for some questions and stuff

im searching for

sotr forumula for 4.0.3 lvl80 and scaling calculation for 1hopo 2 hopo 3 hopo

for exampel the old scaling was

20% attackpower
60% attackpower
120% attackpower

the new is like basing on ap but i cant find any formular :(

sta formular lvl85 1 sta=hp?
agi formular lvl85 1 agi=crit and dodge
strength formular lvl85 1 strength= ap and parry
armor cap lvl 85 i read it on elitist about 97k but i cant belive it
resi cap lvl85 frost fire arcan shadow nature etc

and something about weapon enchants, whats the best some exampels over?

for me im think mongose will crap in cata bladewarding maybe really stronger?


ok so far thats all for this time :P hope some one can help me

btw thanks to theck what he doing for the paladins :!:
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Re: searching formulas and stuff

Postby Neptuno » Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:09 am

the scaling for 3 HoPo is supposed to be 60% AP (so half of old) for SHoR

for cata leveling, weapon enchants are trivial... and at 85 the cata enchants will be better.

as for formulas, most of this is on patch notes but here you go: 1 sta = 14hp then is modified by spec/armor specialization (i think)

other ratings are listed on EJ: ... cataclysm/

basically rating for 1% or 1 point at 80 multiplied by 3.91 is the rating needed for the same values at 85.

Warriors, Paladins, and Death Knights now all get 25% Strength as Parry Rating as a base skill, with all decimals floored.

and yes armor cap is 75% at 97717.5 armor
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Re: searching formulas and stuff

Postby elword » Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:42 am

thanks for awnser dude!

so is the skalig for exampel

1 HoPo + 60% AP
2 HoPo + 2x60% AP
3 HoPo + 3x60% AP

is this right?

yeah thanks but i cant see the exact ratings with Stamina

so i got one question more over DR because im not sure

Parry and Dodge got the same DR now so my question at wich point is a DR?

for exampel

20% Dodge 20% Parry no DR

25% Dodge 25% Parry DR is now activ
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