Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

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Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Kalsofar » Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:35 pm


Ever since I created my Paladin, I've pretty much been tanking by clicking on the spells on my action bars. But my friend warned me that I've developed an "action bar stare" and that I should start using key bindings instead for more situational awareness.

Any suggestions on how to what keys to bind? (Especially with regards to Avenger's Shield and Hammer of the Righteous).


(New to maintankadin)
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby KysenMurrin » Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:36 am

What keys you bind abilities to are very much a personal preference thing. Try to avoid using 6+ on the number keys for stuff you use a lot because they require stretching if you're on WASD movement, remember you can use shift/ctrl/alt modifiers for extra buttons, and just work out what feels best for you.

I've developed a pattern with my own keybinds which carries across all of my characters. Procs tend to go on F (except for a couple cases; Avenger's Shield was here before it was a proc, because it's easy to hit F while running in), big (often targetted) AoE on T, other AoE on 1 (HotR is now here), the main rotation being generally 2, 3, 4, (5,) E. But whatever people have keybound will tend to be idiosyncratic.
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Otuel » Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:01 am

My setup is similar. The differences will give you an idea of how it can vary based on play style.

2-5 are my main rotation. 1 is Hammer of the Righteous for trash. 5 is Avenger's Shield.

R is my main holy power dump (Shield of the Righteous) because that prime position is wasted on chat replies.

F and C are bound to my taunts.

I have a basic 5 button mouse so the top two have Hammer of Justice and Hammer of Wrath.

Hope that helps. It's what works best for you.

Otuel / Protection / Earthen Ring (US)
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby sculder » Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:13 am

KysenMurrin wrote:What keys you bind abilities to are very much a personal preference thing.

very true - I use the razer naga mouse, so most of my abilities are bound to 1-12, shift + 1-12 and ctrl + 1-12. If you're using a standard keyboard your main abilities should lie on the left side of the keyboard, if that wasn't obvious already :)
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Dechion » Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:30 am

I use pretty much the same theory of layout on all my characters.

Keys 1-6 are my primary abilities with F1-F6 being situationals and macros that I use often. Then again I play on a laptop so my F keys are nested right above the number keys and use my mouse for nothing but movement and targeting)

I suppose it all depends on the player.
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Kalsofar » Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:57 am

Thanks for all the replies! This will give me a good idea of where to start, though it will take a little getting used to.

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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Drobent » Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:18 am

I use 1 to 0 plus º and -, F1 to F6 plus Alt+Q, Alt+E, Alt+S and Alt+X

F1 to F6 are 'long' CDs, EMFH, Plea (Holy Radiance @85), AD, DivProt, LoH and DG. My rotation is in 1-5, I have the mount in 9, DS in 0 and HoReck in º. The 4 Alt+key are Hands: Freedom, Sacrifice, Salvation and Protection. 6-8 are "low used but still very useful" stuff; HoJ, Righteous Def and WoG.

I use [mod] macros in 1-5 to have more options without binding my adons to alt+1 to alt+6, because I'm used to autheal/cleanse using Alt+key when I'm holy, but with my warrior and my mage I have that extra binds apart, for AoE/procs/self buffs mostly.

I keep Alt+2 to be "the key proc", instaSlam or instaFrostfire Bolt, for example. 2 is the primary key always, Crusdader Strike, Frost Bolt, Raging Blow... And º is the key of mobility/reaction. I have a awesome macro on my warrior to charge, Intercept, Taunt or Intervene depending of what modifier I use when pressing º. When dpsing I mostly use it for the charge/intercept, and in my mage is for Impact. - is the Burst Key, Avenging wrath, Mirror Images, Death Wish...
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Soft » Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:49 pm

I mouse bind, mouse move, and keyboard strafe. It may not be the best set-up for tanking but it's something I've developed over the years as a healer and so it feels natural for me to play.

My binds are using a Logitech G5 mouse:

Side button 1: HotR
Side button 2: Judgment
Shift + side button 1: AS
Sift + side button 2: HW
Button 1: Taunt
Button 2: SotR
Shift + button 1: Wings
Shift + button 2: (open for trinkets and such when I have them...I'll probably bind some level 81-85 ability here)

I use clique for hover overs (hover macros would work similarly...I long as they'd allow for double binding the non-hover like clique does). Clique is bound to:

Front button: Salv
Back button: BoP
Top Button 1: HoF
Top Button 2: Righteous Defense
Shift + Front button: WoG
Shift + Back button: LoH

Keyboard has:

Strafes are on Q and E and I'm a heavy strafer. I only bind regularly used abilities to 1 through 4 because they're right above Q,W,E and the finger shift isn't much (people could probably bind more but l have teeny tiny hands and touching the 1 to 6 keys is a huge stretch).

1 - Consecrate
2 - Hammer of Justice
3 - Hammer of Wrath
4 - Crusader Strike (probably should be mouse bound but I got into a habit of having Devastate here on my warrior)
5 - WoG (keep it out of the way but close enough that I can kill a critter and instant holy-shield in-between pulls)
6 - Exorcism (something I only want to press if I really mean to use it but I want within reach when I do want to use it)
Shift + 1 - Argent Defender
Shift + 2 - Divine Guardian
Shift + 3 - Divine Plea
Shift + 4 - Health Pot
Shift + C - Warlock cookie
Shift + D - Divine Protection
Shift + B - Divine Shield
Shift + S - LoH
Shift + R - Resurrect

Not important to combat abilities are:

- - Kings
= - Might
\ - Seal of Truth
] - Eat
[ - Drink

I use the 10-key pad like so:

1 - Skull
2 - X
3 - Square
4 - Diamond
5 - Moon
6 - Circle
7 - Star
8 - Clear mark
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Shoul » Thu Nov 04, 2010 7:29 am

Key bindings will depend on your keyboard setup.

I use a keyboard with F keys very close to the numerics so I personally have linked 1-5 for damage abilities and F1-F5 for non-direct damage abilities such as stuns, trinkets and CDs. As any class there are at most 11 abilities you will use regularly, and doing this will keep them all in reach easily.

As for those less often needed: find a regularly used ability that's already in your current actions range (1-5 & F1-F5) and add SHIFT to the binding. It follows logic that shift makes an uppercase so the way I see it holding shift "uppercases" the ability. (example: Hand of Reconing -> Righetous Defense)

Doing this I have used only 11 keys (all of which are within a maximum of 2 inches from the furthest other binding). I have used this setup for PvP and it gives me great reaction timing. Again these are just my personal preferences and as with any keybindings it just takes practice and time to get good with them.
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby android » Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:52 pm

Logitech G13 + Ctrl/Alt buttons on my mouse along with macros for everything make most of what I want to do highly available.

The most important stuff is nomod, then the alt/ctrl mods for 2nd and 3rd choices.

I have HotR and CS on the same key, with HotR as the nomod key since multi targets are the most common case.

All my macros have /cleartarget and /targetenemy /startattack lines along with the major spell, so I can move on to the next target as soon as something dies just by tapping a key.

The hardest part is calming down and counting out Holy Power and then using SotR every time it is up.
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Kale » Tue Nov 16, 2010 3:04 am

My keybindings are a little odd in a few cases, but I'm so comfortable with them at this point that I don't particularly mind.



S+e-Holy Wrath
g-DS/cancelaura macro
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Vrimmel » Thu Nov 18, 2010 4:45 am


Forgot bubble which is 0. It's kind of a stretch, but I've had that keybind since I started playing wow and I can pretty much hit it on reflex.

My movement keys are a bit unusual, but this way it's pretty easy for me to move this way and use abilities at the same time. Index finger goes on strafe buttons and I can easily change direction since they are together and my 3rd to 5th fingers on the other buttons are always free to hit whatever button I like regardless of movement. I don't like WASD at all since it's allows so little freedom of motion for your fingers and your available buttons change too much depending on direction of on movement.

Edit: Forgot judgement, so thats
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Braundo » Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:59 am

I like being able to switch between CS and HotR easily and without futzing up my muscle memory, so I use a setup like this:

Q - HotR
1 - CS
2 - Judgement
3 - AS
4 - HW
5 - ShoR
6 - WoG

My basic rotation is 1-2-1-3-1 etc, and with HotR it's simply Q-2-Q-3-Q so my muscle memory treats it almost identically.
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Palisade » Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:26 am

Braundo wrote:I like being able to switch between CS and HotR easily and without futzing up my muscle memory, so I use a setup like this:

Q - HotR
1 - CS
2 - Judgement
3 - AS
4 - HW
5 - ShoR
6 - WoG

My basic rotation is 1-2-1-3-1 etc, and with HotR it's simply Q-2-Q-3-Q so my muscle memory treats it almost identically.

I have a similar thought process, but use Alt+2 for my Hotr and 2 for CS.

1 is AS, 2 is CS or Alt-2 for Hotr. 3 is Sotr with alt 3 as WoG. 4 is Holy Wrath with Alt-4 as hammer of wrath. 5 is wings and 6 is cons. 7 is bubble wall and 8 is ardent defender with 9 being bubble.
F1 to F5 are situational but often used procs, macros, etcetera. F3 is typically my Judge & Trinks macro. F4 is Divine Plea.

I still have WASD movement with QE for strafing, though I typically move with the mouse. I have a logitech, so some of my extra buttons are bound for auto run, mount or alt+mouse button for mounting.

I also have many things bound for unit frame clicks through Clique addon, like taunt or alt+click for BoP.
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Re: Your 4.0.1 Key bindings

Postby Brightsong » Fri Nov 19, 2010 11:57 pm

1 - Freedom
2 - Flash of Light
3 - AS
4 - HW
5 - Consecration
6 - HS/Pot macro
C - CS
s-C - Judgement
V - HotR
s-V - AW
B - Divine Sac
s-B - Guardian of Ancient Kings
Q - Arcane Torrent
s-Q - LoH
WASD - Movement
E - Divine Plea
s-E - Inquisition
R - Hand of Reckoning
s-R - Righteous Defense
T - HoW
s-T - Turn Evil
F - Divine Protection
s-F - Ardent Defender
G - SotR
s-G - WoG
X - focus macro
` - PVP trinket
Middle Mouse - HoJ

F1 - Hand of Salvation
F2 - Hand of Protection
F3 - Divine Shield

I find using 1 and 2 for frequently used special attacks is too cumbersome. I'm totally new to tanking though (mained a mage for wrath) and can't really find a good place for target marking keybinds. :(

I also click on decursive for dispels. <_<
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