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Race to 85...but wait..

SPOILERS Discussion about the Cataclysm Beta SPOILERS

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Re: Race to 85...but wait..

Postby Treck » Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:28 am

Its a good thing they are releasing the game before the servers really.
Should really have been something like they have the release of the game at one point, then a week later or so, the servers open up. That way everyone who wants to compete for it have a fair chance of doing so, and it doesnt make life annoying for people living in a bad place since they will have a whole week between when you can get the game, and when you have to have it installed to start playing.
While this would ruid the idea of midnight sales a bit, i think in the end it would be a lot more friendly towards the costumers, noone can whine that they didnt have a fair chance since they couldnt get the game in time.

Also, server first ach are not race specific, i think cata only brings class specific realm firsts.
With the exception beeing Worgens/Goblins (but you have to level from one, a racechange wont do it)
Dont even think theres a specific relam first lvl 85, but could be wrong on that part.
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Re: Race to 85...but wait..

Postby rodos » Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:19 pm

Nikachelle wrote:I'm IN LOVE with this announcement to pre-release the download for Cataclysm for pre-orders bought online and to activate it at midnight server time. Midnight server release time is 6 pm Monday evening for me, which means I'll be coming home from work on Monday, fresh and ready to play for hours EASILY. No getting drowsy for me a few hours in, since by the time I'll have been playing for six hours, it'll only THEN be midnight for me and six am server time. \o/

Australians (and other "Oceanic" types playing on US realms) get something similar. Launch time PST should be 6pm local time Tuesday for me. Theoretically my current project should have launched by then so I can stay up late without too much worry about work next day. Too bad I'm a contractor, so taking the following day off to play would be a rather expensive exercise.
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