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Postby Tuskies » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:44 am

Welcome to <FOR PONY> !

A late-night Horde reroll guild rolling onto the Sen-jin server on Dec 7th. We will not be rolling prior to Cata launch to ensure our Goblin brethren do not get left behind.

Our website (and application) can be found at: forpony.wowstead.com We are currently recruiting all specs / classes, active recruitment has just begun.

We started as a small group of friends who wanted to try new class/race combinations for Cataclysm and were unable to find a reroll guild that was going to raid late-night, so we decided to make our own. I am an experienced raid and guild leader, and we have some top tier talent here. We're going to be raiding only 3 nights a week but raid time is expected to be taken seriously. We intend on raiding 25-mans and are aiming to defeat heroic content with our main raid. We will be restricting how many of each class/spec we are accepting, with a balanced raid composition in mind, so apply early before your favorite class/spec is full.

Server Choice

We are rolling onto Sen'jin, a PVE server that is part of BG9 (Bloodlust). It is a CST server, hosted in Los Angeles, CA. It has a med-high population, with a solid economy and end-game raid scene.

Raid Times

Tues, Wed, and Thurs: 11pm - 2 am CST (server). That's 12 am - 3 am Eastern, 9 pm -12 am Pacific, and 3 pm - 6 pm (Wed-Fri) Eastern Australian.

These times are for the main raid only, even if you do not play late night and wish to join <FOR PONY>, feel free to put in an app. We will have other raids (alts, gdkp) running at earlier times. The specifics of the earlier / alt raids will be determined after the reroll.

Leveling and Transfer Policies

Leveling Policy - We are asking everyone to stay within 15 levels of the guild average. If the average is 35, we discourage you going past 50 or being below 20. We want to build a solid community and friendships, it's much harder to do if we can't group with each other because we are 40 levels apart. We plan on reaching 85 around mid-Feburary at the latest. Note: You will not be kicked or demoted for not playing during the holidays, we are an understanding group, just let us know in advance. In addition, with the leveling policy in mind, RAF and BoA's are highly discouraged as they contradict the goal of developing a community as we level together.

DK main or transfer a main? - Yes, however we are asking our DK's and anyone who wishes to transfer a partially leveled main to level an alt character until they reach the level of the main character. Example: I want to roll a DK, on Dec 7th I make a lvl 1 Warrior, I level my Warrior until the guild is around 55 and my Warrior is 55, now I switch to my DK and level my DK from 55-85 with the guild. The transfer policy only applies to those rerolling on or around Cata launch, we will open normal recruitment of transfers at a later date. Check back often for updates.

Do I need raid experience? - No. However, you must have a good attitude, be able to take constructive criticism, and be willing to improve. Regardless of if you are new to raiding or have been doing it for 5 years, you have to pull your weight. However, unlike many guilds we won't reject you because you say you are new to raiding.

Why do you have these polices? I've been a member of reroll guilds (successes and failures) prior to this one and have learned what it takes for a reroll guild to turn into a successful raiding guild. <FOR PONY> is going to be successful, it is just a question of; will you be a part of it?

TL:DR - Looking for a LATE NIGHT Cata reroll guild? Check out <FOR PONY> of Sen'jin at forpony.wowstead.com
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Re: [H-US] <FOR PONY> LATE NIGHT Cata Reroll

Postby Shoju » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:29 pm

Your guild leader had better be an undead warlock named Richard.
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Re: [H-US] <FOR PONY> LATE NIGHT Cata Reroll

Postby bldavis » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:44 pm

hmmm... maybe a time to roll a new druid...

troll or tauren? (i would be feral/feral most likely)

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