Me vs Ranged DPS - Winner is Ranged DPS [VIDEO]

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Me vs Ranged DPS - Winner is Ranged DPS [VIDEO]

Postby towelliee » Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:43 pm

We went into Naxx 25 just to fool around. As you can see the threat not really the damage being done by ranged dps is extremely high. 20k tps each at some point. This is only the first minute of the fight. I was using the normal new paladin tank rotation. Pull with AS > cs>j>cs>hw>cs>sotr etc. I missed one gcd of CS because of a shiny Grand Crusader proc but that is about it.

Some things to note:

- vengeance might not have been high enough because I took no damage so the Sotr crits were not as high.
- dps started too quickly? I don't know are we suppose to go to old school WoW in vanilla and wait 30 seconds?
- I did not get tricks. So should we always bring a rogue and a hunter to raid 5 mans for threat?

I had some good threat tonight but this maybe seemed a bit off.
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Re: Me vs Ranged DPS - Winner is Ranged DPS [VIDEO]

Postby Lionnis » Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:15 am

Hmm curious, can you post what gear, spec and glyphs were you using during this.
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Re: Me vs Ranged DPS - Winner is Ranged DPS [VIDEO]

Postby Rasmfrackn » Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:40 am

I only did one heroic last night, but my opening volley is nowhere near enough compared to my wife's warlock. She can pull off me after my opening and 2 CSs. Why? Probably because I don't get a ShoR for so long. She's not even spamming the easy-uber-dps searing pain option. :)

I also noticed that my dps on a target dummy is all of 1800... that's even lower than before. Obviously that's without vengeance, but that's how pulls start, eh? It does kinda feel like I need a Tricks or MD for a pull now. Or, the dps needs to give me a head start long enough to get my first ShoR off. It seems excessive.
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Re: Me vs Ranged DPS - Winner is Ranged DPS [VIDEO]

Postby anowyn » Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:46 pm

Burst damage out of elemental shaman is pretty unreal. Unless they wait several seconds, I lose threat easily. I also found out the mage I brought was critting for 55k on some hits. I was floored how fast heroic bosses were dying.

LFG is gonna take a huge hit in cata if heroic difficulty is still where people are reporting. The 90%-case DPS in LFG is completely undisciplined or too lazy to care.
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Re: Me vs Ranged DPS - Winner is Ranged DPS [VIDEO]

Postby Vrimmel » Tue Nov 09, 2010 5:36 pm

I know I'll only do guild runs in cata.
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Re: Me vs Ranged DPS - Winner is Ranged DPS [VIDEO]

Postby baleogthefierce » Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:44 am

As it is now, our burst threat is insufficient to have DPS start fights the way they used to do in 3.3.

We've been relying a tank taunt/burst rotation at the start of most fights to allow our DPS to go all out since we're running double Paladin tank and our burst threat is awful.

Tank 1 opens with glyphed AS
Hunters/Rogues transfer temporary threat to Tank 1
Tank 2 builds up a SD proc and 3HP, then taunts the boss, unloads a Wings+ShoR crit followed by a glyphed AS
Tank 1 taunts back after having built up his own SD proc and 3HP, unloads his Wings+ShoR crit followed by a glyphed AS

This allows us to keep the temporary threat provided by the MD/TotT. Sadly even this is sometimes not enough to maintain a threat lead without Hand of Salvation chaining on the heavy hitters with no threat dumps. Obviously once Vengeance stacks up and you crit that one big ShoR the DPS won't be able to take threat back, but the first 30-40 seconds of a fight can still be dicey depending on your luck with SD procs.

I can't imagine trying to tank now without the use of any threat transfers whatsoever.
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