A couple of 4.01 specs

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A couple of 4.01 specs

Postby Vlad » Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:57 am

Now, you guys over in America are probably all sleeping until patch comes out, us here in Australia don't have that luxury since servers went down at 3pm. So I opted to spend the night looking through talent trees I might use in 4.01

Thecks talents he put up look old and the links are broken so I decided to make my own.

I'm not a math genious though so there's a few things I'm unsure of.
The value of Arbiter
The value of Reckoning
If we'll be using word of glory on our selves often/at all. (Though I assume the answer to this one is yes)
I made the assumption we'll still be taking Divine Guardian, especially considering we're now the only ones who can offer this.
And lastly Wrath of the light bringer, to me this talent seems cut and dry 60% damage increase and 30% critical strike chance on specific abilities seems pretty good, so I've assumed we'll be taking it. However if I'm wrong feel free to say as theck included this talent as optional in his thread.

Here's my first build.


Opted for mostly threat talents here. The things that I could/would change with this build if I knew more would be Arbiter instead of reckoning, if Arbiter proves to be more threat. Also the 1 point in Guarded by light, I put it there so using Word of glory on my self wouldn't be to punishing, since it would still refresh Holy Shield.

Here's my second build


This is a word of glory spec. I'm unsure how word of glory will turn out but with the bubble and large heal it currently provides it may turn out to be quite over powered. If thats the case and threat isn't an issue then this spec might be quite OP. Though I'm sure if it is OP, it won't last too long. The 1 thing I could change in this build is the free floating point that I've stuck in Divinity, it could and probably should be stuck in either reckoning or Arbiter.

Once servers come up again I'll most likely spec into both of these builds, or some variation of these builds depending on what forums say on reckoning/arbiter/Guarded by light etc.

Any criticism on these specs or linking your own spec you might be using would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: A couple of 4.01 specs

Postby knaughty » Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:13 am

Arbiter is not very good - ret talents are more TPS.

Do not take GrC if you're speccing for raid-boss tanking.

Don't take Hallowed Ground either, it's incredibly bad value - our "good" TPS talents are literally more than ten times the TPS per talent point.

Divinity is probably something you should take to 3/3.

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Re: A couple of 4.01 specs

Postby seigert » Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:14 am

If theckhd will not publish today or tomorrow some terrific calculation results, i'll try this one for a start: http://cata.wowhead.com/talent#sZRrhcRdkRRucb:osZqmRmMz

Then i'll do i use DG or WoG enough to spent points on 'em. If not, will move this points to Divinity.

I think that some randomness in AS cooldown is fun on boss and useful on thrash, and 15% block chance on WoG is useful, so i'll leave at least one point in both GrCr & GbtL.
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Re: A couple of 4.01 specs

Postby Beefy » Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:19 am

Going with this spec when I can login...

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Re: A couple of 4.01 specs

Postby theckhd » Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:19 am

I'm going to be updating the post today, but I had to spend the morning cranking out the numbers to make it useful.
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