DPS value of Heroism

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Re: DPS value of Heroism

Postby Kelaan » Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:35 pm

Spamdrew wrote:Theck what Kelaan is trying to say is that just because some classes do more DPS during execute range doesn't actually make it more efficient to pop heroism them. This is because by doing so you shorten how long the execute phase is and thus people spend less time DPSing in execute range.

That's exactly what I was thinking (or meaning to say) -- and your quote of Elsie saying "Result: Net boss kill time is the same since you reach n% sooner, thus doing X+A damage sooner" reflects the basis of it.

Theckhd's absolutely right, though, that this doesn't take into effect that some people's DPS increases more under execute range than above.

The main argument I saw for heroism at the start (unless you need it elsewhere) was that it lets some classes cycle more CDs, yet still ensure they have them up simultaneiously with Heroism. For example, is it better for me to use Avenging Wrath three times, or once and then delay it for Heroism? If we use Heroism early, people can pop Wings/Recklessness/Mirror Images/etc and still pop them again later in the fight, usually... whereas many tend to "save" them for when heroism will be up, otherwise.

Clearly, the merits of Heroism timing depends heavily on your raid makeup as well as which boss you're fighting.
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Re: DPS value of Heroism

Postby Awyndel » Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:30 pm

Well bloodlust does make the execute range shorter. I'm not gonna risk doing the math dance here but I reckon using it before or during is gonna be very close to each other. So I don't think anybody can make any claims about situations when you should never be using it.

The cooldown clashing argument, and most ppl being alive AND fully buffed, weighs much much heavier imo.

But let's be real here, all of us use bloodlust in the phase we hate the most.
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