New alt trying to help guild in ICC-10

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New alt trying to help guild in ICC-10

Postby jak3676 » Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:48 pm

Slight variation on most of the "help me" threads I see here. My goal for this char is to MT or OT ICC-10 (normal) with a bunch of guildies that generally know what they're doing and are mostly ICC-25/Heroic ICC-10 geared - so holding threat is more of an issue that undergeared healers or dps. I've read around quite a bit, but figured I'd toss this out there to see what I may be missing.

I'm in a guild that is really focused on 25-man raiding to the point that we've had difficulty fielding 2x 10-man's a week on our off nights - the problem seems to generally be a lack of tanks. I figured I'd see what I could do to help out. I should say that I'm generally pretty knowledable about WoW, but only from a caster dps perspective - I've written a few of the mage guides at EJ. I'd never tanked anything before and this is my first melee char too.

I just dinged 80 on 6-26 according my achiev to give you an idea how new I am to tanking. At this point I've tanked VOA once, TOC-10 once (it was the weekly) and we just did lower spire and plague wing in ICC-10 last night.

Here's my profile for gear and spec: ... ystery+Men

Here's my main so you may have an idea the kind of people I'm trying to hold threat off of: ... ystery+Men

I seem to have switched my spec back to 2 points in Imp Hammer of Justice (I was thinking for blood beasts on Saurfang), but I generally put a total of 3 points in Reckoning to get as much threat as possible. I'm also debating moving the point from Seal of Command to Conviction for the same reason. Anything I'm missing talent wise?

Gear wise, I had all the best in slot gear from 5-man heroics and triumph badges when I went into ICC (gear score was like 5100). I just got got 5 pieces upgraded yesterday and actually ran out of gold trying to get it all gem'd/echanted - I know, lousy problem to have ;)

I just replaced my T9 badge pants so the yellow and red gems there are just whatever I could find cheapest on the AH - I'll put a hit/stam gem (or maybe nightmare tear) in the yellow slot and an agility/stam gem in the red slot soon. I was wearing the T9 pants and hands with the iLevel 245 head and shoulders. When I upgraded pants I went out and bought the T9 head so I can keep my 2pc T9 bonus - I'm pretty sure the tps from more hammer damage and quicker cool down on taunt are worth the trade offs for my situation - thoughts?

The shield, ring, belt and boots all seemed like pretty direct upgrades - they all replaced iLevel 219-226 stuff. But now I am well overspend on +def. I think my plan is to save up some gold this week and buy the Pillars of Might pants which should drop me right back down to the def minimum.

I'm still running the Libram of Valiance for some added threat, but I have access to the Libram of Defiance too. This is probably the one case where I'm directly going against what RAWR is telling me, but I can't see the added dodge being that useful.

I have the most questions on weapons. The armory is still showing me with Rimfang's + Accuracy. I also have Flaric's in the bank (enchanted the same I think). Last night I also got Gutbuster (iLevel 251) that I'm thinking about useing as my MT weapon. I can see that it's not technically "tanking mace", but where I'm currently geared and with a (mostly) well geared group I'm wondering if the added TPS would be worth the loss in Mitigation. Seeing as it comes with decent +hit already maybe I should put Mongoose on it to make up for a bit of the lost mitigation?

I do have to say overall I'm enjoying tanking more than I thought I would, but I'm still feeling completely lost from about 5 seconds before the pull until about 10 seconds after loot is handed out. Fortunately I'm not raid leading as well so I can try to focus on 96969 and taunting when I'm supposed to. I'm sure I'm still losing a bit of TPS/DPS to an imperfect roation. I'm still mouse clicking my action bar for my rotation and now that I've done my first real raid I can tell that's taking too much of my attention away from otherwise keeping better situational awareness (thank godness I had 2 hunters MDing targets back to me). For those that are macro'ing their 96969, do you find the loss of specific action control to be concerning? Do you still keep everything on your action bar seperately? I'm thinking it may be nice to bind my 9's to "mouse wheel up" and my 6's to "mouse wheel down".

Sorry for the long post - I can tell I'm still not comfortable or confident in my decisions yet so I'm hoping for some 2nd opinions and good criticism of my thought process. Even if I don't get any responces here, thanks for the help with the volumn of information throughout this page.
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Re: New alt trying to help guild in ICC-10

Postby econ21 » Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:42 pm

On your gear, I think you are thinking very much on the right lines (inc. using Gutbuster).

And that you have already downed Putricide suggests you are far from completely lost!

The only point I would make is to think again about the "optional" talent points we have in lower protection and consider divine guardian/divine sacrifice rather than HoJ and 1/5 reckoning. They are probably the most useful for raiding of the alternatives. Personally, I - like you atm - took improved hammer of justice but that was for messing about in Wintergrasp; I don't find it useful in raids. Specifically, I let the others handle Saurfang's bloodbeasts and have not heard of tankadins HoJ them (maybe I am just a slacker). And I could never give up seal of command - it is just too good on trash and heroics. Theckhd has a nice guide to talents in the advanced training section.
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Re: New alt trying to help guild in ICC-10

Postby yappo » Wed Jul 14, 2010 2:29 am

Mostly looks fine, especially as you've adressed a few shortcomings yourself.

This is a tank for ICC 10? Don't let go of Gutbuster :D Btw, slap Accuracy on it. Nothing to match threat while you're below hit-cap. (Damn, I wish I had Gutbuster. My tanking-mace would be replaced sooner than you can scream: PULL!)

Keep that point in SoComm -- trash can still eat up the raid, so you want that splash-damage. Besides, you're not going to trust crit% for RELIABLE threat anyway.

If you want to go full bonkers, get two prot-specs. One for trash and one for single target. Oh, and you'll want the antique BV-libram for trash as the STR-one dosn't work too well with SoComm.

Stay away from the dodge one, both of them, until the only thing you can do with your emblems is buying gems. Reminds me, your main may sit on a crapton of Emblems of Triumph. Convert them into the gems you need unless you've already drained that resource. Same with excess honour.

For the content you're tanking I'll state that the ilevel 264 PvP wrists are a direct upgrade compared to the 245 crafted from the moment when you get your hit-rating sorted out. Worst case you can go hit-capped from grabbing the PvP neck with hit-rating rather than crit-rating. 136 stamina ought to have your healers forgive you for slapping on yet another PvP piece.
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Re: New alt trying to help guild in ICC-10

Postby jak3676 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:25 pm

thx all - slowly getting the gems worked out. I emptied my main of frost badges for tanking priomordial boots and turned my triumph badges into crusader orbs for gear - probably have some unspent honor floating around though.

Good to hear about gutbuster - I got it to play around with and I must admit the damage is pretty good.

Yeah, trash is generally my biggest problem threat wise - our dps can be pretty disciplined on boss fights, but I don't want to be the one holding them back either. I just read the post someone else had about the conquest badge, block value libram - I'll keep my point in Seal of Command and give that try for trash. Can't hurt for heroics too I suppose.

I have to admit when I read the divine sac/guardian I wasn't thinking about cancelling sacrifice and leaving up guardian for a raid wide damage soak - and that would include less damage for me too.
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Re: New alt trying to help guild in ICC-10

Postby yappo » Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:39 am

If you decide to go double prot spec. Make sure your trash-spec has 3/5 Reckoning for added fun on AoE.
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Re: New alt trying to help guild in ICC-10

Postby kysu » Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:45 am

I saw you said you had rawr setting the threat scale to aboutt .46 and the (assuming its mitigation bar) to .40, it will give you ~ the correct gear and gemming choices just ignore the trinkets for the most part. If you happen to armory me ignore my spec, i'm on HM lk attempts and I have to handle the adds with no dispels.

There are also some 10m BIS lists on these forums, most of the info is here and more then likely on the first 2 pages.

But you seem to be doing fine if you want to upload a parse for us most of us would be able to let you know if we see any glaring issues.

Here is the macro for the DG/DS, The /in 0.2 is relative to your latency basically every 100ms you have add .1

/cast Divine Sacrifice
/in 0.2 /script CancelUnitBuff("player","Divine Sacrifice")
/ra Divine Guardian Up
/in 6 /ra Divine Guardian Down

OR manually

#showtooltip Divine Sacrifice
/cancelaura Divine Sacrifice
/cast Divine Sacrifice
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