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Postby thatguy » Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:56 pm

Amirya is right that mp5 gives you more regen when comparing the two epic gems. It's 5 v. 4.6. You aren't really losing that much. EJ says at 264 levels, spirit comes out ahead.

Your crit does seem low but you have a huge amount of haste which is good if you're purely tank healing. Faster flash heals help when you have penance/shield/pom on cooldown.

I'd start to try to find pieces that still have the same or higher amounts of haste and intell and begin to swap out spirit/mp5 for crit. The tailored pants are a great piece if you moonlight as shadow.

If you're a shield bot, then you can sacrifice some haste for crit. A 1 second gcd with talents and borrowed time requires a haste of 434 (which assumes you have no raid buffs which would be highly unlikely).

I think you're in good shape. Soon you'll get better gear to hit these "thresholds" and you can gem pure spellpower for giggles and then cata will hit and it will all change. :)

Hope this helps.
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