Pure heroics spec? Help me embarass the DPS!

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Re: Pure heroics spec? Help me embarass the DPS!

Postby inthedrops » Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:16 am


There are many threads covering mana issues but I'm too lazy to search for them for you.

My best guess is you're consecrating more than your mana can support. Try consecrating less.......much less, and see what happens to your mana issues. Also, don't throw avenger's shield on every pull. In fact, use it as more of an "oh crap" ability than part of your regular rotation.

These two abilities are major mana hogs and inexperienced tanks I see in dungeons practically start every pull with Avenger's shield followed shortly by a Consecrate.

This assumes you buff yourself with Sanctuary and keep Divine plea up of course. This is required.
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Re: Pure heroics spec? Help me embarass the DPS!

Postby Astemus » Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:16 am

Sorry, I didn't mean to derail the thread, I was asking about maintaining mana levels enough to keep this kind of pace, meaning maintaining mana enough to use consecrate on every pull. After reviewing your video and gear setup in the other thread, it seems that I should seek out taking damage instead of trying to take as little as possible. It's a hard concept for old tanks to get.

I've been tanking a while so I didn't mean to elicit a response on the basics of tanking. I'm just a newbie poster as I've only recently started playing my pally seriously. I am usually lurking on Tankspot, which is primarily a warrior hangout. I am considering the swap from my druid to pally for cataclysm and topics like these are exactly the type of thing that I enjoy doing, so I am trying to get a handle on everything involved. The information on this website is very overwhelming coming from a druid, where I have pretty much no resources like this to refer to. Thank you all for the great work here.
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