Parry Hasting Addon

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Re: Parry Hasting Addon

Postby theckhd » Thu Jun 17, 2010 7:04 am

Good call. That would significantly reduce runtime as well, since the code doesn't have to wade through all of the irrelevant events. Half of the optimizing I did on my code was just to make it recognize and skip uninteresting lines more quickly.
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Re: Parry Hasting Addon

Postby Chicken » Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:02 pm

Xenix wrote:Anyways, I did this for our LK attempts but there's so few attacks in p1 and p2 before we wipe that I really couldn't tell anything, aside from that he randomly likes to throw in ~0.9-second swing timer attacks, so I grabbed a full LK-25 HM kill from WoL and plotted that. (code here)


Tons of parries that didn't do a thing, with a few down there at 0.9 seconds with a lot of non-parried swings of the same speed. All the long duration swing timers are from him stopping to cast, but the short ones just seem really out of place, especially since he seems to toss them in without warning whether he parries or casts anything or not. Wierd, but it looks like he still doesn't parry-haste on heroic since swing times are consistent between post-parried and normal attacks.

That could be the effects of Soul Reaper you're seeing there. While the debuff reads it increases the Lich King's physical damage by 100% once it's final damage has been dealt, the actual effect of the buff he gets when it finishes is actually 100% haste; or a doubling of his swing speed, and I believe he normally has a ~2 second swing speed.

Soul Reaper's debuff: "Deals 70000 Shadow damage and the caster gains 100% bonus physical damage after 5 sec."
Soul Reaper's Buff: "Haste increased by 100%.", also further corroborated by the fact that it says below that the script effect used by the buff is "Apply Aura: Haste - Melee (1)".

Soul Reaper also fits with (if I'm eyeballing this correctly) the increased swing timer events being roughly 30 seconds apart and mostly happening in phase 2, and also happening more frequently in the latter parts of phase 2, as I recall his Soul Reaper application tends to start out happening before all his casts and such minimizing the Lich King's bonus from the buff, while as the phase drags on it'll tend to get shuffled to the end of his usual sequence of casts, where he'll instead gain the full benefit from the buff. If possible you might want to look into marking when the spell casts and other events that interrupt the Lich King's swings happen and cutting the graphed part to around the 300 to 450 second mark since that seems to contain the most interesting events.
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Re: Parry Hasting Addon

Postby Xenix » Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:22 pm

You're right - after just looking through the WoL-parsed log (clicking the link I provided before), I can see that the fast swings always start 5 seconds after he casts Soul Reaper, which means it's the swing speed buff he's gaining after the Soul Reaper tick that's doing it. I had forgotten that buff happened.

As an aside, adding the following to the previous WoL expression editor statement will make it also include auras used by a boss on itself (e.g. channeling drudge ghoul summon)
Code: Select all
(targetName = "The Lich King"
and type=4 and sourceName="The Lich King")
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