[H] US(CST)- 10/12 25H, Insanity25 Yogg0 LF Prot+Healadins!

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[H] US(CST)- 10/12 25H, Insanity25 Yogg0 LF Prot+Healadins!

Postby Vathral2 » Wed May 12, 2010 4:48 am

We're looking to recruit a Protection AND Holy Paladin to add to our roster as we're looking to strengthen our core in the healing/tanking department, as we undertank/underheal a lot of content nowadays, and having to use paladin alts to tank (such as mine on Putricide progression pulls instead of my warlock) is no fun. We are now working on Sindragosa hardmode, as we've recently crafted our 1st shadowmourne as a guild, and are about to craft our 3rd Val'anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings on back to back days!

The Exiled is a guild based on mutual respect among its members. We work together to advance our mutual and personal goals. All members are treated as equals. Our main goal is to have fun in the game. We are looking to fill some spots in our raiding lineup and continue to progress in current and future content and we aim to do whatever it takes within our roster internally to achieve whatever it takes to get there.

Apply at http://www.theexiled.com (7 years as a guild name over 4 MMOs and still going strong!)


* Naxx 15/15
* Malygos 1/1 (Server First)
* OS 10/25 (3D pre 3.1)
* 10 and 25 man Glory of the Raider (Pre 3.1)
* 9/9 Hm's in 10man/10 man Glory of the Ulduar Raider,10man Algalon (inc. Herald of the Titans multiple times) and Yogg-Saron+0
* 9/9 HM's in 25man Ulduar/ 25 man Glory of Ulduar Raider, also 25man Algalon and Yogg-Saron+0
* 5/5 ToC 10/25
* 5/5 ToGC 25 (Tribute to Insanity)
* 5/5 ToGC 10 (Tribute to Dedicated Insanity multiple times)
* 12/12 ICC 25 (10/12 heroic 25, working on Sindragosa hardmode)
* 12/12 ICC 10 (11/12 heroic 10, with our 10 man GOTIR completed)
* We also run a weekly Alt ICC 25 that is 11/12 with alts collecting shadowmourne shards as well!

Class Needs (for those paladins who may just play alts):

Protection Paladin(Extremely High)
DPS warlock (preferably demonology) (Extremely high)
DPS Mage (medium)



* We raid 4 days a week
* Invites normally goes out 15 minutes before raid time.
* Monday-Thursday, raid time begins at 8:00PM Eastern / 7:00PM Server
* There's 10mans going on almost everyday, with a primary and secondary 10man on Friday and/or Saturday, and an Alt 25mans on Saturdays.
* There's sign-up's for 10mans only, 25mans are based on who is online at invites, so being late w/o warning an officer isn't very good.


* In this guild we use a loot council made of officers to distribute loot.
* When an item drops off trash or a boss, if you have interest in the item, you are required to type in raid chat me and your current item for that slot. If it is a tier set piece, you must note how many pieces of Tier-x it will be for you.
* We decide loot via a voting system within officer chat. We take into account how long you have been waiting for the item, how long you have been in the guild, and how big the upgrade would be for you.


* Full knowledge and understanding of your class.
* Use of consumables (flasks, food, enchants, etc..)
* Full enchants/gems to optimize your class/spec. (Paladins with spirit, hunters with strength?)
* Attendance - We fully understand that RL comes first but try to remember 24 other people want loot too, so if your going to be late or unable to attend try and let an officer or class know so that other arrangements can be made. However at the moment we have an emphasis on reliable and consistent players.
* Ventrilo and Microphone
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Re: [H] US(CST)- 10/12 25H, Insanity25 Yogg0 LF Prot+Healadins!

Postby Vathral2 » Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:26 pm

We are still looking (since it's been a while from my last post) for a prot paladin.
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