[A] Ursin < Avengers of Azeroth> PST-PVP-US

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[A] Ursin < Avengers of Azeroth> PST-PVP-US

Postby Jedimas729 » Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:36 pm

Server Name: Ursin - US Server

Guild Name: Avengers of Azeroth

Site: http://aoa.marf-lan.com/forum

Server Time Zone (EST/CST/PST) PST

PVP Server or PVE Server (very important to transfers) PVP

We raid Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 4:30 PST to 7:30 PST. Wednesday is Progression run(ICC10), Thursday is a fun run(usually the weekly or ony/toc), and sunday is either a continuation of Wednesdays run or an alt character ICC10 run.

We are looking for for Healers, DPS, Tanks to fill out our Raid roster for our primary ICC group and to help fill out a possible second ICC group.

We are not a hardcore raiding guild! We like to have fun and we all enjoy what we do, whether its sitting in vent making jokes, or hosting gnomish death races, or doing guild pvp. We raid because we like raiding together not because we have to. To us WoW is just a game(a highly addictive and fun game) and we dont get pissed at someone for not knowing a boss fight or dying to trash. If this sounds like a guild that would suit you and you want to know more info either pm here on this forum or roll a lvl 1 alt on ursin and send me a whisper.

I can be found on my shaman, Rhommel or my Protadin Izak. Hope to see you guys apping soon ;-)
Avengers of Azeroth Now recruiting on Alliance side Ursin-US PVP
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