Confessions of an Off-Spec

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Confessions of an Off-Spec

Postby golfinguy » Wed Apr 21, 2010 3:02 pm

Briefly - Didn't start playing this game until Wrath had been out for a while, but leveled my Ret Pally quickly even without knowing a thing. Hit 80 about the time dual-spec was released and my buddy (who had talked me into this game) says - "make some prot gear and tank some heroics". He was being selfish in that he wanted a tank for heroics any time he wanted one - but paid for it by having to put up with, and heal though, my suckishness :oops:

I got better. Enough so that the guild would occasionally ask me to off-tank in Ulduar if someone was missing. And I still did not know enough to be a good tank - we simply had good healers to pull me through.

Ah, but then I find sites like this one.....

Now I'm a good tank. Still not great, but happy with where I am.

Having been abused (all in good fun) by guildies for so long when I sucked - I am absolutely jaded by threat. Thanks to Theckhd for his work; I changed my spec, glyphs, and a few others things I was doing (or not doing).

I like being as close to the hit cap as I can get. I like being expertise capped(soft). Do not try to talk me out of these things - as I said, I'm jaded :wink: Call me a baddie all you wish - I know my place and am happy here.

I had Weapon Chain on my weapon. Read here that "only someone cheap with...." STOP. You had me at cheap. Besides, I'm a blacksmith - so, very cheap indeed. Accuracy for me now though.

I am also lazy. "Don't worry about hit capping, you have three taunts" - ...sounds like work to me. I don't like mine missing so its the hit cap (or close to it) and glyph for me. Besides an off-spec is often grabbing adds, not just a boss - taunts actually mean something in these cases; or so I've learned from trigger happy clothies that are frightened into frost-nova/shackle/etc. when I'm trying to get them to come to me :evil: A miss leads to such things and my laziness doesn't like it. Get em the first time, avoid scaring the squishies, all is well is my relaxed world 8)

I'm always going to have more hit than leets think I need.

I'm always going to make a few gear choices contrary to leet consensus (for hit or expertise).

It will be a while yet before I have any heroic-mode gear. Well, maybe some 10man is coming soon, but not 25 yet.

I'm too lazy to be a full time tank (Ret will always be my main) or raid lead.

These are my confessions. Its my off-spec and I'm happy where I am with the help of this site 8)
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