Quickly targeting newly spawned adds

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Re: Quickly targeting newly spawned adds

Postby Pala » Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:41 am

Something about Tidy Plates I've liked, well I think it is about Tidy Plates, is that when a green ooze spawns under Professor Putricide the two name plates are still accessible. I've heard other Abomination drivers complain they couldn't get the slowing spit on the ooze because they couldn't target it. Then again they could just suck at clicking. Still, Tidy Plates has been great for trash pulls and other accidental groups we get sometimes. That bit about the warlocks cracked me up too.
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Re: Quickly targeting newly spawned adds

Postby inthedrops » Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:42 am

Knowing when and where new adds are going to be spawning is probably more important that the technique used to select them. But that's not the question...

Definetely the best method, when done well, is to target them by directly clicking on them. Tab works well in a lot of cases such as Jaraxxus as you mentioned.

I personally highest suggest avoiding target macro's as a MAIN technique. They're great for some fights so I'm not saying don't use them. But I think their weaknesses are pretty clear so it should be obvious when and when not to use them.

With time, you really do get good at mouse targeting them. You learn to lead their direction just a hair with your mouse, etc. Having nameplates turned on makes it even better. I play with nameplates on 99% of the time.

Also, it's something that practice makes better. Some mobs require more "accurary" due to hit boxes sizes for example and you don't really know until you start doing it.

Speaking of Anub and his adds. That's one fight where I use a lot of tab targeting. It's too easy to click anub by mistake.

Short answer is, my staple is mouse targeting but I back that up with tab/macro targeting when it's the better choice.
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