Fury warrior after advice.

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Fury warrior after advice.

Postby karlos » Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:49 pm

Hey Guys

Was raiding the other day in icc when a toon said i may be better off stacking armor pen instead of str.
so i thought i would post something to get some info about the pro's and cons of it. plus while i'm at it any other advice with my toon to see if im doing anything wrong. he's the link. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... cn=Karloss

Cheers karlos
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Re: Fury warrior after advice.

Postby fafhrd » Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:00 pm

After a certain point in gear, each point of ArP becomes worth more than a point of STR. Generally this only happens when you have enough ArP from gear already - you look rather low at only 300ish. To check whether you're at that point or not, plug your character into the spreadsheet at http://elitistjerks.com/f81/t37462-warr ... readsheet/ I would guess that you aren't yet.

In the event that you are though, since you're wearing an ArP Proccing trinket, you only want to stack ArP to the point where your passive ArP + the 678 from the trink proc sum to 1360 or 1400 (the former is slightly preferred since eating arp food to reach 1400 is better than losing several yellow socket bonuses to get 1400 from gear).

Other than that:

- you have ridiculously too much hit. Hit as fury has only 2 values. Firstly, you want 5% hit from gear so that, after your fury talents you have a total of 8%. This means none of your special attacks can miss. Since most of your mainhand attacks will be heroic strikes (i.e. specials), the only thing that can miss are off-hand white attacks. Beyond 8% hit, hit has a small effect on DPS and rage generation, and extends your white crit cap. You would not be at white crit cap even with just 5% hit, so you need to ditch around 12% hit from your gear. Easy changes would be replacing your hit/crit/str badge ring with the the arp/haste/agi badge ring, replacing your hit/crit/str badge neck with the arp/crit/agi badge neck, replacing one or both of your weapons (that's much harder to do of course), replacing your 251 T10 gloves with t9 gloves (which would get you your 2pc T10 at least, although I forget what the stats on T9 gloves are), replacing your belt with the arp/haste/agi leather badge belt, or replacing your chest (also hard, since it's 264 and you might not have a comparable non-hit chest - the badge arp/crit/str chest is very good if you can afford it though).

Also, gemming 20 crit and 30 stam is generally bad, use str+crit gems if you have to match a yellow, and gem pretty much anything other than 30 stam. Your meta is generally frowned up too for the same reason - if you use a 21 agi+3% critdamage meta instead, you can use just 1 blue gem (a nightmare's tear) and stick a red gem in every other blue socket.

Also, runspeed to boots is usually a better enchant.

edit: and glyphing Heroic Strike instead of Bloodthirst will be better DPS since the glyph of BT does nothing for DPS. It's a really nice glyph for farming/pvp though.
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