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Re: The (Mostly Paladin) PVP Advice Thread

Postby Tearulai » Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:26 pm

Quick question: Which comp would be easier for new arena players to play:

Warrior - Ret - Resto Druid, or
Rogue - Ret - Resto Druid?

My friend has both a warrior and rogue and is trying to decide which to gear up. (I decided on Ret after your earlier posts--thanks!).

P.S. - I also spec'd Ret with Command, since I'd heard the Cleave might be nice in comps such as this, but after reading your more recent posts it sounds like some other spec might be better for Warrior/Ret/RestoDruid? Would the same apply if it was a Rogue instead of a warrior?

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Re: The (Mostly Paladin) PVP Advice Thread

Postby Elsie » Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:16 am


What comp is easier? It's really impossible to say, to be honest. What's "easiest" has a lot to do with what matches your play style. In general, I would say War/ret/druid is easier than rogue/ret/druid. Rogues have a tendency to get blown up much quicker, so the ret has to react almost precognitively sometimes. Also dealing with sap and more CD abilities can take more to adjust to. With a warrior, you can just charge in and focus on getting your swaps and overall survival skills perfected.

What Spec? Seal of Command spec is only viable with warrior/ret/druid, and I would pick 4/5 Divinity over 3/3 Imp Righteous Fury and 1/5 Toughness - though I used to go 4/5 Toughness. Imp. Righteous Fury is too susceptible to dispel. That said, I wouldn't call it any better than the standard 7/11/53 build - just different.
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Re: The (Mostly Paladin) PVP Advice Thread

Postby Tearulai » Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:07 pm

Thanks for all of the advice, it's been very helpful. I think we've decided to play Warrior (Arms or Fury) / Paladin (Ret or ProtRet) / Resto Druid.

We are all very new to Arenas on these characters and frankly in general. I had a few more questions if you don't mind giving an opinion--and if there are multiple viable options, we probably want the easiest one to implement for now!

1. For this comp, is the warrior better off as Fury or Arms? I seem to see Arms mentioned more often, but the warrior doesn't understand why that would be preferable to Fury in this circumstance.

2. What spec should I go with? Retribution or Prot/Ret? If ProtRet, what glyphs do you recommend for Arenas?

If it matters for this choice, my one handed weapon for ProtRet would be a Black Icicle. (P.S. - I'm currently ProtRet, with the spec you recommended except I switched the one point in Conviction for Pursuit of Justice--I'm an engineer so I want rocket boots on my boots. I'd like to get 2 points in it but I don't know where the other should come from.)

3. Which seal for the comp--Corruption or Command? I've read your prior posts on Seal of Command being viable for Warrior/Paladin/Druid--would that only be as a Retribution spec, or would I take that even if I went Prot/Ret? If I go pure Retribution, is it worth it to use Command or is it just "viable"?

4. How does the spec play? Is this a "Cleave" spec, where we basically pick a target (healer?) and train them, with me acting as a dispel-bot while the Warrior owns people and our druid tries to kite the people on him? (If my main use is dispels/freedoms/etc., should I be Prot/Ret?)

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Re: The (Mostly Paladin) PVP Advice Thread

Postby phaqueue » Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:01 am

Class: Paladin
Spec: Ret or Holy
Comp: 2v2 with Disc or shadow priest
Rating: under 1k (just started)
Questions: I was just wondering - you said you have run arenas with a disc priest... what kind of comp did you run? The priest I run with can spec either disc or shadow as he has the gear for either, and I have the PVP gear for either ret or holy (or for prot/ret most likely - as prot is my main PVE spec)

Just wondering what you have found to be most effective? We have run some games, but our win/loss has been pretty bad so far... we would like to at least get to 1800 to get weapons

Basically just looking for tips on spec/comp - would holy/shadow be viable in your opinon? or would we be better off staying with ret/disc?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: The (Mostly Paladin) PVP Advice Thread

Postby Autofail » Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:51 pm

Class: Paladin
Spec:Protribution - 0/53/18
Comp:protri/mut rogue, protri/ele or enh saman, protri/resto druid
Rating: N/A
1) I love to Bg and i plan on starting 2s with one of the above comp, i wanted to kno if you can give me all useful macros for pvp protribution whether its bg or arena or world
2) I wanted to know out of the 3 comps that i gave above...which is the best and easiest to succeed with?
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