[Holy-PVE] How to go from new to raids?

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[Holy-PVE] How to go from new to raids?

Postby tuberon » Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:43 pm

Okay, I decided I was going to try being holy for a while, just to get a handle on the spec I have yet to play.

I did collect some healing gear as I went along so at the moment I'm sitting at a roughly t7-25 gear level (everything is epic, 200 or above) and since I'm healing for heroics I'm set as a FoL build.

I don't have any intention of healing through into ICC but I would eventually like to gain some raid experience as a healer, and I know that requires focusing on HL.

So, my question is, should I use my triumph badges for t8-9 (since I know 4pc 9 is very FoL happy) and regem once I have them, or should I focus on finding int as soon as possible?
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Re: [Holy-PVE] How to go from new to ICC?

Postby blakk » Tue Mar 09, 2010 3:12 pm

You should really have no problem using FoL and stacking spell power for most fights. For anything that hits really hard you will want to be able to spam those HLs though unless you have another tank healer. With ilvl 200+ gear it shouldn't be too hard to swap to a HL spam build and not run oom if you stack int and keep your mana return cds going good. and if at all possible melee on the boss with SoW really trivializes mana regen which favors a HL setup. I would just focus on getting the gear first then swapping over unless you're going to be heavy tank healing before you can make the switch.
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Re: [Holy-PVE] How to go from new to raids?

Postby sherck » Wed Mar 10, 2010 6:16 am

"For Sure" upgrades to look for in a Holy Light build:

Head = 245 Helm of Inner Warmth, 75 EoT (Mail for Haste)

Neck = 213 EoV neck is the best "for sure" piece, however; there are two Item Level 232 SP necks that drop from H FoS, one from each boss. Just run that daily and you will get one of them eventually.

Back = 264 EoF Cloak...if not using Frost for Holy set, then the 213 EoV cloak is the next best "for sure" thing

Shoulders = 245 Pauldrons of the Cavalier, 75 EoT

Chest = 245 Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate, Crafted (Mail for Haste)

Wrists = 245 Sunforged Bracers, Crafted

Hands = 232 Turalyon's Gloves of Conquest, 30 EoT

Waist = 226 Girdle of Righteousness, Crafted

Legs = 232 Turalyon's Greaves of Conquest, 50 EoT....Better would be either of two leg drops in H PoS, plate ones from Garfrost and mail ones from Krick & Ick. Both the drops have haste.

Feet = 226 Treads of Destiny, Crafted

Weapon = Ugh... the only "for sure" one is QS from the Battered Hilt drop. Your best bet for a non-raid drop would be the SP sword from the last boss of H FoS; it has Hit but is about the only 232 or better non-raid weapon you have access to.

Shield = Only two options for non-raid drops. Item Level 219 Protector of Figid Souls from the last boss in REGULAR PoS or the I-level 226 Ice Layered Barrier which is a BoE drop from Ulduar but is typically very expensive on the AH. All other SP shields are BoP raid drops.

Ring #1 = 245 Heartmender Circle, 35 EoT

Ring #2 = 245 Band of the Invoker, 35 EoT (yeah, it has Spirit on it but it also has Haste on it. Overall, an acceptable piece)

Trinket # 1 = 245 Talisman of Resurgence, 50 EoT

Trinket # 2 = You could go with something easy like Darkmoon Card: Illusion or whatever Item Level 200 SP trinket you have. I go with the I-level 200 Tears of the Vanquished which drops from the Black Knight in REGULAR ToC-5.

Libram = 200 Libram of Renewal purchased with EoH. Yes, this I-level 200 trinket is still THE BEST for Holy Light casters. Sad, so very sad.

Use Insightful Earthsiege Diamond as meta, put a Nightmare Tear in the other helm gem slot and then gem straight Brilliant gems, rare or epic, on all other pieces of gear. Almost all socket bonus are SP are are not worth it to you go miss out on the Intellect.

Enchant Intellect where you can (weapon, bracers, shield), mana on the Chest and then spellpower everywhere else. Both your Arcanum and Inscription should be the SP/MP5 ones. I put the stam enchant with minor run speed boost on my boots because you just will not need the Crit or Hit of Icewalker.

This build should get you well over 30k mana and over the Haste soft-cap for FoL of 675 Haste rating. You will have somewhere around 2500 SP.

Glyphs = Major = Holy Light, Seal of Wisdom, Beacon of Light
Minor = Lay on Hands, Blessing of Kings, IDK for 3rd one

The Holy Tree is pretty much standard; pick all the talents that improve healing and are not PvP. Secondary talent into the Protection Tree and pick up (cannot access at work so I may be a bit off): Divinity, the one that extends your Sacred Shield time, Divine Sacrifice, Imp Devotion Aura.

Make a Macro that casts Divine Shield on push #1 and Divine Sacrifice on push #2. Whenever you need to cast Divine Shield, go ahead and push the button again to get some reduced damage on the party/raid. It gives you some breathing space.

Heal with Seal of Wisdom, Judge Wisdom (unless you are running with a Prot or Ret Pally, then Judge Light), make sure you run in the melee with SoW/JoW up to restor mana

The two key concepts of Holy Light healing are:
1. Keep Light's Grace active. The -0.5 sec cast time on Holy Light saves tanks.
2. Cancel Casting. Have a Holy Light in cast just about all the time but be ready to cancel it's cast if it is not needed. I don't do this in ICC due to the massive tank damage that comes but in lower tiers, you can afford to typically wait a second or two to make sure you get good effect.

Hope this helps.

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Re: [Holy-PVE] How to go from new to raids?

Postby Keannor » Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:55 am

Very good post !!!

Now, some things on PvE holy healing are clear to me !!!
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