Heroics, 'easiest' to 'hardest'

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Heroics, 'easiest' to 'hardest'

Postby Tranzity » Wed Jun 06, 2007 12:47 am

Hi, I'm a fresh tankadin, with non-heroic stuff, uncritable and almost uncrushable. My guild wel geared with Kara epics.

I've never been to an heroic before, this server, and guilds don't think paladins can tank. So far I know, I'm one of the few that tanks.

So yesterday, some of my guildes needed to kill the first boss in HC:SH, no tanks where online, so I was invited in the following party: Rogue, Holy Paladin, Affl Lock, Resto Druid. Its all going well with 2 healers and with only 2 wipes (one at the trash, one on the boss, stupid Death Coil) we've managed to kill it.
But those trash mobs hit like trucks! How am I supposed to tank this with only one healer? SH in normal modus is a piece of cake, my record is 50 minutes for a full clear...

So my question is, which heroic should be a good starter? I've heard that the CoT instances are undoable, SL undoable as a paladin tank (2nd boss). I really need to get the libram to be uncrusable, at this point with the experience I've got, I really become afraid if I ever need to tank in Kara for example, please help me!

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Postby ulushnar » Wed Jun 06, 2007 1:22 am

Mechanar's a good trash to badge ratio, if you've got a good healer for the Destroyers (which are a nightmare without Spell Reflect).
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Postby Thels » Wed Jun 06, 2007 1:53 am

- Mechanar (though it got harder since the patch, unlike practically all other heroics)
- Slave Pens & Underbog (Steamvaults is a tad harder, but also doable)
- Hellfire Ramparts (Though take some FR gear for the last boss)

Underbog also drops a decent stamina trinket. Some decent armor upgrades can be found in the Mana Tombs and the Crypts, which are harder than the Coilfang ones, but not too hard.
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Postby Questioner » Wed Jun 06, 2007 9:00 am

I personally liked Underbog for badge farming. Slave pens is not too bad either, as once you learn the shotcuts it CAN go pretty fast.

Still, I think UB is the best starter heroic. The bosses are easy and there are only a couple dicey trash pulls that can be kited anyway.
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Postby Tranzity » Thu Jun 07, 2007 6:58 am

Thanks for the info, I'm going to Mech this weekend, without any resistances tho. SP and UB are next, if Mech goes well.
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Postby bhullwheyy » Thu Jun 07, 2007 7:40 am

mecha is very easy and even easier with a decent setup.

my fav lineup is: palatank(of course), offwarrior,wl, mage, and priest.
the reason why:

offwarrior for arcance destroyers...hard hitting mob but they hit even harder with their selfbuff "arcane fist" (?). it can be interrupted from the warrior each time so you should stay healable.

wl for the demons who throw arcane bombs....they can be banished or enslaved

mage and priest for those gatekeepers (dont know the right name in english)...they also have a selfbuff called shadowrath, making them double the damage and double the attackspeed. that means 4 times more dmg...but it can be detected and dispelled.

and and i'd suggest to try the 2nd boss after killing the endboss.... she's a lot harder even with practise.


a few more annotations:
SP, UB -> absolutely doable
SV -> a bit harder....u need 2-3 cc-classes or an druid/warri as offtank. and fearward helps :)
sethekk -> easy and quick one. but i suggest some arcane gear for the last boss. its easier if the tank can stay next to the boss during the explosion.
manatombs: first and last boss are very hard...for the first boss a well geared healer or some SR-equip is needed. and you need good dps for the last boss.in addition 2-3 ae-fear-classes are an advantage.
Hellfire ramparts -> easy with 1 healer, easier with 2. and ae-tanking is allowed here sometimes ;) but bring FR-gear with you

arka-> havent tried
BF-> havent tried
bota->tried it...and i figured out that u'll need a decent AR-gear there :)
hdz1-> pain in the ass....10000 pats calling 1000 guards for help. propably doable but it just sucks
hdz2-> the hardest heroic imo...tried it several times. doable now cause our heroicgrp got some decent gear now but still hard as hell. u cant allow oneself the luxury of a mistake

(phew....havent written smth in english for a long time. hope its readable :) )
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Postby Vallion » Thu Jun 07, 2007 10:54 am

Very readable bullwheyy :)

I found Mechanar to be the easiest, the Destroyers used to be bad but even if they get a charged fist off, chaincasting Healing Touches, Holy Lights, or Greater Heals will be fine. If you have good dps, your Healer can typically keep it up throughout the Charged Fist. And we always have HoJ to get us through one duration. I've never run Botanica or Arcatraz, unfortunately.

SP and UB were kinda time-consuming for me, and the second boss of SP can be annoying. SV wasn't terrible if you take the right path and take out the bog giants, let's you skip a lot of the more annoying, CC-intensive pulls in there.

Mana-Tombs and Auchinduon are pretty much doable, just take your time and learn the pulls. Sethekk Halls is actually surpisingly easy, I've found. Generally only need two CC, we use poly and seduce mostly, but a Priest for shackle rocks. Shadow Labyrinth can suck, but my healer is usually a dwarf priest, so the trash pulls are somewhat trivialized. The good thing about SL is none of the bosses seem to hit that hard (though the second one blows with a 15s CD taunt), they're just more difficult to manage.

The CoT instances, as the above posters have noted, seem about impossible, specifically Durnholde. You absolutely have to avoid the pats, and the current strategy seems to be to have a hunter (we use a mage) pull the mobs around the barracks, get naked, then run in and set the charge and die. Rinse and repeat. Or rather, rinse, get pissed off, and go do Mech. Shadow priest I run with wants the trinket at the end, so I'm stuck there, but save yourself :)

Also of note, the absolute best loot for Paladin tanks (imo) from Heroics comes from Shadow Labyrinth. +5 dodge rating, +6 stamina gems are godly if you need to complete a socket bonus, or want to swap an avoidance trinket for a stamina one. Unfortunately, the damn things never drop :P Almost all other Heroic equipment is superceded by Karazhan or Gruul's, but dodge/sta gems can last a long, long while.
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