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Postby fuzzygeek » Thu Nov 15, 2007 3:42 pm

Dorvan wrote:That's odd, having too much melee DPS was actually a bad thing for us on Hex Lord last night. We had 2 pallies and 2 rogues, with the result that we were having lots of problems with rogues dying to consecrate.

Consc ticks for a bunch but I always just dragged him out of cons; shaman chainheal was pretty helpful. Except during volley when the shaman couldn't get it off.

I had a bunch of caster DPS and a feral druid. Our casters usually run 600-900 DPS. During Hex Lord they were down to sub 400 because they couldn't cast for the 15 seconds during volley. Maybe more warlocks would do it; I don't know.

I do know I'm going to bring one add'l melee and probably a priest, druid, and paladin for healing.
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Postby Dapaladin » Thu Nov 15, 2007 3:54 pm

We made it to hex lord last night on our first night into ZA and we had an issues with slice and dice. He started to smash me with it, it was very painful :(. Of course we were doomed from the start consdiering our only healers were 3 paladins...
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Postby Dorvan » Thu Nov 15, 2007 4:19 pm

fuzzygeek wrote:Consc ticks for a bunch but I always just dragged him out of cons; shaman chainheal was pretty helpful. Except during volley when the shaman couldn't get it off.

We were moving out of the consecration, the rogues just seemed to die before they could get out....maybe our rogues just need to pay more attention :/
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Re: Group make up decisions

Postby Xanatos » Fri Nov 16, 2007 5:35 am

Aelys wrote: (Our freaking mage went afk for 27 minutes and didnt log out so we couldnt get a 10th person to attempt it more then twice :S)

So I'm think that the offspecs might not be cutting it for ZA and it might not be possible without the mana regen from a shadow priest to heal through (for our group at least).

What do you guys think? Is ZA serious buisness? Is the banning of offspecs and the need to have a shadow priest almost necessary for progression kills in ZA?

Spec doesn't matter if there's no one behind the keyboard. Kick the mage (no matter his spec) and get a real raider.
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Postby Aelys » Fri Nov 16, 2007 6:55 am

shadow priest worked wonders, got the felguard spec guy to go affliction and he kept up with the rest and we took nalorakk down. :D. He sure can screw you up with his silence tho.
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Postby s4m222 » Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:10 am

well if you have a place on farm... offspecs are fine. If your having trouble and just barely downing bosses off specs are not fine.

Being A tankadin is not an offspec. Trying to Tank as partial ret or holy is an offspec.

A tank should be the best possible tank spec they can.

A Dps should be the best possible PVE dps they can.

And healers should be the best possible PVE healing they can.

there way way to many times a you wipe when a boss is at like 1-20% and MANY time this can be caused by "offspecs"

pvp spec'ed DPS'ers do 10-30% less or even less damage than they would as the best spec. Sure you may still top the dps charts as a off spec because your a good player or the others are not but even so if you were a better dps spec you would do that much more dps.

improperly speced tanks increase strain on healers.

improperly speced healers strain the entire group as people die more often than they should, more people drop and they go oom faster.

Add up even just 1-3 improperly spec'ed people and it can drop the effectiveness of your raid by a BIG amount.

Once you group knows za, and reach level of confidence where you know every boss will go down maybe not "farm" status but close to off specs dont hurt as much. But when a group is learning a fight, or undergeared or even decently geared... not being the best possible spec really hurts the run.
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Postby Stylaan » Fri Nov 23, 2007 7:38 am

We've run with the same group since 2.3 release and have cleared on every attempt, we're in a mix of TKE/SSC, T4 instance, and Arena gear (my friends I run with know each other largely through PvP -- we're not in the same guild at all).

We somewhat outgear the instance in terms of effective upgrades such that many of the things are side-grades and we're really running for badges and a chance at timered loot (though the past two serious attempts have worked against us, first one of our healers dc'd on akil'zon and he stormed early killing one of our dps >.<, then, one of our mages afk'd in the way of a pat on Jan'alai so we lost a lot of time clearing adds >.<, we'll get to halazzi's timer next time!)

The usual group comp (with names if you want to check our level of gear):

Prot Warrior - Oriyn
Prot Paladin - Me
Holy Priest - Miyoko
Holy Paladin - Angelius
Resto Druid - Stormie

Mage - Delusion
Mage - Delusionx
Shadow Priest - Ascaris
Rogue - Rafen
Hunter - Adanai

We haven't had a problem with CC between MC, sheep, stuns, entangle and scattershot/trap.

We typically have Stormie entangle-pull the Scouts on the way to Jan'alai to simplify things.

edit: I actually realised armory might not be useful since many of these guys log out in their full merc glad/vet sets but that's not what we raid with :\
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