[25 Heroic] Anub'arak

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Re: [25 Heroic] Anub'arak

Postby Aubade » Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:10 pm

theothersteve7 wrote:Successfully MTed this with a single warrior OT (who has a stellar block set). One important feature I see not being mentioned very often is the need for holy paladins. It's pretty crucial to stack up as tightly as possible on the OT and spam Holy Light through phase 3.

It was our second kill, first kill was MTed by a bear.

OT's gear set is stored on Wowheroes if you'd like to look at it.

Harder than anything in ICC, that's for sure.

You're severely overcomplicating the fight if you're still using 1 OT. The 2 OT strat is alot more reliable and just alot less potential damage output by the adds.

Also, it is NOT harder than ICC.

Are you referring to a holy paladin glyphed for Holy Light and splash healing the entire raid sitting on the OT? If so, that's WAY more healing than you should have on the raid. You should have passive healing for each group either by way of JoL/Leader of the Pack/Healing Stream Totem/Improved Vampiric Embrace. In no way shape or form should your holy pally even be glyphed for holy light.
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