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3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby yappo » Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:20 am

This is a VERY minor post 4.0 but pre Cata edit of the failsafe gearing guide. In fact I'm not changing any content in the document proper, which WILL make some of the advice given incorrect. Having taken a temporary hiatus from tanking I'm rather unfamiliar with the 4.0 changes, but from general comments in other threads on Maintankadin a few things stand clear.

1) Avoidance is no longer the booby trap it used to be. With blocks shaving off a full 30% of incoming physical damage aiming at 102.4% combined avoidance and block is once again something to strive for.

2) Avoidance is no longer, etc, etc. This advice has to be given twice, because surplus dodge/parry can be converted into the new mastery stat by means of reforging.

3) Resilience no longer counts towards your uncrittability, which makes it a totally dead stat in terms of calculating the relative value of a given piece of gear. However, the useful stats on a piece of PvP gear can still surpass the sum of useful stats on a proper ilevel 245 item. This is the result of some "endgame" PvP gear being available for honour even though the tooltip for said items may still say that you cannot buy nor use it.

4) DPS gear that you want to swap in instead of tanking gear in order to increase threat more or less HAVE to be strength based. Agility has become a much worse stat than it used to be due to it no longer providing armour.

5) While I haven't read through the enchanting, glyphing and gemming guides enough to know what to use, if you're actively tanking you need to do so. For example the despised 2% threat on gloves enchant no longer seems to be a bad tanking enchant, but extra Agility on your weapon has become one.
I can only assume that the standard agi/stam gem for red slots where you want to pick up the gemming-bonus is by now anything BUT standard.
I also guess that picking up said gemming bonus is no longer as bad as it has been, mostly because a small amount of bonus avoidance can help you towards getting that 102.4% combined avoidance/block.

Last, don't expect a full failsafe gearing guide for the period between now and the release of Cataclysm December 7. There will be no such thing. In fact, while I plan to run a failsafe guide during Cataclysm, I will personally need to re-learn my gear, what drops from new quests and what can be bought for "emblem-points" and at what effort.

Below follows the failsafe gearing guide as written late summer 2010. It may include glaring inconsistencies given the 4.0 environment you're currently playing in. You have been warned.

This is the summer 2010 minor edit of the guide following the discussions in [this thread]. First comes the old guide, followed by a discussion on minor changes dependent on your personal strategy for instance-running. After that discussion comes a shorter one on threat and dps.

Gearing fully according to this list should have the tank ready to run ToC 25 as well as ICC 10. I can't say for certain if it's good enough to tank ICC 25, because I was not in a guild with the toon I've used for confirming how well the gear works, and hence ICC 25 was not available for me. ICC 10, first wing, as well as ToC 25, is confirmed puggable in the gear listed here though.

The buff at 25% should make this gear fully viable for ICC 25 by now.

The premise is to gear up a tank by farming heroics without relying on a single drop. However, I'll still assume that drops from normal mode instances have a 100% availability because they can be reset and reentered immediately.

For simplicity's sake we could assume the paladin runs the daily quests and the daily random heroic for a net value of 150 gold a day. After all we want to be exalted with Hodir, and if RNG hates us we need to run the AT dailies for a tanking weapon. The reason I have increased the amount by 50 gold daily compared with the 3.2 guide is that each random heroic awards gold for completion.

This way gemming, enchants and bought craftables can be weighed against the effort needed. For example, the craftable ilevel 245 chest would be out of the question as the first slot geared, but Titansteel Shieldwall should be considered an early buy.

The realistic approach, however, is probably to have your naked tank run the first 20 - 30 heroics as dps if you want to argue that a naked tank tanks nothing. This way we ensure that the perceived inability to get tanking gear without tanking remains a myth.

Tank generates a surplus of 150 gold per day played by means of dailies done and vendor-trash.
Tank generates 22 emblems of triumph per day played (four random heroics).
Tank generates 2 emblems of frost per day played (first daily random heroic).

There is no inherent order between weeks a such. They're only there to visualize what you get for seven days worth of grinding following the schedule above. For each week I have summed up the cost in emblems out of of the 154 (7 X 22) available.

Week: 1
ilevel 245 [Headplate of the Honorbound] / [Faceplate of the Honorbound], 75 emblems
ilevel 232 [Liadrin's Breastplate of Conquest] / [Turalyon's Breastplate of Conquest], 50 emblems
ilevel 226 [Libram of the Sacred Shield], 19 emblems downgraded to Emblems of Conquest

144 emblems of 154 used

Week 2:
ilevel 226 [Shard of the Crystal Forest] (neck), 19 emblems downgraded to Emblems of Conquest
ilevel 232 [Liadrin's Legguards of Conquest] / [Turalyon's Legguards of Conquest], 50 emblems
ilevel 232 [Liadrin's Handguards of Conquest] / [Turalyon's Handguards of Conquest], 30 emblems
ilevel 226 [Shieldwarder Girdle], 28 emblems downgraded to Emblems of Conquest

127 emblems of 154 used

Week 3:
ilevel 213 [Bracers of Dalaran's Parapet], 60 emblems downgraded to Emblems of Valor
ilevel 200 [Axe of the Senjin Protector]/[Teldrassil Protector], 25 Champion's Seal from AT dailies
ilevel 245 [Shoulderguards of the Enduring Order]/[Shoulderplates of Enduring Order], 45 emblems
ilevel 213 [Signet of the Impregnable Fortress] (ring), 25 downgraded to Emblems of Valor
ilevel 245 [Glyph of Indomitability], 50 emblems

180 emblems of 154 used

Week 4:

ilevel 245 [Clutch of Fortification], 35 emblems
ilevel 213 [Kyzoc's Ground Stompers], 40 emblems downgraded to Emblems of Valor
ilevel 213 [Platinum Mesh Cloak], 25 emblems downgraded to Emblems of Valor

100 emblems of 154 used

After week four we're lacking a shield and a trinket.

Trial of the Champion on normal five man difficulty drops the following:
ilevel 200 [Boots of Heartfelt Repentance]
ilevel 200 [Mercy's Hold] (hands)
ilevel 200 [Legguards of Abandoned Fealty]
ilevel 200 [Girdle of the Pallid Knight]
ilevel 200 [The Black Heart] (trinket)

Forge of Souls, normal difficulty drops:
ilevel 219 [Lucky Old Sun]
ilevel 219 [Legplates of Frozen Granite]
ilevel 219 [Sollerets of Suffering]

Pits of Saron, normal difficulty drops:
ilevel 219 [Titanium Links of Lore]
ilevel 219 [Scourgelord's Frigid Chestplate]

Halls of Reflection, normal diffuculty drops:
ilevel 219 [Eerie Runeblade Polisher]
ilevel 219 [Splintered Door of the Citadel]
ilevel 219 [Crystalline Citadel Gauntlets]

These instances are included because you can clear it, exit, reset, enter, clear it...

Of the items in these instances we want The Black Heart (trinket), Splintered Door of the Citadel (shield), Eerie Runeblade Polisher (cloak) and Lucky Old Sun (weapon).
Black Heart and Door because we lack one shield and one trinket in the emblem list, and the cloak and weapon because they are arguably better than what's available from emblems.

The rest of the gear is only listed as stop-gap filler during the grind for the superior gear already named in the guaranteed list.

The following list includes some crafted gear that could be bought.

ilevel 264 [Pillars of Might], crafted, in the order of 10 - 15k gold
ilevel 264 [Boots of Kingly Upheaval], crafted, in the order of 7 - 10k gold

ilevel 245 [Breastplate of the White Knight]/[Breastplate of the White Knight], crafted, in the order of 5k gold
ilevel 245 [Saronite Swordbreakers]/[Saronite Swordbreakers] (wrist), crafted, in the order of 2k gold
ilevel 226 [Indestructible Plate Girdle], crafted, in the order of 2k gold
ilevel 226 [Spiked Deathdealers] (boots), crafted, in the order of 2k gold
ilevel 200 [Titansteel Shield Wall], crafted, in the order of 500 gold

Four weeks of grinding heroics this way should have our tank with 56 emblems of frost. There are two items that merit special mention:
ilevel 264 [Sentinel's Winter Cloak], 50 Emblems of Frost
ilevel 264 [Corroded Skeleton Key], 60 Emblems of Frost

I'm not entirely clear which of them you want after a long month of farming, but compared against the gear listed in this guide I'd advice you take the trinket (Skeleton Key) for the huge stamina boost.

This guide would also be incomplete without a pointer to two more librams:
ilevel 245 [Libram of Defiance], 25 emblems
ilevel 245 [Libram of Valiance], 25 emblems

You want the Valiance one. 200 dodge-rating that's 'usually' up simply doesn't cut it.

Instance density.

This is an addition to the guide, created to discuss changes to the guide based on your personal instance density. By instance density I mean the number of instances you actually run per lock-out reset.

Why would we be interested in this? Well, to begin with you can only get two Emblems of Frost per lockout from the random heroic.

At one extreme we have the player who never runs more than one daily random per lockout. Over time this means an average of 2 Emblems of Frost and 4 Emblems of Triumph per "day".

The other extreme is the player who runs an infinite number of daily randoms per lockout. Over time this translates to 2 Emblems of Frost and an infinite number of Emblems of Triumps per "day".

For more practical purposes you could see it this way. Your first random gives you 2 EoF and 4 EoT, and every run after that gives 6 EoT. Reduce THREE EoT for every targeted run you do (running the tree ICC 5 heroics every lockout until they finally hand over the drops you want would be an example, and "attractive" instances have, on average, a lower number of bosses than the average).

If you're running very few (one or max two) instances per day played, then the quota EoF/EoT starts favouring the ilevel 264 emblem gear very, very fast. At 50 EoF Winter's Sentinel makes the ilevel 213 Platinum Mesh Cloak a highly debatable purchase.

To a certain degree you could argue that hands, belt, helmet and shoulders should be bypassed the same way. In reality you're likely to mix, because even a lower density of EoT will eventually push you over the limit where you have nothing more to buy forthem.

The emblem bracers should most likely never be purchased. Get the crafted Saronite Swordbreakers made instead. The same argument is applied to the ilevel 213 boots. Get the ilevel 226 crafted instead.

Don't bother with the ilevel 200 libram. You're starved on EoT as it is and should aim at the ilevel 245 RETRIBUTION libram. You can buy the avoidance one about at the same time as you buy the avoidance EoF libram, which is my way of saying never.
I'll stick out my throat and state the following: I know some people argue that a big chunk of avoidance is better than nothing. They're wrong, because they're saying that a big chunk of avoidance is better than 200 extra strength, which it is not.

Now, assuming you're on the other end of the spectrum. You've rerolled a tank and need it raid ready ASAP. Hence the killing grind of 10 or 20 random heroics a day until you have the gear you need is not a problem. For all practical purposes you can forget about the EoF. You're not shopping anything for EoF until you're already raiding ICC, in which case this guide is moot.

You SHOULD target ToC 5 heroic and the three ICC 5 heroic every day from the moment you're geared for them. The loss of emblems is nothing in comparision with losing the opportunity to win a drop. Hence you have a distinct priority order. I'm going to blaspheme and say that you should think GearScore here. This only because the highest ilevel equipment listed in this guide simply is better than lower ilevel alternatives.

The Black Heart and Essence of Gossamer trinkets are the glaring exceptions to the rule here. You want both. Don't bother with the ilevel 245 trinket until you're ready to run ICC or Essence of Gossamer simply refuses to drop.

Your problem slots are easily identified: wrist, weapon, shield, one ring and feet. If RNG hates you, just bite it and get the bracers crafted. Have the 264 boots made first for the same reason. Hit the AH and see if the 245 BoE ring is sold cheap. Worst case, grab a dps weapon from ICC 5-man heroics. I don't believe in RNG hating you enough that you'll never see ANY equippable weapon in ICC 5. As for the shield: suck it up and start raiding ICC with an ilevel 200 shield. You can hunt for the 219 shield after you've started raiding.

Last, when you have all slots filled with gear from this list plus whatever did in fact drop while you geared up, do try to get a spot in the ICC reputation farming runs. The upgradable ring that comes a a reward is indisputatbly an upgrade.

On threat and dps.

The new tankadin needs to balance survival with being able to do his/her job. In order to get the emblems needed for using this guide you will have to handle dps ripping targets off you left and right. This kind of problem might follow you inside ICC while you're leaving the gear from this guide behind you and start collecting drops from there.

The block-value libram or the retribution one will be your preferred ones. BV for AoE together with SoComm activated, and the str one when you're using SoV/SoC.

The following items are optional gear you could aim for in order to push your dps/threat at the cost of some survivability:

[Wrathful Gladiator's Pendant of Victory] is a PvP neck bought for a bit over 50000 honour points. It comes with a lot of stamina and the resilience mitigates the defence lost from a proper tanking necklace. The best part with this neck is the hit-rating, which tends to be very low on a gearing tank. It can be bought from the PvP vendors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar and is an ilevel 264 item.

[Wrathful Gladiator's bracers of Triumph] bought for some 43000 honour points from Org/SW PvP vendors is another fantastic PvP option. These wrists come as ilevel 264 and sport most of the tanking stats we want as well as a good amount of dps-stats. Just be careful with your hit-rating if you've already had your Saronite Swordbreakers crafted.

Last, and without a proper link to an item, because there is no good failsafe way to get one, try getting a one-handed dps weapon with 2.6 - 2.7 speed. They usually sport agility and stamina, and they always give you a lot less stamina than a corresponding tanking weapon. This is likely the slot where you can maximize extra threat while giving up a relatively low amount of survivability.

Combining an offensive libram with these three slots should have you increase your threat per second by well over 1000 even at very low gearlevels, and it may end up nessescary to do so in order to do your job as a tank, but you should always be aware that this comes at the cost of survivability. You have been warned.

Last edited to include a discussion on instance-density and threat-management.
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby Digren » Wed Jan 06, 2010 5:05 pm

Based on your new guide, I will increase the average iLvl for a level two tank from iLvl 219 to iLvl 227, representing the average of the gear earned during the first four weeks following your plan.

Edit: Done, and I now link to your 3.3 guide.
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby Khayne » Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:49 pm

why downgrading to buy 213 gear before you have all 245 gear from triumphs?

I mean even if you never do get drops, attleast there's Chance at getting better drop than say, the 213 bracers, but you dont get better ring than the 245 ring.
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby blakk » Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:57 pm

it says that the order is not the order you should pick them up it's just a list of what you can get in one week
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby Discus » Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:28 am

I'm confused by this list, it lists normal i219 5 man ICC drops but not all the i232. There's an i232 chest (pit of saron), helm, 2 weapons (axe in HoR and sword in PoS) and, allegedly, a pair of boots i232 from Forge of Souls. OK you can only do them once a day but the drop rate for all is pretty high (except the boots which havent dropped for me in 20+ times). Admittedly the drops are NOT random (most bosses drop the same weapons almost every time) but you can get them.
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby Zobel » Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:25 am

Discus wrote:I'm confused by this list, it lists normal i219 5 man ICC drops but not all the i232. There's an i232 chest (pit of saron), helm, 2 weapons (axe in HoR and sword in PoS) and, allegedly, a pair of boots i232 from Forge of Souls. OK you can only do them once a day but the drop rate for all is pretty high (except the boots which havent dropped for me in 20+ times). Admittedly the drops are NOT random (most bosses drop the same weapons almost every time) but you can get them.

The premise of the list is gear you can definitely get within a small amount of time. 5-man normal drops are included because they can be farmed dozens of times per day if necessary. 5-man heroic drops aren't, because they may require many weeks if the random number generator is unkind. The previous iteration of the list from 3.2 didn't include heroic TOC drops either.

It's a floor (hence "failsafe"). You should be able to surpass it if you're running ICC 5-man heroics consistently.
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby Barfolamhew » Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:40 am

I'm glad to see something with the IC 5 man gear listed. The gear isn't bad and you can get it quickly, although I can't seem to get a good tank weapon to drop, but good enough gear to get started and quickly. Good start ! :mrgreen:
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby yappo » Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:16 pm

Barfolamhew wrote:I'm glad to see something with the IC 5 man gear listed. The gear isn't bad and you can get it quickly, although I can't seem to get a good tank weapon to drop, but good enough gear to get started and quickly. Good start ! :mrgreen:

As a matter of fact; if you're lucky with drops from the heroic ICC-5 and have the four pieces crafted (ilevlel 226 and 245) and otherwise get the emblem-gear from this list, you'll hit ToC 10 passing on most of the tank-drops there. The maxed out "pre-raid" -geared tankadin ends up with 39k hp unbuffed while still getting every socket-bonus. Admittedly ICC-5 turned out friendly and dropped everything such a tank would want.

http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... &n=Therden for proof of concept.
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby Kaelandros » Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:47 am

Discus wrote:allegedly, a pair of boots i232 from Forge of Souls.

I think perhaps you are referring to the [Black Spire Sabatons].
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby Discus » Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:37 am

Yes those are the boots and they finally dropped meaning I have all the 5 man gear. As someone said upthread I'm surprised more people haven't adopted our small, casual guilds tactic. We farmed the 5 man heroics until everyone had everything they needed and used the triumph badges we collected to buy ourselves 245 gear to fill in the gaps. Got ourselves 3 hilts too. As such we've rapidly caught up with the bigger, serious raiding guilds who progressed in ICC but for less drops for the guild. Anyway, good thinking of Blizz to allow the smaller guild to keep up and we now don't have to bother with the rubbish ToC10 (never been a fan of "raids" or dungeons which are one room with timed spawns, they just save Blizz cash on development).

Off the top of my head the heroics drop i232 helm, chest, boots, axe, sword, shoulders and the normal an i219 cloak/poorly itemised shield + a few BV items for threat/dps sets.
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby nwalya » Sat Jan 16, 2010 11:02 am

I'm shopping with my emblems and just saw this post. I have one question. Why the emblems of conquest libram and not the emblem of triumph libram?


- Nwalya
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby yappo » Sat Jan 16, 2010 6:36 pm

nwalya wrote:I'm shopping with my emblems and just saw this post. I have one question. Why the emblems of conquest libram and not the emblem of triumph libram?

The guide aims at the non-raider, well at least at the not yet geared for raids tank.

450 BV is a lot of mitigation and threat in one package. The 200 dodge (if you're lucky and it's up) is for gimmick fights, and the 200 str (again if you're lucky and it's up) requires that you don't need the 100 BV coming with the str at any given time.

In the end 200 str with an 70 - 80% uptime hands you a crapload of threat, but the rest of your gear has to be good enough for you to survive having a slot that's basically filled with a dps-gear.

Even though all three librams are mentioned in my guide, the conquest libram will never let you down. Its effect is always up, assuming of course you're not pumping a VERY strange rotation, so it should be considered the base tanking libram. Of course, when you've geared beyond this guide all bets are off, but by that time you don't need a failsafe gearing guide to fix your gearing slots any longer.
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby Salamandra » Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:13 pm

I seem to recall that the proc uptime for the Triumph librams is more like 97%.
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby econ21 » Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:27 am

As a recent level 80, I think this is a superb guide - very clear, concise and authorative. The rate of farming assumed is much faster than what RL will permit me (and most casual players), but that does not detract from the value of the guide in identifying the failsafe gear I should be aiming for.

I think you could add a few links to the guide to round it out.

Petrus's gem and enchant guide will help people get the most out of their gear:
http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/ ... 21&t=23475

More importantly given your subject, I think a link to Eanin's failsafe guide to how to gear up before you start running heroics would be useful to your readers.
http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/ ... ic&t=17179
I don't think your guide replaces his, but rather complements his. His guide identifies that the quest rewards, reputation items, tempered titansteel BS items and maybe some BoE drops needed to tank heroics. Yours focuses on what to spend your heroic rewards (emblems) on. I guess you could say his is a pre-heroic gearing guide and yours is a pre-raid gearing guide.

If one follows Eanin's guide and gems/enchants right, then you can get to about 25-27k hp and 535 defence. Nowadays, PUGs awash in emblems probably regard this as under-geared (although objectively, it is not) but on my server (where tanks are very scarce), I think you would not get kicked for it if you play right. I guess following Eanin's guide is an alternative to going dps for the first few heroics - it also helps focus your levelling in the late 70s, identifying goals for gearing up.

I agree with the comments of other posters about your libram assumption. I think it would be better to just review the pros and cons of all three librams you list as a decent case could be made for each and just recommend getting one asap. Personally, I went for the dodge one, which I still think is BiS for a maintank. However, given the serious heroic grinding I am going to be doing following your guide, on reflection, I think the strength might actually be best suited for the content.
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Re: 3.3 failsafe gearing guide

Postby yappo » Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:32 am

Ah, thanks for catching me forgetting the first failsafe-guide. I'll add it.

As for the libram. In reality I grabbed my first libram VERY early on while gearing up my 'experiment' -tankadin. We'll just stay very, very, very quiet about the libram I replaced :D
Hence my arguing in favour of 450 BV.

However, the posters above are absolutely correct about the other two librams, and I didn't wait until I had all emblem-gear I wanted before I bought the 200 strength one. Now, by the time I shopped my strength libram the likelyhood of me facing an encounter where I'd prefer 200 dodge rather than 450 BV / 200 str was pretty much zilch.

I'll stick out my nose and argue that the 200 dodge libram should be picked up when you start raiding for those gimmick fights where you want a crapton of avoidance.

One BIG argument in favour of going straight for the 200 strength one is the abundance of (raid) ToC/ICC geared dps who finds it a nessecity to unload unholy dps-hell half a GCD after you pull.

On a sidenote I'll also argue in favour of 0/54/17 for this very reason while you gear up in heroics. The 'pull more' argument for avoiding mana-starvation simply doesn't work while you are still gearing up and at the same time fighting desperately for threat with end-game geared dps. Wipes are usually a result of healer diverting his/her attention to said dps.
A typical run will have you with one 4.5k dps, one 2.5k one and one, well, one who queued as dps but struggles to keep up with healer dps. Paradoxically enough only the first one is a MAJOR problem if played incorrectly.

Last: I'll look into making some kind of preferred order in which to pick up this gear. As long as I manage to make it 100% clear that such an order is by definition situational I guess it could be useful. After all, if RNG smiles at you and ToC-5 drops shoulders during your first run, then arguably the 245 shoulders suddenly lost priority status.
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