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Re: Keybindings?

Postby Arcand » Mon Oct 26, 2009 12:07 pm

Khayne wrote:No one else dances action bars with shift+numbers?

I've Shift-changed action bars about twice on purpose, and about a dozen times by accident. :x
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Re: Keybindings?

Postby Snake-Aes » Tue Oct 27, 2009 5:56 am

Khayne wrote:No one else dances action bars with shift+numbers?

i got my most used skills in every bar from 1-6, and just change bar, hit skill, change bar, hit skill (ofc my most often used things are in bar 1 and q, e & r buttons but still).

For example, pressing shift-3 (go action bar 3), 3 is much more natural to me than say, hit 7 if i'm moving at same time.

for me it's a remnant from before the dual specs interface. Today I only use it to switch between "combat" and "Buffing".
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Re: Keybindings?

Postby Playdoh » Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:16 pm

I move with the mouse. I use an n52 TE with keybindings to play with. I consider myself very spoiled now.

Best thing to do is play around with keybindings and figure out something that suits you.

Rather it be moving the buttons around, using an n52, or moving with the mouse.

I use numpad, alt+numpad, cntl+numpad for abilities, shift+ numpad = markings.

Anytime i can think of a way to get the ability done in one key combo rather than 2 or 3 i prefer to use it.
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Re: Keybindings?

Postby Leuthas » Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:01 am

I've always found it rather strange how folks have so few things bound. personally, I have every ability in my spellbook bound, except for most things in the first tab (professions etc.)

Normal Binds:
1 - Every Man for Himself
2 - Judgement of Light
3 - Judgement of Wisdom
4 - Judgement of Justice
5 - Exorcism
q - Divine Protection
s+q - Divine Shield
e - Shield of Righteousness
s+e - Hand of Protection
r - Consecration
s+r - Avenging Wrath
t - Sacred Shield
s+t - Divine Sacrafice
y - Hand of Salvation
u - Hand of Sacrafice
f - Holy Shield
s+f - Cleanse
g - Righteous Defense
s+g - Turn Evil
h - Divine Plea
j - sit (for heroics, when I want mana) :wink:
k - show enemy name plates
z - /use 13 macro
x - /use 14 macro
c - Lay on Hands
s+c - Health Potion/Healthstone macro
v - Hand of Freedom
s+v - drink
b - shealth/unshealth weapon (I've always had this bound... just because)
n - flying mount
m - ground mount
alt - vent
f1 - Greater Blessing of Sanctuary
s+f1 - Blessing of Sanctuary
f2 - Greater Blessing of Kings
s+f2 - Blessing of Kings
f3 - Greater Blessing of Might
s+f3 - Blessing of Might
f4 - Greater Blessing of Wisdom
s+f4 - Blessing of Wisdom
f5 - Righteous Fury
f6 - Seal of Vengeance
f7 - Seal of Light
f8 - Seal of Wisdom
` - fishing
middle mouse - Hand of Reckoning (it's not a mouseover macro)
mouse wheel up - Avenger's Shield
s+mouse wheel up - Flash of Light
mouse wheel down - Hammer of the Righteous
s+mouse wheel down - Holy Light
mouse button 4 - Hammer of Wrath
s+mouse button 4 - world map
mouse button 5 - Hammer of Justice
s+mouse button 5 - Holy Wrath

Clique/Grid binds:
middle mouse - Lay on Hands
mouse button 4 - Hand of Salvation
s+mouse button 4 - Hand of Freedom
mouse button 5 - Hand of Protection
s+mouse button 5 - Divine Intervention

Only my Auras aren't bound, if I recall correctly.

This is all from memory, I know my key bindings. :mrgreen:
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Re: Keybindings?

Postby towelliee » Thu Dec 03, 2009 4:36 am

I am a clicker. I been clicking since beta on my warrior. I kind of have my UI set up to cater to my clicking. I recently started key binding and it is seriously hard when you're so use to clicking. I made 2 macros for my 9 and 6 second cooldowns.

9 second - Wheel UP
6 Second - Wheel Down
Left Middle click - Avenger shield
Right Middle Click - Hand of Reck
DPI UP Button - HOF
DPI Down Button - Shield Wall

I kinda feel downright uncomfortable trying to move with wasd and hitting the number buttons at the same time. On a stationary boss it is easy for me to use my tank binds but on a fight where I have to move a lot I honestly just click. And I see no difference in dmg / reaction time / etc between key binding and clicking

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Re: Keybindings?

Postby Epimer » Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:46 am

towelliee wrote:I kinda feel downright uncomfortable trying to move with wasd and hitting the number buttons at the same time.

That's because you're keyboard turning. The other method (recommended method?) is to move with your mouse and use your left hand to trigger your keybinds for abilities.
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Re: Keybindings?

Postby Khayne » Fri Dec 11, 2009 6:03 pm

towelliee wrote:I kinda feel downright uncomfortable trying to move with wasd and hitting the number buttons at the same time.

i move by strafings alot, so i "might" agree if i had to reach say, number 8, ever.
But as said earlier, all my most often used abilities are in numbers 1-4 (5-6 is "reachable slots", has often used, but not every rotation stuff)

I never need to reach far as everything is in nice and small area.

And i'm also one of the "It's in the spell book? It's in Action bars." people.
Bars 5 and 6 are Blessings and craftings and gear sets. bar 1 is the "all the time use", Q-E-R are macroed to bar 5 1st 2nd and 3rd slots (no worries on any char, or any patch to break my rotations on any char), bar 2 has cleanse+cd's at start (fast), hand spells after that in "reachables", heals in end of bar. bar 3 has trinkets and taunts at start (fast), and SS and DI at "reachables", some macroes in end.
Bar 4 has Exorcism, holy wrath, Potion/HS, mounts and more macroes
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Re: Keybindings?

Postby Vlad » Mon Dec 14, 2009 8:18 am

towelliee wrote:I am a clicker. I been clicking since beta on my warrior. I kind of have my UI set up to cater to my clicking. I recently started key binding and it is seriously hard when you're so use to clicking. I made 2 macros for my 9 and 6 second cool downs.

I was a clicker throughout the entirety of BC, through nax and most of ulduar.
I tried switching to macros/key bindings 1-5 etc many times but couldn't get the hand of it until I leveled up a resto druid alt whom I had to use 1-5 on because healing would take to long otherwise.
Then I still clicked until i leveled up a rogue and playing a rogue was completely fresh to me at 80 so i thought I would start out using key bindings instead of getting into a clicking habbit and it worked, then i figured if I can do it on two 80s why not my main =D

And I did, haven't gone back to clicking since. Moral of the story?If you can't stop clicking try leveling some alts xD

Anyway my key bindings are
1-Avengers shield
2-the 9 part of my rotation
3-the 6 part of my rotation
4-hand of reckoning.

Everything else I still click but 99% of the time thats all I'm using.
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Re: Keybindings?

Postby Raivnor » Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:36 pm

I use a wraparound key binding technique to facilitate the number of keys i can use whilst moving/strafing with WASD. My bindings are as follows:

1: Autoattack
2: Avenger's Shield
3: Hand of Reckoning
4: Shield of the Righteous
R: Hammer of the Righteous
F: Consecrate
V: Hammer of Justice
C: Holy Shield
X: Sacred Shield
Z: Judgement of Light

I also bind my action bar just above the main action bar with second hand keys that I bind to lesser used abilities or abilities that have cooldowns. They are as such:

U: Avenging Wrath
I: Seal of Vengeance
O: Cleanse
P: Divine Plea
[: Holy Light
J: Hammer of Justice
K: Exorcism
L: Holy Wrath
;: Divine Guardian
N: 3 target taun
M: Divine Protection
.: Mount
-: Lay on Hands
=: Bubble Wall

As you can see, it's a lot of stuff, but I feel that it's a versatile and powerful binding strategy that allows me to use a ton of the key bindings. Finally, I use my num pad to bind my raid markers as follows:

Num 1: X
Num 2: Skull
Num 3: Remove Icon
Num 4: Triangle
Num 5: Moon
Num 6: Square
Num 7: Star
Num 8: Circle
Num 9: Diamond

Hope this gives you some ideas, but please don't copy me, I'm a crazy loon and copying me will only put you on the ice coated downhill slope into insanity ;)
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Re: Keybindings?

Postby fuzzygeek » Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:40 am

` AS
alt-` bubble macro
shi-` skull

1 judge macro
alt-1 SoV
shi-1 HoSalv macro

2 HoJ
alt-2 HoW
shi-2 DP

3 HS macro
alt-3 SS
shi-3 GS

4 ShoR/HotR
alt-4 hotr
shi-4 hosac macro

5 cons
shi-5 hop

6 HW
alt-6 exor
shi-6 SoL

7 FoL
alt-7 HL
shi-7 SoW

8 pot/hs/nightmare seed panic button macro
shi-8 SoCom

9 AW
shi-9 Mammoth

0 DP
shi-0 Mount macro

- LoH
= 989 all-in-one wrapper

Z arcane torrent / DP
C cleanse (or rocket pack)
R Righteous Defense
shi-R Hand of Reckoning
F target focus
shi-F set focus
T attack target

X situational macro (taunt off add bitch on Yogg, that kind of thing)

numpad 1-9 raid markers
F12 itemrack tank set
F11 itemrack unhittable set
F10 itemrack avoidance set
F9 itemrack heroic set
F8 itemrack playboy bunny outfit

shift-scroll wheel to change bars, which toggles between JoW/JoL and associated wrappers.

ctrl - vent, so I can hold it down with the side of my hand while hitting keys furiously with my fingers.

All of my major skills are clustered around WASD so I can move and use skills at the same time; I'm not above using a hybrid hotkey/click as appropriate.
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Re: Keybindings?

Postby Elo » Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:39 am

I binded nearly everything to an hotkey that has a chance you could need to use it infight :D. Each Key is next to WASD, I feel uncomfortable to hit any Key further away. Because I hotkey all of my chars like this I got my own little "binding logic" :D - per example: X is allways an AoE, if possibble a deffensive one (paladin=consecration, mage=frostnova, warlock=seed, etc.) 2 and 3 are "modifiers" mostly buffs, debuffs or CC, 3 is more offensive (becaus its "forward" ^^) 2 more defensive, C is allways a class-special-emergency-button and so on

Actionbar 1 is bound F Q E R 3 2 < x mouse5 alt+mouse6 altQ c, the upper left bar is the same +Shift (altQ becomes altE) the rest is not bar related

For my paladin it looks like this (Danger, incoming Wall-of-43-Keybindings, not counting Movement-Keys :P):

F = Auto Attack on/of
+Shift = Seal of Vangance

Q = ShoR
+Shift = Judgement of Light
+Alt = Lay on Hands on myself

E = HotR
+Shift = Judgement of Whisdom
+Alt = Divine Plea

R = Cleanse
+Shift = Exorcismus
+Alt = Self Cleanse

3 = Avengers Shield
+Shift = Seal of Light
+Alt = Trinket 1

2 = Hammer of Justice
+Shift = Seal of Whisdom
+Alt = Trinket 2

< (the thing at right of shift, I don't use an english keyboard layout, don't know whats on yours ^^) = Holy Shield
+Shift = "Each Man for Himself" (Human-Build-in-Insignia)
+Alt = Sacrified Shield on myself

X = Consecration
+Shift = Holy Wrath

Mouse5 = Single-Taunt
+Shift = Hammer of Wrath
+Alt = Multi-Taunt

Mouse6 = Target next enemy
+shift = Judgement of Justice
+alt = Seal of Command

C = Bubble
+Shift = Divine Protection
+Alt = Cancel-Makro (Bubble/Salvation/HoP)
+Shift+Alt = Self-Salvation (for 20% Shieldwall)

W = Forward (how surprising :D)
+Shift = "The Makro/Item I need" changed as needed (ex: Jetpack at Gunships, "You are chased by Skull"-Makro at Champions, Call Dragon in Occulus
+Alt = Random Mount (per Addon)

A = guess what :P
+Shift = HS/Cons/JoL-Makro (not used since ages - actually i do the rotation completly manual)
+alt = Healpotion

D = uhm, left? ^^
+Shift = Shor/HotR-Makro (not anymore used too)
+Alt = Healthstone

S = backward
+Shift and +Alt = nothing ...yet :P
+Ctrl = Sound on/of

Space = Jump, very important for keep strafing while pressing keys (forward you can hold mouse1+mouse2)

F1-F8 = Icons

Mouse7 = Set Focus

V = Lifeplates

Ctrl = Teamspeak

Mouse8 = Avenging Wrath
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Re: Keybindings?

Postby Hearthvaderr » Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:46 am

I'm all kinda of crazy with my keybindings. I keep my right hand on the mouse, and my left hand on the left side of the keyboard.
Also, this is all done from memory while at work.
Both L/R mouse buttons: Move Forward
Thumb Button 1: Hand of Salvation (mouseover macro)
Alt TB1: Seal of Venegance
Shift TB1: Archmage Vargoth's Staff
Ctrl TB1: Healing potion injector
Thumb Button 2: Divine Plea
Alt TB2: Seal of Command
Shift TB2: Hand of Sacrifice (mouseover macro)

` = Hand of Reckoning
Alt ` = Righteous Defence
Shift ` = Avenging Wrath
1 = ShoR
2 = HotR
3 = Holy Shield
4 = Judgement of X
5 = Consecrate
6 = Avengers Shield

q = Cleanse
w = Sacred Shield
e = Arcane Torrent
r = Autorun!

a = Divine Sacrifice /rw Raidwall Macro
s = Lay on Hands
d = Hammer of Wrath

alt 1 = Flash of Light
alt 2 = Holy Light
alt 3 = Flash of Light @ focus macro (for when I'm ret-noobing it up with the tank /focus'd)
alt 4 = Turn Evil

alt q = Seal of Light
alt w = Hand of Protection mouseover macro
alt e = Seal of Wisdom

alt a = Exorcism
alt s = Holy Wrath
alt d = Redemption

ctrl 1 = Divine Shield
ctrl 2 = Hearth
ctrl 3 = Alternate Judgement 1
ctrl 4 = Alternate Judgement 2

shift 1 = Hammer of Justice
shift 2 = More potions and consumables
shift 3 = More potions and consumables
shift 4 = More potions and consumables

Ctrl F1-F7 are Auras

7 = Greater Blessing of Might
8 = Greater Blessing of Wisdom
9 = Greater Blessing of Kings
5 = Greater Blessing of Sanctuary
0 = Drink Biscuits
Ctrl 0 = Eat Stat food
. = Mount on one of my many, many mounts using a smart mount addon. It will /castrandom flying mounts if the area is flyable, ground mounts otherwise
Ctrl . = Force castrandom of ground mounts only
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