Some help with tanking

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Re: Some help with tanking

Postby Shoju » Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:56 am

Just trying to ensure that paladins dominate Azeroth :) One tank at a time.

I just checked your armory, and you sir are well on your way. Looking good.

Each time you run Stratholme, your time will go down. The first time, I recommend taking it a little slow to start. Pull a couple groups, get the hang of it, Pull a little more, and find the sweet spot of what you can take. I know I can do a full clear of the whole place as prot in about 35 minutes, but I'm pulling MASSIVE amounts. It's not uncommon for me to accidentally pull too much and end up losing loot to despawns of corpses if I don't watch.

Now, if you decide that you are just after 'speed' runs to get the mount, My best time from the door where it starts to the looting Baron was 7m17s. But, that was after............ 100? runs of the place to figure out the quickest path, getting lucky on pats, and REALLY pushing how many Aboms I could pull at the end. I had to blow Bubble wall and Lay on Hands I pulled so many. You also have to take Rammstein and the skellies inside the ziggurat where Baron is.
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Re: Some help with tanking

Postby Velys » Mon Nov 30, 2009 3:28 am

Just one thing I would like to add about Blacksmith crafted gear: the helm is great with loads of stamina so go for it.
However, I would suggest the boots that drop in N ToC over the BS one: they are really better imo. And somehow even better than the lvl213 you can buy from Emblem of Valor vendor.

Since you can farm N ToC as many times as you want, it should be possible to get them easily (as opposed to some loot from H ToC which can take weeks to finally drop).
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